Do you want more sales and money from blogging?

Of course, yes. That’s why you started blogging.

You think that traffic is the way to get more sales, so you spend the whole day promoting your blog and then you don’t get any sales, maybe you get a one or two sales.

Yes, you need more traffic. Yes, you need to spend a lot of time trying to promote your blog.

But you need more than that to get sales and money blogging.

People buy from people they Know, Like and Trust

Let me ask you a question. When is the last time you bought something from someone you don’t know?

Even if you bought it, you’d have forgotten about it.

Take it as a fact, people buy from people they know, like and trust.

Getting the traffic is only the first step. You need to make your new readers like and trust you.

But how to make new readers like and trust me?

The answer is very simple, increase the engagement.

According to Danny Iny:

Engagement is about the deep emotional investment that people have in what you are doing.

Why Engagement is the secret weapon?

According to Danny Iny also in this episode from The Social Media Marketing podcast, Engagement: How to Create a Loyal Audience That Loves You:

When people trust you, and you have earned their respect, it changes everything in your business. So when you have an offer, people buy from you. Your conversions go through the roof.

A great example is when Danny did a webinar about 18 months ago, when he was a lot less experienced. Although the information was good, he bombed the webinar. It shouldn’t have converted by any means, yet it made five figures in sales.

The reason it did so well was that people knew and trusted Danny. They knew that whatever he was going to share was probably worth buying.

In other words, he was able to make money, even when he thought that his webinar won’t convert at all. But his audience are engaged and they trust him. That’s why he was able to make five-figures even from a bad webinar.

But now…

How to increase Engagement?

You now know that engagement is the key to build a blog that builds business.

And according to Danny Iny also, the best model for conceptualizing engagement is by increasing the feeling of commitment through rewards over time.

Instead of just making your audience, check your post and go, ask them to subscribe and then reward them with something.

Or even ask them to leave comments and reply to them.

Instead of sending an email to your audience and then they move to their other emails, ask them to reply and get back to them.

Make them take action and reward them. Keep repeating and you’re good to go.

Last Words:

This post should make you look about blogging in a different way. Don’t just get traffic, turn visitors into engaged loyal readers.

In the next post, I’ll dive deeper into how to increase the engagement of your audience.

But now, tell me what are you planning to do now to make use of your visitors and make more from your blog.

Leave your comments below.