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Best Self-Help Podcasts: 15 Examples

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Self-help is one of the biggest industries globally, so it’s no surprise that hundreds of self-help podcasts are available for you to listen to and enjoy.

These podcasts are full of information on how to be the best version of yourself without much fuss or hassle.

Many of these podcasts have a specific audience.

Read on to learn more about what a podcast is and the best self-help podcasts available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Self-Help Podcast?

A self-help podcast is any podcast that focuses on helping you improve yourself in one way or another.

Many of these podcasts will help you narrow down trouble areas and help you live up to your highest potential.

Self-help podcasts may discuss a wide range of mental health and behavioral topics to help you embrace a newer version of yourself that blows your past self out of the water.

What Does a Self-Help Podcaster Talk About?

A self-help podcaster will discuss the best ways to understand yourself and improve who you are.

These podcasters will focus on mental health disorders, like anxiety, or topics like self-sabotage to help you handle life situations better.

Additionally, many of these podcasters will offer tips and methods for improvement.

What is Included On a Self-Help Podcast

Self-help podcasts are similar to mental health blogs and will discuss many of the same topics.

You may be able to find details on how some disorders make you behave and how you can navigate your emotions and reactions to life events and situations.

Other Things You Can Find on a Self-Help Podcast

Aside from discussions and descriptions, you’ll find other things on self-help podcasts, from stories, anecdotes, and techniques.

  • Techniques: Self-help podcasts are full of the best techniques to help you navigate stress and anxiety.
  • Anecdotes and Stories: Personal stories and anecdotes can help you understand your actions better.
  • Book Recommendations: Self-help podcasters love recommending workbooks and novels that will help improve your understanding of yourself.
  • Helpful Habits: Self-help podcasters are a good source of the best helpful habits to be productive and keep improving.

Types of Self-Help Podcasts

Although there are hundreds of self-help podcasts, many of them usually fall into one of three categories.

These types of podcasts usually have a target audience, including men, women, and young adults.

  • Self-Help Podcasts for Men: Self-help podcasts for men will discuss the difficulties that men face and how they can overcome those difficulties. For example, some podcasts can help men engage in healthy emotional expression.
  • Self-Help Podcasts for Women: Self-help podcasts for women will help women everywhere understand the trouble they face and offer a virtual shoulder to lean on. These podcasts can help women be resilient and stay strong.
  • Self-Help Podcasts for Young Adults: Self-help podcasts for young adults typically help young people face trouble in youth, including bullying and depression.

Best Self-Help Podcasts: 15 Examples

Although there are hundreds of self-help podcasts for you to enjoy, these 15 podcasts are the top in their field and help thousands of people every day.

How Many Self-Help Podcasts Are There?

There are thousands of self-help podcasts in nearly every niche.

No matter the topic you struggle with, one of these podcasts can help you navigate it.

Self-Help Podcasts for Men

Figuring out how to listen to a podcast for men can be tough, but these are the best places to start.

The Men’s Self-Help Podcast

A screenshot of the mens self help homepage

The Men’s Self-Help Podcast is a well-rounded program that will focus on a wide range of topics to help men navigate areas of life they may feel insecure about.

This podcast will have discussions about emotional well-being, physical fitness, and the expectations of society on males.

Additionally, this podcast is full of tips, tricks, and techniques to help men embrace themselves without the body standards society demands of them.

How I Built This

A screenshot of the how I built this homepage

How I Built This is a podcast from NPR that discuss the daily lives of men and how they can better navigate simple or complex situations that may arise.

This podcast goes into detailed anecdotes about everything from parenting to workplace struggles.

How I Built This is all about building a better future.

The Angry Therapist Podcast

A screenshot of the angey therapist podcast homepage

The Angry Therapist Podcast is about offering self-help topics in quick and easy-to-understand ways.

This podcast helps men focus on what matters: their goals and the people they love.

Hosted by John Kim, The Angry Therapist seeks to offer the quickest snippets of mental health advice in a few minutes or less.

On Purpose With Jay Shetty

A screenshot of the on purpose with jay shetty homepage

On Purpose With Jay Shetty is a podcast discussing the inner wisdom that all people can find within.

Although this podcast is aimed toward men and hosted by Jay Shetty, it can offer universal wisdom for anyone needing to find a little more meaning in life.

The Tony Robbins Podcast

A screenshot of the tony robbins podcasts homepage

The Tony Robbins Podcast is all about motivation and keeping you dedicated to your dreams, life, and goals.

This podcast seeks to boost your mood and make you feel like you can tackle anything – because you can! The Tony Robbins Podcast uses empowering words to make anyone listening feel capable, but most of this content is geared toward men.

Self-Help Podcasts for Women

Self-help podcasts for women will tackle issues that many women face and offer help.

Permission to Speak

A screenshot of the Permission to speak homepage

Permission to Speak discusses the difficulty many women face when expressing themselves and sharing opinions.

This podcast encourages women to use their voices going forward and stop holding back about the things that are important to them.

Permission to Speak is all about being unapologetically yourself, regardless of what society thinks.

Cultivating H.E.R. Space

A screenshot of the her space podcast homepage

Cultivating H.E.R. Space seeks to give women of color a voice, allowing them to be seen and heard in a society that has historically pushed them to the side.

This podcast discusses all the struggles and strife women of color face while empowering women of color to get out there and voice their opinions without regard for the criticism they may receive.

Superwomen with Rebecca Minkoff

A screenshot of the super women homepage

Superwomen is a podcast hosted by Rebecca Minkoff and brings together women from every facet of life to discuss the experiences they all have.

This podcast showcases the struggles of businesswomen, stay-at-home mothers, and everyone in between.

Learn how other women live by taking a listen.

Too Smart For This

A screenshot of the too smart for this homepage

Too Smart For This discusses how society treats women who have a college education or are generally smarter than people may suspect.

The expectations of society on smart women may make many feel the need to hide how intelligent they are and this podcast discusses how unfair that is to women.

The Marie Forleo Podcast

A screenshot of the marieforleo homepage

The Marie Forleo Podcast is all about becoming the person you were meant to be by pursuing your highest and greatest potential.

This podcast can be essential for women struggling with being pulled in multiple directions by their many obligations in life.

The Marie Forleo Podcast addresses listeners with empowering speech, careful discussion, and radical happiness.

Self-Help Podcasts for Young Adults

Most self-help podcasts for young adults tackle the difficult issues young people face today like bullying and interpersonal challenges through internet usage.

TED Talks Daily

A screenshot of the talkstedtalks homepage

TED Talks Daily has a wide range of topics that can teach young adults something new every day.

Whether you want to learn about emotional well-being or the universe, a TED Talk can be the perfect way to expand your knowledge base without taking too much of your time.

How To Fail

A screenshot of the how to fail with elizabeth day homepage

How To Fail teaches young adults how to embrace the results when things don’t work out as desired.

Although this can be a challenging situation to be in, learning to fail quickly and often can help you be productive and get more done.

How To Fail teaches young adults that failure isn’t negative.

Instead, it’s an opportunity to try again.

The Happiness Lab

A screenshot of thehappiness lab homepage

The Happiness Lab will help young adults navigate happiness and emotional well-being.

Through a scientific approach, the Happiness Lab offers actionable techniques on how to live a happier life without feeling like you’re being left in the dust of your peers.

The Happiness Lab seeks to make you feel better without feeling overwhelmed with choices.

Redefining Ambition

A screenshot of the redefining ambition homepage

Redefining Ambition is all about getting active and ambitious.

This podcast will help young adults who want to be more productive understand how to get more done without getting overwhelmed.

Young adults listening to Redefining Ambition may start to feel unorthodox and unique in their approach to life, breaking free from the monotony of work and school.

Food Psych

A screenshot of the food psych homepage

Food Psych is a perfect self-help podcast for young adults struggling to understand their relationship with food.

This podcast can help young adults get healthy with food and understand that food is meant to nourish bodies and offer fuel.

Food Psych is hosted by a dietitian who gives actionable advice regarding food health.

Similar Podcast Types To Check Out

Self-help podcasts are similar to a wide range of other podcasts available on tons of platforms.

Regardless of how you want to improve, there is something for you.

  • Health Podcasts: Health podcasts can help you get a handle on your overall well-being, including fitness and food intake.
  • Motivational Podcasts: Motivational podcasts will focus on helping you get motivated and stay motivated to achieve your dreams.
  • Mental Health Podcasts: Mental health podcasts will help you focus on clearing your mind and tackling tough issues of the mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although it can be tough to find the right self-help podcast for you, these answers can help you narrow down the best podcasts for you to listen to and why.

vector graphic showing icons of self help next to the words

What is the #1 self-help podcast?

There are many self-help podcasts with nearly the same views and positive reviews.

Among the top self-help podcasts are Happier with Gretchen Rubin, Derren Brown’s Bootcamp for Life, and Tony Robbins Podcast.

Why do people listen to self-help podcasts?

People listen to self-help podcasts to feel better about their lives and enact change that will stick.

Wrapping Up

Finding the perfect self-help podcast for yourself is hard.

However, there are plenty of options to choose from, depending on who you are and what you’re looking for.

Most self-help podcasts are targeted toward men, women, or young adults.

Many people listen to self-help podcasts every day to improve themselves and embrace a new way of life.

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