We all start blogging with aspirations of making a living from doing it. A lot of bloggers are making multi-six figures or even multi-seven figure business from their blogs.

So how these successful bloggers do it. How easy is it to make a living from blogging?

Maybe, it was easy in the early days, but now there are millions of bloggers which makes it harder, but not impossible.

People think that blogs are like newspapers or magazines

When blogs first came out and named with that name, people thought that blogs are like newspapers or magazine.

You write a lot of posts, create an audience and then put up a bunch of ads as newspapers do and you make some money.

Yes, you may make some money, but you’ll earn a very small amount of money.

Here’s why:

  • Ads can be intrusive. People are getting annoyed with ads these days..
  • Ads can lower your credibility.
  • You get an average of 1 click for every 300 visitors which may get you 0.001$, think about how much should you get to make a good amount of money. You need a huge audience which is very hard these days.
  • You send them to other blogs when they click on an ad, and they may not return to your site again.

So what should you do?

You should create your own product.

The product could be ebooks or seminars or video courses.

Here’s why you should sell your product and don’t use banner ads instead:

  1. Constant income: You create it one time and you could make money for life. You may need to update it every 2 years or so, but that’s not a big problem.
  2. Position you as an expert: When you have a product that solves a problem, people start to see you as an expert in that topic. You’ve more authority in their eyes.
  3. Get you traffic: creating products is one of the best ways to get traffic. People start to get you on their podcasts asking you for interviews and promote your product. All this helps you to grow your traffic. But you should try it after you’ve 2k+ subscribers.
  4. You’ll get customers who pay money: giving a free giveaway is a great way to gather potential customers, but it also gets you people who love freebies, who won’t ever be your customer. But when you have real customers who paid you money and you helped them, you now have a customer base to sell them your next products. You could do it more and more but easier.
  5. It’s easy to do it: In the old days, it was really a pain to sell digital products. Now, it’s very easy. With services like Selz, you can sell ebooks or digital downloads securely from any website in minutes with no programming. Perfect for bloggers looking to monetize their site. Services like Selz are a better alternative to PayPal as they handle the credit card transaction as well as the file hosting and delivery of the ebook when purchased.
  6. You get 100% of the earnings: That’s why creating your own product is better than affiliate marketing.
  7. And the best part, you’ll make much more money.

Simply put, you could make more money while your audience are loving you and you prove your credibility by creating your own product.

It’s better 1000x to sell your own product, than to put ads on your blog. It’s much more easier.

Last words:

Now, you know what you should do.

Instead of putting ads on your blog and sending your visitor any place else, capture them, educate them and then sell to them.

If you think it’s very difficult and it may not work, why don’t you create an ebook and see what happens, after that turn it into a video course and start making more money.

As I said, it’s better 1000x to sell your own product.

But how to create a product that sells?

Well, in the next post I’ll talk more about creating an ebook and how to market it.

Now for you, what would you like me cover in the next post, I’m sure you all want to know how to do it.