Selling Ads on Your WordPress Website? Things to Know

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Selling ads is an unique way to monetize your WordPress blog. Making money from your WordPress website doesn’t have to include just affiliate products, Google AdSense or your own product. You can start Selling Ads to those within your industry on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. This is one of the best ways to monetize your website.

What Should You Know About Selling Ads?

Making money from your WordPress website doesn’t have to include just affiliate products, Google AdSense or your own product. You can also sell ads to those within your industry on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. This is one of the best ways to monetize your website.
If selling ads is the right solution for you, it’s time to learn some of the best practices. There are many benefits to selling advertisements on your website, but if you don’t do it right, you won’t be able to keep your advertisers and you may lose revenue you could have made from other monetization methods.

Pros and Cons of Selling Ads on your WordPress Website

There are several pros that come along with selling ads on your website. Of course, the potential profits are a huge benefit, but there are even more pros to selling advertisement on your WordPress site.
One of the major benefits is the ability to build relationships. Every time you take on a new advertiser, you will be able to build a relationship with the client. This also makes it easy if you already know a few people that may want to advertise on your website or blog. You can offer them a free 30-day trial ad spot to help build the relationship. If they like the results, you can charge them from there on and make a profit
Another huge pro of selling ads is the ability to leverage your traffic. Sometimes, traffic you get doesn’t make you money without selling ads. When you sell ads, you don’t have to worry about the visitor taking action for you to make money, which they would have to do with Google AdSense or any affiliate products you promote.
Along with these two pros, you will also have more control over your income compared to other monetization methods. Of course, it will help make your site appear more professional, as you will serve real ads instead of ads from ad networks.
Even though there are many pros to selling ads on your website, there are also some cons. The cons will be even worse if your site isn’t ready for advertising or you go overboard with the ads.
One of the cons you may run into is an increased bounce rate. Since the ads will attract attention, you may watch visitors leave your site faster to click on the ad. This can cost you when it comes to SEO and it can become a catch-22 situation. If your site is new, you may not want to sell ads yet, as you can’t afford to lose visitors.
Ads can also cost you when it comes to your site load times. They can slow down your website, especially if you run multiple ads or larger image ads.
If you have a very professional design, running ads can take away from the design, as well. This can make your site look tacky can cause the visitors to feel like you are just providing your site to make money.
Ads may also underperform, which could mean you are always trying to sell new ads to new clients. This could cause you a ton of stress and many not make it easy to manage your site.

What Should you Consider Before You Sell Ads on Your WordPress Website?

Before you decide you want to monetize your WordPress site by selling ads, you should consider a few things, such as:
How Much will you Charge?
There is no tried and true way to know how much to charge an advertiser on your site. However, the more traffic you get, the more targeted your traffic is and the more the advertiser may be able to make from one sale to a new customer, the more you should be able to charge on a monthly basis. You will want to keep your rates low enough to give the advertisers plenty of return for their investment, however.
Where will Ads be Placed and How Large?
You will need to identify zones on your site for advertising. This will help to determine the size and type of ads you plan to provide on your site. It’s important to balance the ads and make them look like they belong on your site or you could be doing it all for nothing.
Create Terms and Conditions
The terms and conditions of your ads is very important. This page needs to be easy to understand and should help to ensure the client that they will get what they pay for. Answer any questions that might come along with advertising on your site, such as your site statistics, where you get traffic from and other common questions.
Where will you get your Advertisers?
In some cases, you can simply contact other people in your industry to find advertisers. However, this isn’t always the case. You may need to consider using an ad network to fill in the spaces and make sure you have a solid way of getting plenty of advertisers to fill in your zones.
Do you Even have Enough Traffic for Running Ads?
You will need to have a decent amount of traffic if you plan to sell ads. However, a high traffic site isn’t always attractive to advertisers. Many will look at the conversion rate and whether the ad they run will be profitable or not. If you don’t have a ton of traffic, but you have very targeted traffic, your site may be perfect for selling ads.

How to Sell Ads with WordPress?

You will need the right tools to help you sell ads on your WordPress website. Here are some of the best tools to help you with accepting payments and placing ads on your site.
#1 AdSella
One of the best ad networks to help you sell ads is called AdSella. This ad network will allow you to easily connect to multiple advertisers quickly. You will be able to announce that you have ad space available and land good advertisers for your profitability.
You will also be able to buy ads to increase the traffic to your WordPress site. One of the downfalls of an ad network is the percentage they take. AdSella takes 20%, which is pretty standard for an ad network.
#2 PublicityClerks
Another ad network you can use is called PublicityClerks. This ad network provides a way for you to easily get your ads on your site and buy ads for traffic, as well. It’s not the easiest to get accepted into, but if you do, you can find very high quality advertisers for your WordPress site here.
#3 Adsanity
You can also use AdSanity to help you with your WordPress Ads. This is a plugin used to help you rotate ads, keep stats and manage all the ads you sell for your site. Those looking for a great way to manage ads will love this plugin.
#4 BuySellAds
Another option for your ad network is BuySellAds This ad network is a great for big-time advertisers and great for landing larger ad deals. They do take a full 25% fee for the use of their service, however.
#5 OIO Publisher
OIO Publisher is a great solution for advertising on WordPress sites. They have an ad network and provide ad management for your site. The plugin doesn’t take a percentage of your revenue, which means you get to keep it all. Instead, you pay a flat rate of $47 to use the plugin and the network.
Other great tools for selling ads on your WordPress website include:  AdRotate WP PRO Advertising System , Simple Ads Manager, AdPress Advertising Manager  and WordPress Ad Widget.
All of these tools will help you with selling ads for your WordPress website. If you decide this is one of the ways you want to monetize your site, use these tools to help make the process easier.

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