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5 Reasons Why You Should Start Selling eBooks on Your Blog



One of the best ways of monetizing your blog is by developing exclusive premium content for your visitors and email subscribers, and selling it for a nominal price.

In most cases, this premium content is in the form of an eBook that your users can purchase either from your own website or from any of the major eBook selling platforms.

Freelancers, creative professionals, industry experts and bloggers are increasingly using this technique to attain multiple benefits from their content (including a steady income stream).

There are 5 major benefits of selling eBooks on your website, which should make you seriously consider writing an eBook yourself.

1) eBooks Establish You as a Niche Expert

As a blogger, one of your greatest challenges is to gain the trust of your readers and establish your credibility in their eyes. Without a credible image, your content and blog posts would make very little impact on your readers.

Writing a comprehensive eBook, on the most complex topics of your niche, is one of the best ways to establish yourself as a niche expert.

No matter how valuable your free content is, people will not take you seriously unless you develop premium content.

The moment you put your eBook on sale, people will start noticing you as someone who has command over his niche and knows what he’s talking about.

Your image would skyrocket in front of your audience and your content will start getting much more respect and attention. As a result, you are likely to notice an increase in the engagement levels of your blog, including a greater number of comments and social shares on every post.

2) eBooks Are Cheap and Easy to Read

With the smartphone and tablet revolution in full swing, more people now prefer the convenience of reading eBooks on their mobile devices instead of carrying hard copies.

Not only are people reading much more content online these days, they are also prepared to spend money if there is something valuable on offer.

As a result, self-publishing is also growing. Producing an eBook is much easier now since you can quickly convert a Word document into a PDF, or cheaply get it converted into a Kindle or Epub format.

You can also get freelancers to do this conversion work cheaply via sites like Elance or Freelancer.

3) eBooks Generate Regular Passive Income

In most cases, writing and compiling an eBook requires substantial time and effort. However, this initial investment can give you long term rewards in the form of a steady passive income.

Once you complete your eBook and start promoting it for sale, you can cover your investment very quickly. In fact, if your marketing strategy is effective enough, your eBook can become a major source of revenue for you every month.

As your blog traffic grows, your eBook will gain more visibility and your chances of making sales will increase.

And if you continue to provide value through your blog content, your loyal readers will become your biggest marketers online.

4) eBooks Help You Build Your Email List

Email subscriber list is one of the biggest assets of any online business as it is an effective way to regularly engage  your readers.

eBooks are subscriber magnets. Nothing helps you get subscribers as easily as an eBook. Even if your eBook has a price tag on it, you can use it to get subscribers by offering the first few pages of your eBook for free.

This strategy works really well as it not only gets you email subscribers, but also generates interest in your visitors to know more about your premium eBook.

5) eBooks Can Bring More Business Opportunities for You

Perhaps the biggest benefit of writing and selling an eBook is the number of business opportunities that it can potentially open up for you.

A well-researched and attractively designed eBook shows that you can develop in-depth content on a consistent basis. This is what many small businesses and entrepreneurs are also looking for.

Even a partially successful eBook can help you land bigger eBook writing offers from other blogs. You can also attract joint authorship offers from bloggers who are looking to create their own eBooks.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are literally countless other ways you can capitalize on the success of your eBook and achieve greater business success.

Selling an eBook – What Are Your Options?

There are a number of ways through which you can market and sell your eBook. Many bloggers publish eBooks for Amazon Kindle  because it has thousands of buyers actively looking for eBooks all the time.

However, one major drawback of selling eBooks on Amazon is that you do not know who purchases your eBook. Which means you cannot promote additional services or eBooks to them later. Amazon also takes a significant share of your revenue, which reduces your overall earnings.

The alternative approach is to utilize the strength of your website visitors, your email list and your followers on famous social media websites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn etc.

Selling digital downloads like eBooks from a blog or site for non technical owners used to be a real challenge. It required the expense and hassle of hiring a web developer or spending hours trying to integrate ecommerce tools with PayPal accounts.

Fortunately, you can now sell digital downloads from any blog or website using simple plugins and third party services. There are new innovative platforms like Gumroad or Selz that have been designed to make life simple for solopreneurs.

They can be integrated seamlessly into your blog and social media websites in minutes and with no programming. The best part of such services, apart from making it simple for a visitor to purchase an eBook, is that they do all the hard work for you. From handling the credit card payments and hosting of the eBook, to automating the delivery when some purchases your eBook, everything is handled by these platforms.

Another option to increase your eBook sales is to go for an affiliate model and offer other influential bloggers to promote your eBook for a share in the final sales amount.

Whichever selling mode you choose, make sure you give your eBook maximum exposure and make purchasing extremely easy for your buyers.

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Avoid this Blogging Wake Up Call to Enjoy the Journey



Blogging need not be a lesson in harsh wake up calls. You can and will largely enjoy the journey by knowing this: success finds generous bloggers. Let that idea firmly impress onto your mind. Be with it. Allow the idea to worm its way into your consciousness until being generous becomes part of your being. Helping people for free boosts your skills and increases your exposure. Skilled bloggers with massive exposure become successful.

But one wake up call seems to find most bloggers who refuse to learn this lesson. Bloggers need to struggle, fail and suffer because they try to get money and traffic by focusing solely on receiving methods, versus giving generously of their time and talents. Imagine this scenario; a blogger writes and publishes one blog post weekly. Cool. But the blogger sits around and does nothing else blogging-wise for the remainder of the week. Hmmmm…this is not being generous, guys. This is being stingy. Bad move. At week’s end, the blogger did not make a penny of profits. Panicking, the blogger immediately analyzes their various income streams. How can they maximize profits through the streams? What is wrong with their income streams? Did they pick the right streams? Or did they pick the wrong streams? What gives?

Struggling bloggers then spend 2, 3 or 5 hours analyzing their income streams, focusing all of their attention and energy on the GETTING aspect of their blogging campaign. Terrible idea. Why? The reason why you struggle to get is because you refuse to give generously of your time, energy and talents. The income streams? Nope; not a problem. Your lack of generosity is the problem. The wake up call is most bloggers focus heavily on getting when struggling to drive traffic and profits when they should be focused heavily on giving generously. Giving generously leads to greater blogging profits. Instead of writing and publishing one blog post weekly, how about writing and publishing 2-3 posts weekly, weaving some stories into your blog posts?  How about you spend 4-8 hours daily generously reading blog posts, commenting genuinely on blog posts, promoting other bloggers and yes, promoting yourself, too?

Put in the giving time to make getting easier and easier. No need to slam into the cold, hard wake up call of focusing selfishly inward, trying to pin your struggles on inanimate, lifeless income streams. You have a giving problem, buddy. Time to be generous. Time to step it up. Write a guest post daily or perhaps, every 2-3 days. Go ahead. Do it. Begin video marketing. Build bonds with bloggers. Help them out. Practice writing. Gain invites to guest post on blogs from your niche. Blogging becomes more fun, more enjoyable and flat out easier if you put in the time, generously helping folks.

Focus heavily on giving. Your star will shine if you generously serve people. On the contrary, blogging and life become so much harder if you obsess over your income streams, analyzing, over analyzing, focusing, wasting precious time and energy on getting, when you should be giving more freely. Blogging feels more fun, too, when you focus heavily on giving, because we were designed to give, to be generous and to serve folks. Doesn’t it feel amazing to help people? Of course, it does. Enjoy the blogging journey and avoid this painful wake up call….plus….you get to sleep in, hehehe 😉

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The Importance of Digital Marketing Research for Brands in 2020



One of the key aspects of launching successful marketing campaigns is to conduct market research beforehand. This is no different when marketing on the internet. Digital marketing research is crucial to successful digital marketing, and without it, one can quickly blow through their budget without seeing any type of ROI at all.

A perfect example of this can be seen in social media marketing, where billions of ad impressions are served hourly. The same is also true with paid media marketing and pay per click marketing within Google. There is simply way too much information and user views out there, and if you aren’t careful and are using paid advertising–you could blow through a large budget in a short period of time.

If you have been neglecting digital marketing research prior to launching your campaigns, read on to learn the importance of digital marketing research and why you need to get on the bandwagon!

Digital Marketing Research

Market research helps the marketer understand the market and the trends. The information received can be used to develop a sound marketing strategy. Having an understanding of your audience and how to communicate with them is key to growing your business.

But, how do you go about implementing digital marketing research?

Here’s how:

Eyes on the Audience

First, you must know who your audience is. Your business should have a niche target demographic to reach out to. Once you have established who this target audience is, you will have a better idea of how to communicate with them directly.

After you have identified your audience, you will need to get to know them better. You want to know their behavior patterns: how often they shop, what they shop for, what their preferred products are. Using a survey is a great option to ask your target audience questions to garner information about them.

And even better, if you do plan on collecting any type of data from your audience, you should definitely consider your options with remarketing afterward. By this, you can start running Google Ads or Facebook Ads campaigns that target only the audiences that you’ve selected (whether that be through pixel or email data).

Social Media Marketing and Other Digital Platforms

Once you have established your audience, you want to use social media and other digital platforms to market to them. Note: in your survey, it is best to ask them which platforms they prefer.

Essentially, you will be adopting a multi-channel marketing approach to reach your target audience. This means that you will be using different digital platforms to reach your audience, be it through content, social media, or messaging systems such as email, chat, or text messages.

Your market research will tell you which is the best platform to reach your demographic. For example, if your audience are teenagers and young adults – you may opt to use Snapchat and Instagram for marketing campaigns.

An older audience would prefer Facebook or even traditional platforms such as email for newsletters. And of course, if targeting professionals then LinkedIn is your platform of choice.

Who Can Help You and Who Can Challenge You

The importance of digital marketing research extends to knowing who can help grow your brand and who your competitors are.

A prominent aspect of digital marketing is the use of influencers. Use your marketing research to seek out these influencers and ask them if they can help promote your brand. For example, if you ran a company that sold protein powder, you would want to find fitness models who could endorse your products.

Similarly, use your marketing research to learn who your competition is. You can also look at their marketing campaigns to get an idea of what you are up against.

Get The Ball Rolling

Now that you have learned about digital marketing research, it is time to get the ball rolling. By following each of the recommended steps and methods above, there is no reason why you shouldn’t see improved numbers across the board. Digital marketing is changing all of the time, and so are the ways in which you can target and reach new audiences.

Research your target audience and ask them what their needs are. Determine your platforms of choice. Utilize influencers and keep a watchful eye on your competition.

Are you looking for more tips on how to use your blog for marketing purposes? If so, then browse around our blog for more of our latest content.

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Do You Honor the Law of Lag?



The law of lag is always in effect. How it works; you generously, patiently and persistently help folks, trust in the process and yeah, make sure you promote yourself freely, too, OK? Be patient and persistent. Relax. A lag exists between you working generously, and, actually seeing traffic and profits increases. I refer to this as the law of lag. Lag times exist between you doing what works blogging-wise and seeing specific traffic and profits increases. Relax. Take a chill pill. Do not panic. Never believe that 0 traffic and 0 profits over the first few weeks of your successful blogging campaign indicates being generous, patient, persistent and trusting is NOT working, guys. Far and away, this is hands down the biggest mistake I see in blogging. Bloggers do not honor the law of lag. Bloggers panic and bail because they see minimal or no traffic and profits increases, during weeks or months, after they follow the successful blogging route.

See the journey through guys. Honor the law of lag. Know how it takes time and practice to become skilled enough and to yield enough exposure to actually boost your blog traffic. Boosting your blogging profits takes a bit longer, usually. Honor this lag time between work and results to become a highly successful, prospering blogger. Imagine being a doctor. During your first 3 months in pre-med, do you panic and bail because you have not made a cent through being a doctor? Nope; of course not. Do you panic and bail during your 6th year of medical studies because you have not made a penny from being a doctor? Nope; of course not. Do not panic and bail if you have not made a penny during your first 6 months of generously creating and connecting. Be patient. Good things take time. You need to become more clear and skilled in order to gain credibility in the eyes of readers. Plus you need to gain greater exposure by generously posting to your blog and by guest posting.

What happens when business slowly, steadily begins to grow?  Now it’s time to learn how to better serve your customers.  Nobody knows how to serve customers and clients fully until serving customers and clients in real world circumstances, gaining critical experience without a mentor or coach looking over your shoulder. I learned priceless lessons by boosting my traffic, by meeting more folks, by coaching clients and by interacting with customers. I had to put in the time and be patient during seeming lulls, or lags, to be a full time blogger. Being patient, persistent and generous made me the blogger I am today. You never grow until you go through testing periods where nothing appears to be happening but where everything is happening more quickly than you could ever see, in the background. All grows exponentially under the surface but only slowly and steadily bubbles up as profits and traffic stats. Envision the slow burn, bubbling up as a lag that cultivates your generosity, patience and persistent, and, your trust in self, as well as your trust in the blogging process.

I believe in you. See the journey through. Honor the law of blogging lag.


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