Tweet to Email - Tweets right into their email inbox.Sending tweets to your friends has never been easier with Tweet to Email. Created by @binyahia, this service offers the convenience of sending tweets to the emails of a specific group (customized by you).  As stated on their site, it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3. To get started you’ll need to supply your Twitter username and an email address. From there you’ll need to create a group and select a hashtag for it. Then you can add your contacts or import them by email. Lastly, you simply add your chosen hashtag to your tweet in order to send it to you group’s email inbox.

So, this really is as simple as it sounds. You are free to enter any name that you like for your group but you only have five choices available when it comes to a hashtag; you’ll need to select one from the dropdown menu.

Tweet to Email group setup.

Once created you’ll have four options for that group: add contact, import contact, edit group or delete. If you don’t know your friend’s email addresses offhand then it’s probably best to import your contacts. This is done by entering your own email address and password, so that they can access your contact list.

All that’s left now is to send out your tweet with the hashtag that you selected from the dropdown list when creating your group. Upon doing so, all of your contacts in that group will receive your tweet right in their email. This is great for making sure that important tweets get read in a timely fashion. Many people do not check their tweets regularly but do check their email numerous times as day, so you can see why this is a great method for sending tweets.

Wondering how an actual email looks? Well, I sent a test tweet to myself to find out. As you can see below, it’s pretty basic. In a nutshell, it tells your friends, “hey this person really wants you to see this tweet”!

Tweet to Email inbox message view.

While I feel this is a valuable service, I also feel as though the Tweet to Email site is lacking in futures. It would be nice to be able to see the tweets posted right from the site, or at least least the 5-10 most recent. Also it would be really nice if you could send tweets right from the site. In addition, I’d love to be able to reply to tweets right from the email. Of course, the site is pretty new so I’m sure they’ll be adding more functionality in the future.