If you start reading some of the articles appearing today about SEO, you’ll think this technique for getting your blog read by as many people as possible is all but dead. Many of those articles were written by people using black hat techniques to try and sell you something like a membership to a thinly disguised link farm. The truth is SEO is still as important today for good organic growth as it’s always been. Here’s a few reasons why:

It’s evolving

Search engine optimization made some mistakes in the past but learned from them to grow stronger and better. For example, it SEO in 2014seems like a long time ago anyone would be brave enough to keyword stuff a website. Buying links from link farms is a sure way to get penalized by Google these days and content spinning is another quick way to make sure you don’t get to where you need to go.

However, SEO is still the technique that’s used most often when you want people to notice your blog. Proper placement of keywords inside good content is still the number one technique search engines use to rank your website, so it’s in your best interest to stay on top of all the recent updates.

It’s Still Relevant

Far from being buried by other less reputable techniques, SEO has become refined and still the best way to get quality content noticed. The key here is quality content because most of Google’s most recent algorithm updates designed to root out and punish bad copywriting only acts as a filler for and not a complement to the keywords.

The kind of good copywriting search engines are looking for today is all about relevance and there’s no better way to target your customers than with captivating words. Still, that idea needs to include keywords couched in content that will give readers something to grab onto after the keywords alert the search engines to your site. Bottom line: take the time to hire a copywriter with some experience.

Although Google has recently downplayed the significance of links, most people feel it’s way too early to write off this important part of SEO. Remember, you don’t want to place the importance of links ahead of quality content. Most of the recent updates Google has been putting forward are telling bloggers who are paying attention that content, which means well written content, will be the central point for most of what gets ranked well in the future.