The initials SEO come from the search engine optimization that means optimizing for the search engines but not Greek House Odigismou. They have made their site in 1989, and today it is still in Top 10 of results in, so many Greeks SEO masters can’t still reach it. And what kind of specialist are you, if you can’t place your site in first few positions for key words that you are interested in? And how could you do it for your customers, which would pay you for that?

But let us follow the story and see how and why they now begin the optimization of search engines.

Let’s start with Why.

The aim of, is to find what you are looking for by typing key words or phrases. Than the search engine returns results to sites it deems relevant, valuable and trustworthy.

The is а search engine that is used by 85% of people when they want to find something in the network. So if something is not in Google, it is not anywhere! -)

Let’s see an example.

If you write the word “farmer” the machine will give you 128.000 results. This means that 128.000 pages associated with the word “farmer”. The search engine applies a complex algorithm that chooses to display in priority order of pages that it considers “best” and more related to the word “farmer”.

If the site is not detectable in the first 2 pages of results for a keyword, the possibility to find it is probably less than 1%

Statistics says that if one site is found in TOP 3 of the search results, it attracts 70% of the users. The remaining 30% of the users will see the second page too. The third page will be seen just from professionals that are looking for something specific.

So even if you have compiled an amazing site with fantastic graphics and flash “eye-popping”, it will not be visit by many visitors if it does not display  20/1 results of searches for the keyword.

So your website will be useless, except you have made it for fun or you want to see it just by yourself.

How to optimize?

When you make a site you should interested in 2 things

1. Quality content (what means?)

2. Links

By my opinion it means 3 things:

– New content

– Interpretation of the existing content

– Quality(erudite) personal response

“The quality content – When you see it you will understand.”

But if the quality content is the King than the link is the Queen.

The good link from pages with High Page Rank Authority will add value to your website and will rise up the results.

Social networks, directories (directory) with ads and websites are good sources for links. But always use them sparingly and with care, because the machine punishes the impatient.

The SEO process is slow. Before you start to construct your website you must sign up gradually and slowly. It will be for its whole lifetime and the results will come in time.

It’s like a marathon.  The one, who wins, doesn’t run fast, but he runs properly.

You can learn more and whom to ask?

Again, Google will help you. See, however, and these link,

Learn what is the, Adwords, Adsense and Analytics.

Experiment, explore, learn new things, and ask. Ask for anything that you interested in. The web is not static, it changes every day and accelerate, so yesterday it was something that may be is not right today.

And for the end of my article I have kept the best.

What is the big secret of SEO?

The big secret of SEO is the following sentence:

“Write often, unique and relevant content, and add links to it.”

This post was written by Panagiotis Kontogiannis is a Greek Freelance writer and the editor of Bulgarian SEO blog. If you’re looking for problogger, hire Pano to write for you.