When you look back in your archives, do you smile or cringe? Have you ever deleted or edited an old post? Do you think it is ok to go back and edit posts or should you do a new post and relate to the older one?

It’s an issue that I can see both sides on, on the one hand you might see some posts as clutter or even bad for the blogs image, on the other hand I don’t think I would ever want to delete a post.

If you do delete a post, at least make sure you leave a redirect so you are not creating broken links for people who linked to you.

One of my blogs was all about me learning Photography. I made lots of mistakes, got corrected (thankfully) by my readers, but never deleted a post. Part of the charm for me is people could learn by seeing me get things wrong and get corrected.  For example I got confused by the difference between a wide lens and a macro. I laugh now but having the difference explained was valuable for me and allowed others to find out without being shamed in public like I was 🙂

On occasion I will edit a post, particularly if there was a great comment or some news came in after publishing. There have been a few circumstances where I have found an article in a search engine and I wish people would have edited the post to reflect most recent news.

What do you think? Should archives be left alone, set in stone or are old posts more flexible and fluid, yours to change at will?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments …