Most of us who blog have a theme, a mission statement, a defined focus for our blog. And that’s as it should be. However, there are some times when it would help to go “off topic” on your blog. Following are three such times.

3 Times When Going “Off Topic” On Your Blog Can Generate More Traffic for Your Blog

First, let me say, don’t go so off topic that your readers don’t even identify the content with you at all. My point in even bringing this up is, all of us are multi-dimensional.

Even though my blog is all about freelance writing, I’m also a marathon runner, a recruiter and a New York City lover. Within each of these are topics I can discuss as they relate to freelance writing.

Breaking News: If a story is on the minds of everyone, then addressing it with your audience is sometimes not only smart, it’s necessary.

For example, 9/11. I was living full-time in New York City at the time. I didn’t have a blog at the time, but I did have a website and a newsletter. Obviously, begin right in the center of the storm, so to speak, it was prudent to discuss it. Eg, what it meant for getting gigs, how to deal with emotions and work (like the rest of the country, New Yorkers were an emotional mess around that time); how to deal with losing clients, etc.

This story could not have been more relevant – to everyone – at the time.

Personalization: I publish a newsletter, and one of the sections in it is called “Yuwanda’s Corner.” I get more feedback on that section than any other section of the newsletter.

In my corner, I discuss work things and nonwork things – eg, how my marathon training is goiong, the death of my stepfather, my dog, etc. In short, things that allow readers to get to know me on a more personal level.

Blogging is such an impersonal platform. Allowing readers to get to know you via your nonwork life helps to build loyalty. A loyal readership is one of the best marketing tools you can have.

Portfolio Career: Until this year, I had somewhat of a portfolio career. Meaning, I did several different things. Eg, I was a recruiter for years. Obviously, I’m also a freelance writer and ebook publisher.

Sometimes, something would happen with a recruiting client that I felt would help my blog readers. Many freelance writers have careers like this. So, if you learned a lesson or picked up a new tip from one sector of your work life and it would help another sector, share.

The main thing to remember about going off topic is that you should keep your readership in mind. Don’t go off on tangents because you feel like it. That’s disrespectful to your readers.

Share what may seem like “off topic” information in a way that is relevant to them. This is the only reason to go “off topic.”