Most bloggers get it all wrong.

The masses believe driving traffic is incredibly hard.

Hard = difficult. Difficult = complex methods.

Driving steady traffic to your blog is not easy as a newbie blogger. But boosting the amount of readers who visit your blog is simple. Simple does not mean easy. Simple means doing basic, practical tasks, backed with a generous energy, persistently.

Nothing in the blog traffic generation game that leads to success is complex. All methods are simple, clean and clear.

But one particular strategy is not only simple. This approach is easy. Really easy.

The majority of bloggers overlook this approach because they mire themselves in Survival Mode, thinking only about themselves. The few bloggers who succeed online do so largely through this basic technique.

Watch the video as I discuss how to drive traffic through this simple, easy method.

Promote Top Bloggers

Follow top blogs in your niche. Read recent blog posts. After you finish reading a post simple click a Retweet and Facebook Share button. Share the content. Promote top bloggers. Tag ’em on Facebook. Add their Twitter handle on Twitter, if the handle does not pop up automatically.

How much time and effort does it take to click a Retweet button? Not much. Like a second or 2, right? Ditto for sharing posts on Facebook. Maybe 3-5 seconds or 15 seconds tops if you write a tidy little introduction to the post.

This method is far and away the easiest technique through which to drive blog traffic because the returns with such minimal effort are immense.

Friendships form through the click of a share button. You pop up on the big dawg blogger’s radar screens, through your generous promoting of these blogging dynamos. If you practice your writing and promote top bloggers persistently, friendships form and cross promotion occurs too.

Some blogging buddies may promote you on Twitter, Facebook or even on their blog, expanding your reach by promoting you to large, targeted readerships. See how nicely that works? All that traffic you seemed to be lacking flows to you in increasing volumes, all through the power of simply promoting top bloggers and building strong friendships with these pros.

Never Solo

Do not try to drive blog traffic solo. I have tried it. Many years ago. I failed horribly trying to go Blogging Lone Wolf. But when I shifted things and promoted top bloggers without looking for anything in return things changed. I worked on my writing skills. I also took the time to keep fanning the flames below my new blogging buddy bonds, promoting my buds freely through as many channels as possible.

More of my blogging friends promoted me, endorsed me, bought my stuff and became my clients. Business grew. Traffic grew. The power of being generous – persistently – won again, as it always does.

What put everything into motion? Understand and applying the powers of generosity and community.

But it all started with following a simple and quite easy tip: promote top bloggers from your niche.

All it takes is persistently retweeting top bloggers. Share their updates on Facebook. Feature top bloggers from your niche via interviews. Mention top bloggers from your niche through quick hitter snippets.

This tactic is so incredibly simple and easy that it’ll make your head spin. You’ll also wonder why you wasted so much time trying to increase your blog traffic solo.

No worries though.

Tap into the idea of being generous. Help big dawgs. Look for nothing in return.

Make buddies with influential bloggers.

Observe how many blogging doors open for you when you befriend the top bloggers in your niche.