If you’re a new blogger you may be a bit confused by all of the information out there telling you how to set up, run and monetize your blog. You need to learn list building, traffic generation, SEO, email marketing, and a host of other things you should be doing. It’s likely you have information overload and feel completely overwhelmed by it all. Hey, it even happens to seasoned bloggers once in awhile.

What do you do to avoid getting overloaded with things to do? How do you blog perfectly?

The simple answer is, you will never blog perfectly, but that’s okay. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be informative and inviting to your readers.

You can avoid information overload. It may take an active approach and it may already be a habit for you to try and consume too much information. You need to break the habit.

Here are some tips to help you avoid being overwhelmed.

Tighten your focus.
You already know that you need to blog on a regular basis. That’s not going to change so keep your main focus on that. However, you do need a reason for blogging and you should give your blog posts a purpose. Decide what that purpose is and create a plan to grow your business with one simple method. You can implement other things later.

Choose one business building tactic.
Most business building strategies all go hand in hand, but if you narrow your focus to only one, it will be easier to blog and grow your business. The rest will start falling into place.
So, where do you start?
The majority of experts will tell you to start growing your list immediately. It really is essential to your business. Without a list, you don’t really have a business.
I’m sure you already have plenty of reports and ecourses that cover list building. Go over those, take some notes on how you’re going to focus on your list building efforts and put everything else aside. Do not read about SEO (other than the very basics to get traffic.) Do not read about traffic generation or anything that isn’t specific to building your list.

Create a blogging schedule.
Decide how many blog posts you will write each week and the purpose of each post. Choose one or two blog posts a week that cater to your list building efforts. If you offer a course or a free report as the incentive, make sure the topic of those blog posts are related so you can ask people to join your list at the end of the post.

The rest of your blog posts for the week should also have a purpose, but the purpose of those should be to gain reader attention, set yourself up as an expert or simply to inform the reader of something. It would be annoying if every blog post you made asked for the reader to join your list. You have to find a happy medium of promoting your free giveaway and giving valuable information.

How long?
How long should your main focus be about growing your list? Well, that should be part of your strategy from now until whenever. But for starters you should concentrate on that for a few months, get good at that and then start worrying with other matters.

Learn list building and email marketing first. Once you can do that comfortably then you can start branching out to learn more about SEO and traffic generation. The point is to keep it simple and stop overwhelming yourself with too much knowledge. Learn one thing well before moving to the next.

How do you keep things simple in your business? We’d love to hear your tips.