SiteLock Review: Is this the Right Website Security for your Site?

By: | Updated: July 22, 2021

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This is our Sitelock review and we hope you like it. SiteLock has been in business since 2008. Since that time, the business has grown to become a global leader in the business website security solutions field. It offers cloud-based website protection to its clients, which are businesses of all sizes. According to its website, the company protects more than six million websites for clients around the world. Here is our true sitelock review and why you need them for security.

What SiteLock Does

The service SiteLock provides for its clients is twofold: it protects its customers from security threats coming from inside the website as well as those that originate outside of it. The company’s services include:

Scanning and Malware Removal
SiteLock INFINITY™ premium vulnerability and malware detection and remediation service
Web application firewall
Content Delivery Network
PCI compliance program

Website Scanning

SiteLock offers 360-degree website scanning to its clients. Once the scan is complete, SiteLock verifies the site as malware-free, allowing the client to display a SiteLock Secure Seal on the site for all visitors to see. The badge indicates to visitors that the site is safe.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management is a standard feature offered with all of SiteLock’s service packages. The company verifies your business address, phone number and business email contact information so that your customers can be confident they will be able to reach you at any point.

SiteLock Review INFINITY

SiteLock INFINITY scans your website continuously looking for malware. Once a scan has been completed, the software starts another scan. This process is repeated several times per hour to ensure that your site is continuously protected.

If an issue with malware is detected, it is removed immediately. The scans also look for vulnerabilities within your website and take measures to remedy them.

Web Application Firewall

SiteLock’s TrueShield web application firewall is designed to protect your website from the effects of harmful requests and malicious traffic. It only takes five minutes to set up, but the benefits are far-reaching. Once the firewall is in place, you can find out the source of blocked attacks on your site.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

The Content Delivery Network (CDN) increases website speed and gets content to your site visitors more quickly. They are less likely to click away because your site takes too much time to load, no matter if they are using a desktop computer or a handheld device.

PCI Compliance Program

If you are accepting credit cards, you have to be PCI compliant. SiteLock’s PCI compliance program helps you meet this requirement quickly and easily. SiteLock provides a simple, self-assessment questionnaire that helps you to go through the process of becoming PCI compliant. Completing the questionnaire lowers the number of questions you need to answer substantially. SiteLock also scans your site. You can also add on the TrueShield firewall, which is PCI-certified, to help you pass the PCI scan.

Website Security Plans Available

SiteLock review offers several security plans to suit its clients needs. Prices are not posted on the websites; however, information about each level of security is provided. Prospective customers are asked to contact the company to request a custom quote.

All of SiteLock’s Plans include a multilingual dashboard. You will be able to monitor your website and what SiteLock is doing for your business at any time.

Since SiteLock’s services are cloud-based, you don’t need to install any software. You simply choose the type of plan you are interested, and SiteLock will do the rest.

SecureStarter Plan

This Plan provides essential web protection for your site. It includes the following features:

Daily Vulnerability Scans
Web Application Firewall
Automatic Malware Removal
Advanced Website Acceleration


This level of protection includes everything in the SecureStarter Plan, plus:

Illegal Resource Access Protection
SQL Injection Protection
XSS Injection Protection


Moving up to the next Plan, you get everything SecureSpeed offers, plus even more features:

Vulnerability Repair
Manual Malware Removal


At this level of protection, you get everything the SecureSite Plan offers, along with the capability to:

Block access to backdoor files used by hackers
Blacklist clients, countries and IPs

Superior Support Offered to Clients

SiteLock offers support to its clients by phone, chat or email. If they ever have a question or a concern, help is always available with a click of a mouse or by picking up the phone. This is a company that seems to take its obligation to giving good customer service seriously.

Is SiteLock the Right Security Choice for your Website?

Since SiteLock doesn’t provide pricing information or terms of service on its website, it’s difficult to render an opinion about whether this company would provide good value for money. The fact that it offers more than one Plan with different tiers of service and has a good customer support service are positives.

Before signing up for any service, read through all the terms and conditions carefully. You’ll want to ask whether you can cancel your service at any time and if you will be charged a fee. Let us know your feed back so we can add to this sitelock review and make it a stronger page.

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