How to Spice Up a Boring Small Business Blog?

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Is your small business blog beginning to sound like the same information, just written in a different way? It can be hard for certain industries to really engage their readers, such as a dentist or insurance firm.
In order for readers to come back to your blog, you have to provide material that is entertaining and valuable. This is possible in all industries; you just have to be creative.

7 Ways to Spice Up Small Business Blog

Your focus should always be put on delivering valuable information to your readers. If it affects their life, they are more likely to read it. Your customers come to you because you have something they want.
Rather than a product or service; they depend on your business to enrich their life. When your content becomes dull, ask yourself how you can improve your customer’s life. What questions do they ask? Are there challenges associated with these questions?
These questions will help you determine what type of information your readers are looking for. Don’t be afraid to explore new subjects. As long as your small business blog is about your industry and it relates to your offerings, then your audience will be interested.
Ensure that you become very detailed when writing, and offer your readers answers to all the questions they may have. When a blog is useful, readers will come back.
Here are some ways you can liven up your small business blog.

#1 Multimedia

Using multimedia in your small business blog post will help keep readers engaged. Add images, video or sound, and readers will instantly become more interested. Some people do better with visual aids, and if you leave out multimedia, then your blog will have a huge gap.
Multimedia has the power to make blogging a lot more interesting. Some readers may only skim over content, but if they find a picture they are interested in, they are more likely to read so they can find out more about it.
Produce creative content with multimedia options. Even a boring subject like insurance can be enlivened with the use of creative multimedia solutions.

#2 Interviews

Conducting interviews with industry leaders will bring diversity. This will allow other opinions on subjects to come into the picture. People may benefit from knowing all sides of a subject, and interviews are a great way to introduce other views.
Also, you have the benefit of getting your blog promoted by the one you interview. This will help broaden your audience, and allow growth within your business.
You could also use the audience to interview. This will help you interact with readers on a whole new level. Everyone is interested in others experiences with products or services in your industry. Conducting an interview will make crafting a blog easy.

#3 Humour

Everyone likes a good laugh. Take chances to interweave humour into your blog whenever you can. Keeping things light will make reading your blog more pleasurable. You will also notice light hearted blogs are easier to write, as they allow your personality to shine.

#4 Relationships

Share your experience, and do it on a level that the reader can connect with you. People like to do business with those they can relate to. This will help form a relationship and generate more sales.
If you are ready to mix things up a bit when it comes to your small business blog, you are not alone. Many people are looking for that extra oomph that their blog currently doesn’t offer. You don’t want to bore your readers or deter them from keeping up with your content due to a dull blog on your website. People want to read blogs that not only interesting and entertaining, but set up well for reading on the phone or skimming in a hurry.
Whether you work as an insurance broker or a dentist, you’ll want to make sure you are writing about content that relates to your industry and your customers want to know. Sometimes it’s a matter of writing content that will better explain what you do since your customers may find your work unfamiliar or in other cases, people will want to know the latest news on the industry and need a great source for that. If you want to spice up your small business blog, use these tips to make it great.

#5 Be Practical

It wouldn’t hurt if you decided to go a more practical route. You may have been trying too hard before and your customers couldn’t follow your content well. Certainly, you want your blog to be a way to improve your readers’ lives and answer common questions or address challenges in the industry.
Come up with great blog topics by checking the news in your industry to address your view on it, looking at what your competition is writing about and give your take on it, or writing about common questions you get in your line of work. Be honest and thorough in your writing to make your readers feel like they are talking with a friend.
Examples of being practical and useful to your customers would be companies like ZenDesk, NAVEX Global, and Allstate. Allstate insurance writes about things that insurance customers would need to know like how to plan for maternity leave or what to do after a natural disaster. ZenDesk offers help on tutorials of their products and NAVEX Global offers blogs that look at advice for the workplace since they are a risk and compliance software company.

#6 Multimedia and Interviews

It may be a great idea to start conducting interviews and offering multimedia instead of just straight content. Start sharing photos, videos, and infographics to intrigue your readers. You’ll find that social media has already proven images and videos are more successful than straight words,
For example, a Facebook photo will get 53% more “likes” than just text and infographics are the most liked and shared of any other content.
Conduct interviews with experts in the industry to offer even more valuable information to your readers.

#7 Humour and Transparency

Lastly, keep in mind that the goal of your blog and website is to offer the truth, honesty about your business, and a look at the industry. Be sure to be transparent and don’t be afraid to offer a behind the scenes look at your business operations or talk about challenges you’ve faced as a company.
Use some humour on occasion to appear more friendly like the blog posts shared by Infusionsoft that are written in a casual and light-hearted tone.

Do everything in your power not to bore your readers and to offer something useful to their life. With only so much time per day for your customers to check out their favourite blogs, make sure yours counts by offering advice, news, and some humour for your clients.
Certainly, creating attractive content on a small business blog is tough due to the nature of subjects involved but what’s wrong in trying! Explore the unexplored.

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