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Top 20 Social Bookmarking Sites List for 2023

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It goes without saying that user links and engagement play an essential role in increasing your search engine rankings as well as your website’s organic traffic.

Over the years, people have deployed different Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to achieve this, one of which is social bookmarking.

It’s one of the simplest blog promotion and link-building strategies that you can think of. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most ignored.

If you’re ready to harness the power of social bookmarking, then you’re in the right place.

As thousands of bookmarking sites are out there, you might end up settling for an ineffective site that won’t produce the best results.

To avoid that, we’ve highlighted some of the top social bookmarking websites, their domain authority, as well as some social bookmarking tips you can use.

What’s Social Bookmarking?

To better understand what social bookmarking is, we should first look at the terms individually—social and bookmarking.

Social platforms are sites that most people visit to gain information or interact with other people.

Bookmarking involves saving your website link or URL on bookmarking sites to generate traffic and quality backlinks.

Therefore, we can say that social bookmarking saves your link on social networking sites, as they have many visitors or users.

It’s an “online submission activity” under off-page SEO, allowing registered users to bookmark and share web links.

Similarly, social bookmarking sites are online platforms for sharing web pages, blog posts, articles, etc. Then, you can save bookmarks on a cloud-based server, which you can access from anywhere.

If you want your websites to rank higher on search engines or need more backlinks, you should take advantage of high-authority sites.

Advantages of Social Bookmarking Sites

While on-page SEO is great for your website, there’s something else you should pay attention to—off-page SEO.

Under this SEO activity, social bookmarking is a top practice, allowing you to add links to different domains and get quality backlinks.

Doing this will make your site indexed on time and, by extension, lead to your website ranking on Google and other search engines for your target keywords.

To ensure your website reaches your target audience, you should use dofollow social bookmarking websites.

These websites guarantee that people find you quickly when searching for certain content or topics.

To put things in perspective, here are some of the things you stand to gain from social bookmarking:

  • Increased Website Traffic: Social bookmarking makes it easier for your target audience to find your site when searching for a particular content you’ve created online. Essentially, you’d be attracting the right demographics to your site.
  • Increased Popularity: Social bookmarking isn’t something that can be done by a bot—only humans. This implies that your bookmarks will be organic, making your blog or site more visible to online users and increasing your popularity.
  • More Earnings: If your site or blog earns you money, you can be certain that increased traffic equals increased revenue. Websites that sell goods and services and those that earn royalties will particularly benefit from this feature.

Disadvantages of Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites aren’t foolproof, and these are some issues you may encounter:

  • Most of the traffic visiting these sites barely glances through the content on the site. Most click on your link and leave without going through your page. This can lead to low dwell time and increased bounce rates that might affect your site’s ranking.
  • Using the same meta description and title for every item you post can put you at a disadvantage, as the search engine might interpret it as duplicate content.
  • There are many social bookmarking sites out there, but not all are of high quality. Low-quality sites can hurt your page, so you should only use websites with high authority.

20 Top Social Bookmarking Sites

You can use these 20 best social bookmarking sites in 2023 to increase your ranking.

1. Facebook (DA – 96)

screenshot of the facebook homepage

We should start with Facebook, as it has several applications allowing you to connect with other users worldwide.

Besides, it’s one of the biggest social bookmarking sites you can find with a high domain authority score.

This site has a business page and advertising benefits, which can help your organization build its online presence.

You can also design and publish videos, pictures, and texts on the site. In short, it has everything you might need for digital marketing.

2. Facebook Groups (DA – 100)

screenshot of the facebook groups homepage

Facebook Groups is a Facebook initiative, meaning you need an account on the platform before you can access the groups.

There’s an FB group for any topic you can think of, from technology to blogging, networking, and even parenting.

All you need to do is search for the group you’re interested in by entering relevant keywords.

This will lead you to several promotion groups in that niche where you can start sharing your website URL or blog to build links and build more traffic.

3. Pinterest (DA – 94)

screenshot of the pinterest homepage

Pinterest has accumulated over 70 million users over the years, making it a top social bookmarking site for your favorite photos, recipes, work, and ideas.

This platform uses mainly infographics and photos to attract people worldwide, with women accounting for over 80% of the site’s users.

Most people visit Pinterest to search for different ideas and options before purchasing.

If you’re using this social platform, you should leverage design tools to create appealing photos.

4. Reddit (DA – 91)

screenshot of the reddit homepage

Reddit is one of the best social sharing sites you can find, with over 330 million users across the globe.

You can share links to stories, images, articles, and videos here, but it doesn’t end there.

After sharing these links, other Reddit users will either comment, downvote, or upvote them. By doing any of these, you can make a list of bookmarked content.

You can as well promote your content and businesses on this platform.

5. Digg (DA – 92)

screenshot of the digg homepage

Digg was once like Reddit, such that the site’s users curated the front page.

Now, however, editors do this curation, but Digg still has its bookmarking functions.

You can use this site to get new content on many topics, including entertainment, the latest political issues, science, and other viral information you can find on the internet.

You should be careful, though, as Digg can be addictive.

6. Slashdot (DA – 88)

screenshot of the slashdot homepage

Slashdot is popular because it contains the latest news stories on politics, technology, and science submitted by users globally.

However, these submissions are moderated and organized by a team of editors, making the site less spammy.

In addition, this platform shares links on security, book reviews, Linux, phones, games, management, etc.

Still, it would be best to read the site’s submission guidelines for more information.

7. Scoop.it (DA – 92)

screenshot of the scoop.it homepage

Scoop is a free content curation publishing platform that doubles as a bookmarking site.

Here, you can publish other links and submit your personal blog post URL to receive quality backlinks and increase your content’s exposure.

This site is ideal for corporations, non-profits, businesses, and professionals.

To gain more exposure on this site, you should try to retweet, pin other people’s content, and participate in discussions. This will prompt other users to return the favor.

8. We Heart It (DA – 78)

screenshot of the we heart it homepage

We Heart It is another image-based social network, like Pinterest, although this site is way older.

This platform allows you to share as many visuals (images, videos, and GIFs) as you want with your friends and the rest of the world.

Essentially, this is a site to upload inspiration as well as find inspiration for some ideas that you have.

With over 45 million users on the platform, you have more than enough audience for whatever you’re posting.

9. Twitter (DA – 94)

screenshot of the twitter homepage

You might not know it, but Twitter is one of the best bookmarking sites that you can find.

By simply posting images, content, and links with your account, you’ve bookmarked them. You can always find these items again when you go through your account.

Besides, you can like interesting content; this will bookmark these items so you can always find them when you need them later.

Still, note that you’re limited to 140 characters while creating a post, so you should be prudent with your words.

10. Instagram (DA – 99)

screenshot of the instagram homepage

Instagram is a popular social bookmarking site, especially among the younger generation.

It’s owned by Facebook and allows you to share photos and videos and earn likes and more followers.

If you’re using this platform, you should take advantage of Instagram Stories and Live features. It’s a great way to reach more people with your content.

11. Dribbble (DA – 93)

screenshot of the dribble homepage

Dribbble is the ideal bookmarking site for designers.

So, if you’re into web design, photography, graphic design, illustration, and other creative fields, you can advertise your work alongside the blog post links.

To maximize the benefits of this site, you should get your design team involved and have them create several interesting items to publish on Dribbble.

Not only will this increase traffic on your page, but it’ll also showcase your team to the world.

12. Pocket (DA – 91)

screenshot of the pocket homepage

Pocket was once called Read It Later, and as the name implies, it allows you to post links by way of bookmarking and lets you read all the links you’ve encountered on the web later.

Essentially, Pocket’s an app for managing a reading list from any web page, which you can use from your devices.

Even better, it lets you save your bookmarks offline, so you can access them even when you aren’t online.

Plus, you can add your content to the site for people to find it. And by people, we mean Pocket’s over 22 million users.

13. Folkd (DA – 79)

screenshot of the folkd homepage

Folkd is one of the best free social bookmarking sites used by marketers and bloggers worldwide.

This site is great for anything related to SEO, marketing, and blogging, so you know what exactly you’ll find on it.

With it, you can bookmark all your site links and discover what other people in your circle are bookmarking.

14. Mix (DA – 91)

screenshot of the mix homepage

Formerly known as StumbleUpon, Mix is a top site to submit your newest links.

The platform is free, and you can sign up using your Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail credentials.

Furthermore, Mix allows you to search for anything on the internet, from photos to videos, as well as different stories across several topics.

Its bookmarking function allows you to add other details, including the subject and what kind of content it is.

15. Pearltrees (DA – 84)

screenshot of the pearltrees homepage

Pearltrees lets you save everything you want, from web pages to notes, files, photos, etc.

All these saved items can be accessed from anywhere, like your smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

This software also has a Chrome extension to save any fascinating content you find online.

16. BibSonomy (DA – 55)

screenshot of the bibsonomy homepage

BibSonomy is a social bookmarking site that focuses on academic and scientific publications.

On this site, you can add links, create bookmarks, and create or join groups of your interest.

Each group member can see a summary of the most popular publications in the group.

BibSonomy can also generate traction around your development and research projects.

17. Fark (DA – 78)

screenshot of the fark homepage

Fark is well known for featuring fun and humorous content, as well as the latest trends around the world.

You can submit blog entries, connect with other community members, find interesting things on the internet, and even comment on posts.

Fark users have to submit their articles for approval with funny headlines, which can be uploaded on the main page.

Then Farkers can vote for their preferred articles, which end up creating bookmarks. Interestingly, the funnier or weirder your article is, the more likely you are to win.

18. BizSugar (DA – 53)

screenshot of the bizsugar homepage

BizSugar is a social sharing site, as well as a networking and bookmarking site, designed especially for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and managers.

On this site, you can share every type of content, from podcasts to pictures, blog posts, and more.

Other members can also see your views and votes and interact with your content.

19. Medium (DA – 94)

screenshot of the medium homepage

Medium is an informative site that’s popular among writers, bloggers, and publishers around the world.

As an online publishing platform, you can create and post written content that others can read.

Medium has over 170 million visitors, which makes it a suitable site for writers to create blog posts.

Even better, you can earn some money as a writer by signing up for their Partner Program.

20. DZone (DA – 83)

screenshot of the dzone homepage

DZone is a top site for software developers that want to find anything related to web development, DevOps, and programming.

Joining this platform means you get access to different news items, tools, and tutorials concerning software development.

It boasts over 1 million members who come together to share their knowledge on various topics.

Other Social Bookmarking Sites List (2023) with High Domain Authority

These are other top social bookmarking websites with their domain authority:

  • Google – 98
  • Tumblr – 100
  • SteemIt – 89
  • Contently – 80
  • Feedly – 82
  • Technorati – 92
  • Newsvine – 86
  • Delicious – 93
  • Padlet – 85
  • Squidoo – 92
  • Friendfeed – 90
  • Plurk – 91
  • CiteULike – 72
  • BlinkList – 89
  • LockerDome – 78
  • MindMeister – 78
  • Current – 77
  • Blogmarks – 75
  • 43Things – 71
  • TechDirt – 79
  • Soup – 95
  • NewsBlur – 74
  • Tagged – 77
  • Miro – 74
  • ItsMyUrls- 76
  • DesignFloat – 71
  • Bubbl.Us – 69*

Tips for Social Bookmarking

If you’d like to get the best results from bookmarking your posts and content, here are some tips you can follow:

Engage with Other Users

One common bookmarking mistake is that people submit their blog post links without doing anything else.

This is one thing that can waste your SEO efforts.

Besides submitting your links, you should be social. Engage with people with similar interests to increase your visibility and popularity in your circle.

Promote Other Users’ Content

You should take your engagement game one step further and promote other users’ content as well.

Interestingly, bookmarking sites exposes you to many articles, links, and other content of other online audience worldwide.

You can comment, share, and upvote other people’s links to promote them.

With this, you can build communication with users, which can come in handy later when you need to get links, leads, and traffic.

Use Platforms Your Target Audience Is Using

As great as bookmarking is, sometimes it can send you traffic that won’t convert. And this is primarily because your target audience is missing.

To avoid this, you should be careful of the platforms you submit your links to.

Instead, you should study your target audience carefully and submit posts on the sites they use. This will help you get highly-qualified visitors that are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

Use Suitable Content

Before creating content for a particular bookmarking site, find out what content it supports.

It’d be wrong to post a block of text on a platform like Pinterest that uses images. Similarly, you shouldn’t post academic content on a humorous site like Fark.

Making this mistake will put a damper on your SEO efforts, as people won’t be as interested in your content, which can affect your site’s traffic.

Follow Bookmarking Rules

To get the most out of bookmarking, you should follow these rules carefully:

  • Include a title and description to every site you want to promote your links, but don’t use the same description or titles for your posts as that can make them be treated as duplicate content.
  • Leverage videos, infographics, or images to boost your content.
  • Follow every instruction outlined by the social media platform you’re using.
  • Submit only applicable links to your target groups and communities on the social sharing sites.
  • Interact with other users and promote their works as well.


What Are Social Bookmarking Site Backlinks?

Backlinks are social links that help in SERPs ranking on a search engine. They’re supposed to send you from the website you’re on to a page on a different website through anchor text.

Is Social Bookmarking a Necessary SEO Activity?

Yes, social bookmarking plays a major role in off-page SEO. It’s the best strategy to build links, which you need to improve your website’s position on Google.

How Do I Use a Social Bookmarking Site?

All you have to do is create an account on that site, then post the link to your website along with a brief description of the page you’re publishing. After doing so, you can start engaging with other people to drive more traffic to your account.

How Else Can I Build Links to My Website?

There are a few methods other than social bookmarking to build links to your website, and they include blogger outreach, paid promotions, guest blogging, broken link-building methods, and more.

Final Thoughts

Social bookmarking is essential for companies, businesses, and even individuals who want to increase their brand’s online presence.

It helps you build links to your site, reach your target audience easier, and in the long run, improve your website’s ranking on search engines.

If done properly, social bookmarking can make all the difference.

Although Facebook and Pinterest are the most popular sites for this purpose, any dofollow social bookmarking sites outlined in this article will be a good place to start!

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