How to Use Social Media to Create a Successful Blog

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Are you searching for effective ways to grow your online audience while increasing your blog traffic? Social media is an efficient tool for promoting your blog and making it popular among your target audience.

Businesses have successfully extended their blog’s reach using social media sites such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterst, Google+, and of course Facebook and Twitter.

9 Tips for Using Social Media to Successfully Promote Your Blog

Let’s take a look at our Top 9 Tips for Promoting Your Blog Using Social Media:

Post to Social Media Profiles Using Feed Tools

Twitterfeed, and various other feed tools give you the ability to publish links to your blog posts on multiple social media sites automatically. If your blog is running on the WordPress platform, you’ll find some really great plug-ins that help you automate this process.

Automate Your Publishing

Imagine how simpler your blogging life would be if you could automate your posts. Well, using tools like HootSuite, SproutSocial and TweetDeck, you can. Simply schedule your posts for the entire day, week or even month ahead. This is a great way for busy business owners to get the word out about new posts quickly and simply. Scheduling allows you to spread your posts out, while simultaneously posting to various social media profiles.

Add Icons on Your Blog for Quick Social Media Sharing, Tweeting and Liking

No matter which blogging platform you use, your sidebar should contain social network icons. Why? These icons allow your readers to quickly connect with you via your social network profiles, with just one click. They also encourage your audience to share, like and tweet about your blog or any of its contents.

Link Your Blog and Social Media Profiles to Each Other

Every single one of your social network profiles should include the URL of your blog. That way, no matter where your audience is connecting to you from, your blog is only a simple click away.

Your Forum Signatures Should Contain the URL of Your Blog

When you post relevant, valuable information, questions or comments in industry-related forums, you increase your web presence. Including a link to your blog in forum signatures helps to create backlinks to your blog, which helps to increase blog traffic.

Comments Made on Other Blog Should Contain Your Blog’s URL

Leaving or responding to comments on other relevant blogs also increases your web presence among your target audience. Add a link to your blog within your comments to create valuable backlinks. This also increases the chances of that audience visiting your blog using a single click.

Utilize the Social Media Widgets and Tools Offered

Most of the popular social media networks offer free widgets and tools to promote user profiles. These can be added to your blog to increase your content’s exposure. Simply log into your social media profiles, access these features, and add them to your blog.

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As one of the oldest blogging sites on the internet, you can trust us to show you everything you need to know about blogging.

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As one of the oldest blogging sites on the internet, you can trust us to show you everything you need to know about blogging.

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