6 Social Media Lead Generation Tools for Blog Monetization

By: | Updated: July 22, 2021

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Social media lead generation is very tough; no matter what blog marketers say. This is because the medium is so vast and expansive, blog owners often find themselves with time constraint and misguidance about how to handle social media and generate leads. Moreover, most bloggers are unaware of how to tap into the ever expanding social media ecosystem.

Social media marketing isn’t about sharing new blog posts on profile feeds. It’s much more. Branded blogs and businesses effectively use various social media lead generation tools to quantify data and gain profitable leads. For a blogger, social media marketing means developing a healthy social traffic cycle, high value traction and good monetization offers because advertisers actively check a blog’s social media presence before offering a deal.

An eBook downloaded from HubSpot helped me assist my social media clients a lot. The chief content officer, Jamie Turner, lists about 99 social media channels through which you can generate leads and earn money from social media.

Jamie Turner talks about the Social Media ROI Cycle developed by him.

6 Social Media Lead Generation Tools

Let’s get on with the top 7 social media lead generation tools beneficial for blog owners. You will find the link to those social media sites and a small description which will tell you whether it is suitable for your blog or not.

Do read the description, it’s more important.

(1) Tube Mogul

It is video advertising software where you can upload movie clips to various sites at once and also measure the content performance, that is, how long people are watching the videos and from where.

Blogging is all about ‘being different’. While everyone is writing textual content, you should maximise the role of video blogging in the overall growth of a blog. If you’re into writing reviews, do a video review and upload it on Tube Mogul.

(2) Twelve Fold

Previously Buzz Logic, Twelve Fold delivers results through relevance. It helps you to find targeted readers and customers, and optimize your advertisements through a vast network of trusted blog sites.

If you want to expand a blog’s reach, spend some money in its advertising; move ahead form the usual methods like Facebook advertising and check out new channels. I have heard that the reporting software used by Twelve Fold is pretty good.

(3) 33 Across

33 Across is proprietary software connecting blog publishers with advertisers. They handle all the involved creatives and technicalities and help bloggers develop meaningful relationships with advertisers. A part of their approval process involves assessing the social media traffic of a blog. If you’ve a good social media presence, do sign up for this site. You can monetize the current blog traffic easily.

(4) Social Text

This is not your typical social media lead generation tool per se but important nonetheless.

If you are running an active blog with lots of staff, this social media tool is handy. It creates an intra-social network for the blog which can be used by all the invited blog staff.

It’s like creating your own social network which helps in two ways: you remain connected with the staff always and keep them abreast of developments. While it won’t generate any leads directly, it will certainly help to brainstorm ideas and strategies, which when employed, will generate benefits in the long run.

 (5) Klout

Bloggers should develop Klout score to view how much they influence other people and brands. You can also know the social media reach of the people who are talking about your brand. Klout is a must-have social media lead generation tool for any blog.

Sign up for an account and connect all the social networks you see listed there. Based on your interactions, Klout will give you a score. You will use this score to impress advertisers. Refer to this score as a metric of social influence, of social authority. Remember that blog advertisers expect more than a backlink or a paid review post. They want engagement to their business and a good Klout score will help to get good blog business.

 (6) Direct Message Lab

You can create and monitor online campaigns across multiple social media channels through various social media applications and/or by installing it on the desktop and mobile.

Direct Message Lab helps to control the social presence of a blog by unifying all social presences. You can monitor any conversation happening around the blog. The account gives you access to a Social Feed with which all connected social accounts are managed.

You can create posts and select which profiles they will be posted on and communicate on these posts from the Direct Message Lab platform. The software collects integrated metrics across all pages; and if you’re running an offline and online program simultaneously, the Direct Message Lab will coordinate every step.

Social Media Strategy Mix

Below, I am going to share with you a few strategies you can add to your social media mix. These strategies will help you increase engagement, generate more leads, and ultimately make more sales.

#1 Turn Purchases into Marketing Collateral

It’s no secret we now live in a society where people like to share everything. This, of course, could be a huge benefit to your business. If you have been on YouTube lately, you know people love making videos that show them unboxing a new product they just received in the mail.

The key is to make sure your customers are super excited when they receive their purchase from your company. To get more traction from all purchases, add a social sharing button to the thank you page. Encourage customers to share their purchase with their friends and followers. This can help you generate even more social traffic and sales. And the best part is it doesn’t cost you any extra money.

#2 Understand the Power of User Generated Content

Social media is all about engaging your audience. What better way to do that than with user generated content? When customers love something, they want to share. One of the main reasons weight loss companies ask customers for before and after pictures is because they know this user generated content will attract more attention to their products and services. It can do the same thing for your business.

If you own a restaurant, ask customers to take pictures with their favorite dishes and share it on social media. Create a special wall where customers can share their photos. This one simple move can help you increase leads and sales without any extra work on your part.

 #3 Share Photos from Person Events

Social media engagement is great. But face-to-face engagement is even better. It is always recommended you share photos from any industry events you attend. You can also invite some of your fans to come out and meet you. Doing so is a great way to generate a ton of buzz in a short period of time. It will also inspire people to attend your next event.


Social media lead generation with marketing is not just about creating and updating social media accounts. You need to use other tools like above to leverage the online market and build a profitable blog business.

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