Recently, I made some important changes to my social media presence, primarily on Facebook.

  • I changed all the status of uploaded images to Only Me visibility, except the profile pic which by default remains Public.
  • I created Facebook friend lists – Bloggers, Family, Acquaintances, Colleagues, School Friends, College Friends – to share specific updates. It was about 8-10 hours of work.
  • Only Friends of Friends could add me, others can be Followers.

On Twitter, I clicked on Settings > Protect my Tweets to controlfollow requests, what I am sharing with whom and who are following me.

These are just some changes. There were many more.

But, why am I telling you all these?

I am telling you all these to make you aware that there is nothing called social media privacy these days and if you are not careful, your life is out there for everyone to see and misuse.

Digital Work Life – A Social Media Study

The study, Digital Work Life, by AVG Technologies has recently released a comprehensive report highlighting how the use of social media at work could be really harmful.

Social Media Killing Privacy


There were about 4000 responses from 10 countries. According to the findings,

  • 50% rue the erosion of social media privacy at workplace.
  • 7% received unwanted romantic advances through social networks.
  • Embarrassing work or office party related photos limited career growth for 10% respondents.
  • Erosion of workplace harmony for 8% who found secret on-going discussion about them on social media sites.
  • A large number of respondents confirmed facing cyber bullying.

The Security Advisor of AVG Technologies, Michael McKinnon, says:

                    This study highlights the need for a combination of greater education around social media alongside increased attention and care by both employees and employers to their social media etiquette.

                 And we’re not just talking about employees remaining responsible for what they post online on social networks, and ensuring it is not bringing themselves or their company into disrepute or harming their colleagues; employers can trip themselves up just as easily when managing the company’s own social media presence.

              Until everyone is clear about exactly what is and isn’t acceptable online behavior  trying to enforce policies will fail, leaving the door open to cyber bullying and invasion of privacy.

I would like to share a very important resource with you: Privacy Rights (Social Networking Section)

The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse is based in California working for “consumer information” and “consumer advocacy”.

Don’t forget to read it. It will help you to protect social media privacy and rights.

Social Media Usage for Internet Entrepreneurs

Don’t discard the Digital Work Life as something which employees experience, anyone who uses Internet and specifically, social media sites, are in danger, including internet entrepreneurs like bloggers, online marketers, start-ups and others.

We use social media daily to get traffic, leads and make networks. Don’t we?

But, where do you draw the line between personal social media use and private social media use?

Usually, we don’t.

We are callous in this. Don’t be.


Log in to the social media sites you use actively and check out the Settings. Protect information display ASAP. If your target is Facebook, go through the privacy settings carefully. Whatever information you post online, ask yourself – do I have the permission to do this?

Respect others’ privacy. Your privacy will be respected.