10 Extremely Effective Social Media Tools For Bloggers

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We are well aware that bloggers are different than marketers. Some of them do not prefer putting the texts out there, trying hard to attract more visitors. But honestly, this is a big mistake.

In 21st century, there are so many websites and blogs, that readership often feels lost. People need guidance and social media marketing is one way of influencing them. So if you want to be known as a blogger, start acting like a marketer.

The next 10 online tools will help content creators spread the word about their work. The final goal is to have more visitors on your blog every day.

Tools for finding out trending topics and content

1. Wefollow

Wefollow can efficiently be used for connecting with people in your domain. It allows users to follow individuals from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Check out their latest releases, discussions and articles. Find out the topics in fashion and debate them too.

2. Riteag

Ritetag helps writers create interesting content for modern readers. The website displays the most read topics around the word or in a particular region. It is best to direct your content in that direction and easily increase the number of visitors. This is called working smart!

3. Papersgear

Papersgear is the place to be if you cannot handle the tasks anymore. The online writing company has hired experienced writers who can create content on any niche. They are available 24/7, so don’t hesitate to ask for help once in a while.

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4. LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse app customizes the feed depending on the user’s interests. So you can use it to receive the latest news in the field and to create content related to it. The info is gathered from trust worthy sources, including famous LinkedIn accounts.

5. Reddit

Reddit is the perfect place for finding out the hot topics on the internet. As you may already know, these are not filtered; they belong to absolutely all areas. See what’s attracting people at the moment and stir your content into that direction. It is enough to just mention the most controversial subject for instantly getting more readers.

Tools used for time managing and organizing

It’s a well-known fact that bloggers sometimes struggle with productivity. That’s why the rise of productivity tools and even entire productivity blogs dedicated to helping you stay focused are a thing.

Below are some of our favorite tools for managing time and staying organized.

6. Harvest

Harvest gathers data from PC, smart phone and tablet and tells users on what they spent the time. This tool is great for writers who want to increase productivity and stay away from distractions. Use it to limit the time spent on marketing campaigns.

7. Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk manages information from user’s accounts such as Evernote, Twitter, Gmail, Google Calendar and more. It brings together all notes in a simple to-do list. So no more chaotic schedules and lost events!

8. Pinterest

Pinterest is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to promote his work. Writers can pin intriguing quotes from their texts, articles or messages. But here is a tip – this website is 100% visual, so always add images to your pins.

9. Totally Tweetable

Totally Tweetable is an easy and good way of promoting your work. Through this tool, tweets are exposed to a large number of readers. As a consequence, the writer’s popularity will be increasing.

10. PR Web

PRWeb is a platform where writers can send press releases about their content and have users subscribe to them. Additionally, all posted information can be accessed by any other visitor of the website.

We’ve listed ten of the best content creation tools and services — what are your favorite?

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