Spa Web Design: Book More Appointments with a Professional Spa Website

By: | Updated: October 23, 2015

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Are you looking for an easy spa web design? FatCow offers free site building tools and WordPress when you buy a hosting package. These tools will help you design a spa website that is unique and appealing.
You should always look at other spa web designs in your area. This will help give you a general idea of what others are offering. From there you can make an appealing design that will cater to your client’s needs. You will want to ensure that your spa web design includes information on your services, pricing, and locations. Take note if other websites are using special animation or sound files upon loading.

This will give you an inside look at what other web developers and website owners were thinking when they built their spa web design. Your customers are a vital part of your business, so you want to ensure you are appealing to their needs. Use the information that you have gathered from competitor sites to make your spa web design unique.
Since your site will be visited by potential clients, you want to give them a good first impression. Your site should be professional, and offer them useful information about your business. You could include a blog, which gives beauty tips.
This will help keep clients coming back to your site. Having an attractive site is highly important in the spa industry. Let’s face it; you are working in an industry that surrounds beauty. Therefore, you want to appeal to your client’s visual senses. Here are some tips when creating a spa web design.

Spa Web Design

Many spa web sites will include music upon the loading of their site. This can be soothing music that makes the visitor feel calm. It is a nice addition that helps the visitor to focus on what you will be getting when you visit your spa. You want your visitors to feel relaxed and comfortable. Music is a nice addition to a web design.

Herbal Offerings


Organic and herbal offerings tend to be a big bonus for spa customers. If they can get a unique treatment from your spa, then they are more than likely to choose you over other competitors in the area. Again, herbs are a great offering as they are natural and appeal to all the senses. This will allow your customers to feel good about the products being used for their treatment.

Before and After

This is a great addition to a spa website. People love to see before and after pictures. It makes them feel confident about what you are offering them. If your spa focuses on skin treatments, this will only confirm that your treatments have worked for others. People get excited when they read success stories and see physical results.



You want to make sure that your spa web design is user friendly. Visitors should be able to navigate through your website with ease. Menu options should be easy to understand, and you want the design itself to be clean and uncluttered. Less is more in this instance.


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