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Speedwrite: Generate Text With The Click Of A Button

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If you have ever faced a deadline for an essay or term paper, you may have wished to have someone write it for you.

Perhaps you are running a website and need some help quickly writing blog posts.

Now, some tools, such as Speedwrite, can use artificial intelligence to generate text with the click of a button.

What Is Speedwrite?

Speedwrite is a new artificial intelligence text generator.

The AI writing software can use its predictive algorithm to write an original article using a sample of the material you need to write about.

The new article will be original and will not be one of those essays you buy online that most people have read six times already.

Most people who look into using an AI tool like Speedwrite or GPT-3 wonder if they are breaking the rules.

Can it be considered plagiarism or cheating?

Most schools will let you know whether using AI tools is acceptable.

However, all the content Speedwrite generates is original enough to pass all plagiarism detection software.

How Does Speedwrite Work?

Speedwrite can generate an essay ready to be graded in less than a minute.

To use the tool, find an article with all the information you want to relay, such as a wiki page.

Copy that text and paste it to Speedwrite to turn it into original content you can post on your website without worry of copyright claims.

If you want to learn more or see a demo of how GPT-3 works, check out one of our other articles.

Speedwrite Alternatives

vector graphic showing an illustration of the best ai writing software

Speedwrite is not the only AI writing tool available to keep you consistently posting on a blog.

Using AI to write portions of blogs or other publications is becoming more commonplace.

Here are some of the Speedwrite alternatives and how their perks compare.

Which Is Better: Quillbot or Speedwrite?

Quillbot is a tool designed to help get things written rather than doing the work itself.

Quillbot can take long-form material, such as emails and articles, and paraphrase them.

That can be helpful if you want to put the information in your article but do not know how to break it down into a decent summary.

1. Speedwrite vs. Jasper

While Speedwrite is a tool that rewrites content for you, Jasper can also write things from scratch.

With templates in place, it can use the information you want to relay and generate a fresh new article.

You can use Jasper to do the writing for you, but it works best as a tool to expand on your writing.

You can write your blog article using your own words, but Jasper can rewrite sentences to make them sound better.

It works well when writing web content and ad copy.

2. Speedwrite vs. Copy

Copy and Speedwrite are at a similar level with writing tools.

However, most users say that Speedwrite uses search engine optimization tools better.

Those are the tools you will need to help search engines find your articles and get them in front of people who want the information.

Copy costs almost twice as much as Speedwrite.

For the amount you are paying, you have to decide if SEO is something that you want or need.

If it is, then Copy may not be the way to go.

3. Speedwrite vs. WordAI

WordAI is a good choice if you want a text generator that can work on multiple things simultaneously.

If you need to create blog entries you can release daily on your website, WordAI can generate all of them at once.

And it is loaded with enough templates to generate new articles many times using the same original.

For the increase in productivity, you will be paying three times as much for WordAI, though the cost goes down significantly if you pay for a year at once.

In addition, they offer a free trial.

4. Speedwrite vs. Spinbot

You can have Spinbot extend or shorten paraphrased results.

However, many users complain that Spinbot’s AI makes its output sound unnatural.

A lot of proofreading may have to go into it.

While it is not the best text generator on the market, it is the only one currently working on a translation tool.

You can use input writing from any language and have it translated and rewritten.

5. Speedwrite vs. Paraphraser

Paraphraser is a free alternative to Speedwrite.

It will paraphrase any content up to 1,000 without a paid account.

The downside is that most of the rewriting it does is a few words and phrases throughout the article.

Most of the structure remains the same and may not be your usual blog post length.

Paraphraser claims its content will pass any plagiarism checkers, such as Copyscape.

However, it has a plagiarism checker you can use on the website.

The software will identify plagiarism, but you will have to pay an extra fee to get help fixing it.

How Much Does Speedwrite Cost?

Speedwrite has three price points depending on how long you want your subscription to be.

They offer you 6,000 predictions per month.

The downside is that these predictions can go fast if you use the software a lot.

Each article you generate could use several predictions.

  • Monthly: Price per month: $19.99. Billed monthly.
  • Semi-Annual: $11.65 per month. $69.95 billed every six months, saving you 41%.
  • Annual: $8.33 per month. $99.95 billed every year, saving you $58%.

Is Speedwrite Free?

The software is not free with Speedwrite.

However, they offer a free trial, letting you test it before paying for a subscription.

The trial is limited to a few hundred words, but it will give you enough to make a decision.

How To Get Started With Speedwrite

To use Speedwrite, go to the website and choose your plan depending on how often you want to pay.

After that, using the software is simple.

  1. Copy and paste anything you want to rewrite into the left side of the screen.
  2. The software will make suggestions on breaking up paragraphs and offer predictions.
  3. When you click the “predict” button, the AI will rewrite those phrases and put them on the right side of the screen.
  4. Rearrange the paragraphs the way you want them and proofread the article before publishing.

How To Cancel Speedwrite

Speedwrite works like most subscription services and will allow you to downgrade or cancel anytime.

If you decide that Speedwrite is not working for you, the cancellation process is simple.

  1. Go to the subscriptions page and click on the button that reads “manage subscription.”
  2. Your previous payments will not be refunded, but you will not be billed again for service.
  3. You can also downgrade to another paid level of service at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions often asked about the Speedwrite AI text generator.

Is Speedwrite free?

Speedwrite offers a free trial, but you must subscribe to one of the payment tiers to use it as often as you would like.

Is Speedwrite reliable?

Speedwrite claims to pass any plagiarism checker.

However, if you plan to publish the text that comes from it, you should proofread it.

There is no guarantee that it will be free of grammatical or punctuation errors.

Wrapping Up

Writing a lot of content can be hard work.

AI text generators have become popular recently for taking some of the work off the shoulders of the content creator.

If you publish a lot of written content on your website, Speedwrite or another site may help you reach your weekly goals.

However, artificial intelligence is not perfect.

Go over the output thoroughly, or it will be obvious you are using an AI.

Not all writers look at AI as a useful tool.

Some of them see it as sanctioned plagiarism.

If you are using it, you will do fine if you don’t advertise it.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave us a comment!

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