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Spencer Haws: Background, Products & Recommended Tools

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Spencer Haws is one of the most successful niche website business owners ever.

He’s the founder of NichePursuits.com and several other successful link-building and SEO-focused tools.

More importantly, he’s adamant that anyone can become successful with niche website building and content generation – you just have to know what to do!

Luckily, Spencer’s background, product history, and recommended tools offer key insights into his most successful strategies.  

Who is Spencer Haws?

Spencer Haws is an online entrepreneur and business owner who began building websites around 2005.

Over the years, he developed his skills and gradually built a successful portfolio of “niche” sites, focusing on SEO and strong backlinking strategies.

Niche websites are small-scale websites that cater to very specific audiences with one or two interests.

Since 2011, he’s worked from home.

According to Spencer, he makes over $10,000 per month from his niche websites.

What Did Spencer Haws Do?

Spencer made a lot of waves in the online marketing industry because he built one of the top-performing niche website portfolios using search engine optimization tricks and solid online marketing strategies.

Furthermore, he developed his own link-building and related tools, which are now available for everyone to use.

Spencer Haws Products

Let’s take a look at some of Spencer Haws’ most successful products to see how he achieved such massive success.


The HOTH (which stands for “Hittem Over the Head”) is an SEO growth company.

It offers content marketing, search engine optimization, and PPC (pay-per-click) ad services to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

What Success Has the HOTH Seen Under Spencer?

Spencer has previously used The HOTH for guest posting services.

According to Spencer, The HOTH is one of the best content creation services you can hire, especially if you need to create a lot of content to fill several websites quickly.

Niche Pursuits

Niche Pursuits is Spencer’s personal blog and business website.

He makes approximately $10,000 a month from its blog posts, links, and more.

What Success Has Niche Pursuits Seen Under Spencer?

Niche Pursuits is the best place to start if you want to understand Spencer’s philosophy, learn more about what he’s doing, what tools he’s using, and what he thinks about the evolving SEO industry.

Niche Pursuits has grown from a basic blog into a major business website in just a few years.

Link Whisper

Link Whisper is a link-building and analysis tool that Spencer himself recommends (though he created it himself, so it may be a bit biased!).

It’s very helpful if you want to quickly build smart and effective internal links since it uses AI tools.

What Success Has Link Whisper Seen Under Spencer?

Link Whisper has seen incredible success over the last few years as other businesses have taken it up and leveraged its power.

As a premium WordPress plug-in, it’s one of the top internal link-building tools for all WordPress site users.

Spencer Haws Business Background

Spencer Haws didn’t begin like many other successful website builders.

While growing up in Mesa, Arizona, Spencer’s father was his first business influence.

The senior Haws started a company when Spencer was just 21.

This action inspired Spencer to attend BYU and earn a degree in Business Management.

He graduated in 2002.

Since he was in college during the dot com bust years, he saw major opportunities to make money – or flounder – online.

In 2005, a few short years after he graduated, Spencer decided to start making websites of his own.

At first, he wasn’t very successful.

But Spencer stuck with it and practiced regularly.

After several years of efforts, Spencer became a master at search engine optimization and discovered a variety of techniques and strategies he could leverage to help his website rank more highly with Google.

Until 2009 or so, his sites did not make much money.

But after this point, Spencer started bringing in regular income from building niche websites for long-tail, less competitive keywords.

Over the next few years, Spencer built hundreds of websites, and by the middle of 2011, he quit his job and began working from home full-time.

Spencer taught himself how to succeed in niche website creation and management.

He’s proven the success and validity of his strategies and ideas a dozen times over.

Spencer Haws Recommended Tools

One of the best ways you can replicate Spencer’s success is to leverage his recommended tools.

Many of these tools may also help you build a successful niche website (or 20!).

vector graphic showing an illustration of a bunch of different affiliate marketing tools icons

Internal Linking Tools

Naturally, Spencer recommends Link Whisper: his very own tried-and-true internal linking toolset.

This leverages AI to check your current website content, then suggest relevant, high-ranking internal links in a matter of seconds.

Content Tools

But what if you need to create content to fill a blog or other niche website?

In that case, Spencer recommends:

  • Content Pit. It’s a content creation service that turns out content with speed and quality.
  • Niche Website Builders
    NWB offers great writing services, affiliate sites, expired domain services, and link-building services.
    Larger content orders receive slight discounts.

Training Courses

Some folks benefit from training courses to help them brush up on their skills in building and managing niche websites and affiliate blogs.

For these purposes, Spencer recommends:

  • Fat Stacks Niche Site Training Course Bundle, taught by Jon Dykstra. Dykstra has a lot of experience building successful niche website businesses, and he currently has several courses bundled together and available for a 50% discount if you use Spencer’s link.
  • Authority Site System, offered by Authority Hacker Pro.
  • This training course teaches you how to build a high-ranking content website in no time, covering topics like link building, content production, and keyword research.

Web Hosting

When it comes to web hosting, you can take advantage of effective and easily available tools like:

  • Bluehost.com, which Spencer has used since 2006.
    He recommends Bluehost primarily due to its customer service and ease of use.
  • BigScoots. BigScoots is Spencer’s favorite pick if you need to run a high-power website.
    This hosting service provides managed WordPress hosting and top-tier customer support.

Buying and Selling

Want to buy and sell websites?

In that case, Spencer heavily recommends MotionInvest.com, of which he is one of three co founders.

This tool allows you to buy high-quality sites already vetted by Spencer and his business associates.

Alternatively, you can use this platform to sell high-performing websites you’ve whipped up to make a profit.

Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research is, well, key when it comes to building high-ranking, quality niche and affiliate websites.

To ensure you research the right keywords, you should use the below tools according to Spencer:

  • Long Tail Pro. Here’s a keyword research tool Spencer himself created.
    This helps you find keywords quickly and check for domain matches.
    Plus, it provides various other useful controls and features.
  • SEMrush is a tool that can help you pick great keywords that competitors in your niche may also rank for.
    Think of SEMrush as a hybrid keyword research and competitor analysis tool in one platform.

Link Building Tools

Building links is absolutely vital for niche websites and content platforms.

To build links effectively, Spencer recommends:

  • Linkody.
    This link research tool lets you track and discover new or lost backlinks in seconds.
    Its other major features include research functions to see what your competitors are linking to, link quality metrics, anchor text suggestions, and so on.
  • The HOTH.
    This is another tool Spencer himself made.
    It’s a white label SEO company that lets you purchase different services, including link analysis/research and double-checking that your current links point back to the right page or article you need.

WordPress Plugins

If you build or run several WordPress sites, you’ll want to have excellent WordPress plug-in tools at your disposal.

Spencer specifically recommends:

  • Elementor. It’s a tool you can use to create buttons, implement videos, and add other elements to your site with a few button presses.
    It’s also very easy to set up pages or create new post templates with Elementor.
    Plus, it’s free if you don’t yet have a lot of cash.
  • Thrive Themes and Architect, the latter of which is phenomenal for making high-quality WordPress themes and buttons.
    This tool suite lets you create landing pages from scratch, implement countdown timers, and much more, regardless of your coding/programming experience.

WordPress Themes and Designs

WordPress site themes and overall designs naturally affect customer satisfaction, time spent on-page, and other major metrics.

To ensure your WordPress sites have the best flow, you can use the themes below:

  • GeneratePress.
    It’s a very quick, lightweight theme that includes plenty of customization options.
    It’s also available for free.
  • Fhoke.
    Spencer recently used this tool to completely redesign his site.
    Fhoke is top-tier for making a professional-looking website in no time.

Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing is often key for bringing new visitors to your website.

To accomplish this objective, Spencer recommends:

  • Convert Kit. Convert Kit is easy to use and has tons of powerful features.
    It’s ideal both for newcomers to email marketing and established brands with hundreds or thousands of subscribers.
  • SendinBlue is a free tool that also lets you scale up to paid options as you start earning revenue.
    SendinBlue lets you send emails automatically and manage your email list with ease.

Graphic Design Tools

Maybe you want to take the graphic design of your websites into your own hands.

In that case, Spencer prefers the tools below:

  • Design Picks.
    Design Picks is a quick and easy design tool that allows you to craft high-quality designs for your sites.
    It also allows you to start an unlimited number of projects.
  • Canva.
    It’s a perfect tool for making simple yet effective graphics and designs on your website.
    Canva is a very easy-to-use software tool, no matter your graphic design background or skills.

How To Make Money with Niche Websites with Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws recently held an interview where he broke down how regular people can make tons of money with niche websites just like him.

Among the important information discussed, Spencer pointed out the three major mistakes that beginning SEO specialists make:

  • Targeting keywords that are too difficult or competitive.
  • Not having enough patience.
  • Taking on too many projects simultaneously, such as building multiple sites and trying to rank them all at once.

Spencer also provided some key insights into SEO tactics he thinks are underrated, such as writing compelling and engaging content.

In Spencer’s mind, such content is underrated for building user engagement and increasing time spent on-page.

Throughout the interview, Spencer provided a few other nuggets of valuable information for aspiring niche website owners and builders:

  • Technical website health is highly important for consistent search engine rankings, so don’t discount it.
  • It’s important to stay involved with SEO groups and forums so you can discuss algorithm changes and adapt accordingly.
  • Spencer believes SEO will get more difficult in the future, so the time is now to jump in and develop your skills.
  • To make a site more search engine friendly, Spencer recommends focusing on site speed, writing quality titles and meta-descriptions for posts, adding SSL certification to your site, and targeting long-tail keywords wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions

vector graphic showing a man standing in front of a giant computer screen building a niche website

Do niche sites still work?

Yes, but they are not short-term profit machines as they once were.

Instead, it’s best to think of niche websites as long-term profit generators.

You typically need to invest between 12 and 18 months of work to see real revenue/returns.

How much do niche websites make?

When created properly and when maintained, high-quality niche websites can earn up to $4000 per month or more.

However, you’ll only see these figures if you put in the time and effort to craft niche websites people want to visit.

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, Spencer Haws shows that anyone can master the SEO and link-building scene with the right drive, ambition, and focus.

If you want to make lots of passive income and work from home, you can start that journey by checking out Spencer Haws’ website today!

Already tried some of the above tools?

Let us know what you think of them in the comments below!

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