Sprred Makes Publishing Content Quick and Easy.Sprred is an quick and easy way of publishing content across the web. You can add text and links as well as upload photos and videos. You’ll then get your own Sprred page that you can name yourself. On your page you’ll have separate tabs for each type of content and a homepage that shows your content in a timeline format.

The site is broken down as follows.


Here you’ll find the dashboard where you can manage and publish content. You can also update your name and Sprred title from here as well as connect your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts.

Sprred homepage dashboard.


This is where you can manage your content: blog posts, photos, videos, links. You’ll be able to delete and edit content. If you add text, you will have a separate tab for it on your Sprred page; the same goes for photos, videos and links. Note: The tab will only show if you have added that type of content to your account.


You will have both a personal and professional profile. The personal profiles shows basis info like gender, birthdate, bio and interests. The professional profile is where you can enter education and work info. Both profiles can be viewed on your Sprred page under the info tab.


Here you can edit your account settings and also setup your autoposting accounts (Facebook and/or Twitter).

Sprred rich text editor.

Quick Upload

There is where you can add new content. There is a rich text editor that can be used to apply styling to your text. You’ll be able to add a title to your text and link and tags to all content. There are three publishing options for each type of content: publish now, save as a draft and make private.

If you’re familiar with the site Multiply, then you’ll notice many similarities between the two; Sprred seems to be a simpler version (of Multiply). Unlike Multiply, Sprred does not have themes/templates which would be a nice touch. There also isn’t a way to find friends or connect with new users, so the site feels kind of lonely. A few additional features would definitely make Sprred more enjoyable. What do you think?