There’s an amazing new web site I came across last week and while it’s mainly targeted towards marketers, bloggers can use their services as well. The site is called, and they pretty much allow you to spy on your competitors that are using Google Adwords/Adsense. Before jumping into how the web site works, let’s first talk about why this is important from an internet marketer and blogger stand point.

Internet Marketer

  • Provides you with ad copy that works
  • Displays the target audience and web site that advertisers are getting traffic from
  • Usage of banners and ad copy, should you promote this same advertise through an ad network


  • Inspire new ways to promote your blog and/or bring in new readers
  • Find new products and services to blog about
  • See what type of advertisers are buying traffic on other blogs

Either way, if you are an affiliate, internet marketer, blogger or all of the above, you should be able to truly appreciate the value in what has to offer… and best of all, it’s free!

Let’s run through the web site and break down what they have to offer.

For this example, let’s say we are looking for ad campaigns of domains (competitors) that use them word “theme” in their domain name. Using the name “theme” because we are looking for wordpress theme related site. To start, you simply head over to and type in “theme”, or whatever word/url you are searching for. MixRank will then display a list of urls currently in there system and how many copies of ad creative they have for each. You can see this break down in the screen shot below.

Lets assume you then select with 12 ads, the next page will then display the text ad creatives, banners (if any), and traffic sources for all campaigns setup through the Google Adwords system. You can see this displayed in the screen shot below.

As you can see, the text creative for the ThemeForest ad campaigns are shown above, which also include some campaigns for independent theme owners who are looking to promote their themes on ThemeForest as well. You can also select from the menu tabs on the right side of the page for further information, which are ad reach, best performer, keywords and demographics.

For a full review on what MixRank has to offer, read my other review on my affiliate marketing blog, which also displays screen caps of the banner creatives and traffic sources for a popular coupon web site.

Try MixRank for Yourself

As I mentioned, MixRank is an amazing tool for research, and best of all it’s free! The purpose behind MixRank isn’t for you to try and copy ad campaigns and use them as your own, but to instead study the information and sources that system can weed out for you. Whether you are a blogger or internet marketer, MixRank is an excellent resource to add into your arsenal!