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AccuRanker is a cloud-based keyword tracker with an intuitive interface and on-demand data refreshing.

Here is a brief overview of AccuRanker for those who only want the essential information.


AccuRanker starts at $129 per month.

The price is flexible and scales depending on how many keywords you want to track per month.

Discounts Available

AccuRanker provides users with a 10% discount for their annual plans.

Lifetime Plan

Currently, there is no longer a lifetime deal for AccuRanker.

AccuRanker Pros

  • Easy-to-use
  • Live keyword tracking
  • Automated reports

AccuRanker Cons

  • Expensive
  • SEO utility limitations
  • Lackluster customer service

Overview of AccuRanker

AccuRanker is a keyword tracker that provides live keyword ranking information to agencies.

Today, SEO software tools and keyword trackers like AccuRanker have become imperative to the success of bloggers, news outlets, and SEO agencies.

So naturally, I will review the most popular and well-received keyword tracker available, AccuRanker.

This AccuRanker review will focus on the overall features, quality, and usage of AccuRanker.

Since their software focuses highly on their keyword tracker, you’ll be happy to know that AccuRanker goes the extra mile to optimize its tracking, ranking, and analytics experience.

What Is AccuRanker?

AccuRanker is a fast and effective keyword tracker.

The software accurately tracks keyword ranking in real time and creates informative automated reports.

AccuRanker is an essential tool for bloggers and agencies to analyze past, present, and future keywords.

AccuRanker History

AccuRanker was founded in 2013 by Henrik Jørgensen and Christian Pedersen.

Their software helps users track keyword rankings to create and optimize SEO content more effectively than before.

Pros and Cons of AccuRanker

AccuRanker is a near-perfect user experience with its features, but it lacks in certain areas and is a relatively pricey piece of software.

Here are some of the positives and drawbacks of AccuRanker.

Pros of AccuRanker

  • Easy-to-use
  • Live keyword tracking
  • Automated reports
  • Clean interface
  • Integrations with Google Analytics and Search Console

Cons of AccuRanker

  • Expensive
  • SEO utility limitations
  • Lackluster customer service
  • Only tracks rankings
  • No lifetime deal

How Much Does AccuRanker Cost?

AccuRanker is one of the more expensive options for a dedicated keyword tracker, pricing at a base of $116 per month at their basic plan.

With that base cost, users can track 1,000 words monthly.

From that point on, you can pay more to track up to 50,000 keywords for $2,492 per month.

After that, AccuRanker will work with you to provide more keywords for a higher price.

Most users will not need to track that many words, but the option is there for large agencies.

Is AccuRanker Worth the Cost?

AccuRanker is worth the cost for medium to large agencies.

AccuRanker is not worth the price for small bloggers and freelancers unless you’re sure you’ll use the features.

Why AccuRanker Is Worth The Cost

The sheer amount of utility and live tracking that AccuRanker gives its users is reason enough to justify the cost.

Regarding keyword ranking and constant tracking, AccuRanker is the most accurate and responsive tool on the market.

The Problem AccuRanker Solves

Keyword optimization is the most important thing when it comes to SEO content.

With all the content on the internet, it isn’t easy to gain organic traffic without being in a search engine’s first few search results.

Every SEO specialist’s goal is to earn the lion’s share of traffic.

AccuRanker provides direct support to provide its users the opportunity to achieve that share of traffic.

AccuRanker provides users with the most relevant keywords to ensure that your content is fit for any search engine.

Without utilizing the proper keywords on your website, your content may be lost and difficult for users to see.

Why Would Someone Want To Use AccuRanker?

If your business depends on SEO content, you want to use a keyword tracker like AccuRanker and other SEO tools.

Who Is AccuRanker Best For?

AccuRanker is best for agencies that depend on SEO content.

Why AccuRanker Is Best for SEO Dependent Agencies

Agencies that focus on SEO want a keyword tracker like AccuRanker because optimizing their content for search engines is essential.

If your agency isn’t using the right keywords, your organic traffic will take a massive hit.

Who Should Not Use AccuRanker?

Small bloggers and freelancers who aren’t well off should not invest in AccuRanker.

Why Should Small Bloggers Should Not Use AccuRanker

AccuRanker is extremely expensive as a keyword tracking tool.

As a small blogger, you’ll need to fix and work on plenty of things before you can take advantage of all the features AccuRanker offers.

What To Think About Before Buying AccuRanker

There are a few things you should consider before committing to AccuRanker.

  • How many keywords do I need to track?
  • What features do I need from AccuRanker?
  • How important are those features?
  • Is it worth the cost?
  • What are my alternatives?

Features and Benefits of AccuRanker

Some keyword trackers provide robust SEO support, but AccuRanker doesn’t necessarily offer a vast catalog of SEO features.

Even so, AccuRanker still has some inherently well-put-together and valuable features.

AccuRanker is known for being the fastest keyword tracker, but does its lack of SEO features make it worth the cost?

While other dedicated SEO tools have features that directly focus on and support SEO content, AccuRanker focuses on improving its keyword ranking functionally.

These features include filtering, segmentation, advanced reporting, and competitor tracking.

Since AccuRanker lacks SEO support features, it covers those faults with its integrations.

Using third-party software gives AccuRanker the additional support to create a well-rounded keyword tracker and SEO tool.

Keyword Ranking Tracker

The feature everyone is probably curious about is how well AccuRanker’s keyword tracker works.

The short answer is, amazingly. AccuRanker manages to give users live keyword rankings on their search engines of choice.

Typically, keyword rankers take a while to refresh and update the rankings, but AccuRanker is quick and responsive when refreshing the rankings.

In addition to its speed, it also boasts accuracy.

AccuRanker’s rankings are the most accurate on the market.

Monitoring keywords has become fast and efficient, but there is more to the keyword ranker than current trends.

While you can track keywords’ current rankings, you can also log and analyze past keyword rankings.

Keeping a historical log of rankings becomes important in analyzing trends and predicting future keyword trends for SEO content.

AccuRanker’s tracker makes identifying threats and opportunities more manageable than ever.

Users have only one complaint with this particular feature, and that’s how AccuRanker counts your keywords.

AccuRanker limits how many keywords you can track on your site.

The more you have to follow, the more expensive it gets.

Users will identify the most important keywords to track locally and globally to get around this.

Unfortunately, if you’re trying to track keywords on mobile and desktop, it counts as two separate keywords.

If you’re trying to track 25 keywords on desktop and mobile, you’ll reach 50 keywords instantly.

This small detail eats away at your keyword plan incredibly fast.

It doesn’t stop there. When you add global tracking into the equation, it gets worse.

Those 25 words you’re trying to track multiply for every country’s keyword rankings.

So if you follow those 25 keywords in four countries, it’ll eat up 100 of your word count.

Additionally, if you want to track those keywords on mobile, you’re up to 200 words just like that.

While it can become a bit convoluted, there is no denying that the utility and usefulness of AccuRanker’s keyword rank tracker are impressive.

Competitor Tracking

AccuRanker provides an impressive competitive tracking feature along with its keyword tracking software.

Keeping tabs on how well your competitors are doing is an excellent indicator of what you need to change and how effectively you should do it.

You can keep direct tabs on your competitor’s keyword rankings, modifications, and website changes.

The tool provides direct information on their traffic and mentions as well.

The only downside about AccuRanker’s competitive tracking features is that there is a limit to how many competitors AccuRanker tracks.

You’re only able to compare your domain’s performance against ten competitors.

It’s still more information that AccuRanker can provide you over its leading alternatives.

You can also download these reports to share with other agencies, partners, or employees.

In practice, monitoring your competitors gives you opportunities to draw on their successes and failures, allowing you to adapt your SEO content more strategically.

Advanced Reporting

AccuRanker wouldn’t be complete without a reporting feature, and when it comes to advanced reporting, AccuRanker does a fantastic job.

With reporting, AccuRanker gives users the option to customize reports from templates and schedule weekly keyword ranking reports.

Understanding your performance is why advanced reporting is crucial to your overall SEO strategy.

AccuRanker provides charts and graphs to accurately show you all the stats you need at a glance.

Instant reporting through visualization tools is an automatic win with advanced reporting.

In addition to the standard advantages you get from advanced reporting, AccuRanker also provides automatic reporting.

Creating reports for you daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly takes away the hassle of preparing reports to analyze and lets you get straight to strategizing.

With reporting, you also get aggregated SERP analysis.

You are analyzing result pages to see what keywords are in good standing.

You can then start implementing those keywords on your website to improve your traffic.

Share of voice is another excellent reporting feature that AccuRanker provides its users.

SoV is a sure way to evaluate SEO efforts.

SoV accurately represents keyword website performance when it comes to organic searches.

AccuRanker ranks each performing keyword between one to twenty, with one being the highest.

In combination with your search tools, the SoV feature AccuRanker provides users will help solidify their strategic planning phase.

While not the most groundbreaking feature, AccuRanker provides white labeling for their software, which extends to their reports.

You can customize your reports and apply your company branding to them.

Advanced Segmentation and Filtering

When organizing an insane amount of data, data segmentation becomes vital to the success of your operation.

Thankfully, AccuRanker provides users with multiple filtering options to properly segment their data, allowing users to handle the enormous amount of information.

Something AccuRanker can do for users in addition to segmentation is allow you to save segments for future use.

Instead of rummaging through your filtering options when working with your data, you can save and store them as segments to access the data when needed.

Filtering keywords is necessary when your agency is tracking over 1,000+ keywords.

Standard filters include search volume above X, ranks between 4–10, filtering for tags, and finally, filtering for SERP features in your ranks column.

AccuRanker allows users to create notes to organize better and filter their data.

You can mark any of your keywords and select to add a note.

Through the filtering options, you can sort for keywords with notes attached to them, or you can check your notes tab.

Where robust organization features come in handy is having the ability to tag each of your keywords.

Tagging your keywords creates a structure that improves your workflow and organization.

Through tag filtering, you can set priorities and customize the name of each category of tags.

You’ll have plenty of options for sorting and viewing these categories by showing any, all, specific, or no keywords with tags.


AccuRanker takes advantage of the most powerful and widely accepted integration tools.

The utility of the integration feature varies depending on what users need them for, but there are some basic integrations that most SEO agencies use.

The first helpful integration is Google Analytics.

AccuRanker directly provides access to Google Analytics on their standard integration tab.

Along with Google Analytics, you have the option for Google Search Console and even CVS Importer.

Additionally, users can make exceptional use of Adobe Analytics and Google Sheets.

With access to third-party integration, AccuRanker provides an effective way to migrate historical data sets from other software and applications.

The integrations that AccuRanker provides serve their purpose well enough to give value to the software.

Even so, key SEO integrations are still missing, and hopefully, as AccuRanker grows, they’ll continue to support more third-party integrations to round out their experience.

AccuRanker Customer Service

Something I’m incredibly passionate about is how effective the learning process is for learning new software.

Companies must support their users when it comes to software.

Software isn’t beneficial if users can’t figure out how to use it effectively.

While AccuRanker attempts to inform users about what its software can do, it lacks compared to what its competitors provide.

Does AccuRanker Offer Customer Service?

AccuRanker does provide customer service to an extent.

They have live chat, email, and phone support.

In addition to all those things, they offer helpful articles that may potentially answer users’ problems.

What Types of Customer Service Does AccuRanker Offer?

The most helpful customer service AccuRanker offers its users is in the form of its informative guides hidden behind a wall of menus.

Unfortunately, AccuRanker doesn’t directly link to these articles anywhere on their site to help users find them.

When you find these articles, they are informative and offer you a general walkthrough of how to use their features.

Their product page lacks any method of getting towards these guides, but on the hub tab on their homepage, you get direct access to help guides and the blog.

It’s important to point out that while their blog provides general SEO information, such as how to improve your content and the latest features of AccuRanker, it lacks consistency.

AccuRanker doesn’t regularly update their blogs or post new ones leaving months and, most recently, two-year gaps between their content.

The direct line of customer support from AccuRanker has received direct criticism, but most users find it acceptable.

Overall, I have to advise caution when dealing with customer support, but I’ve gathered their most helpful resources and linked them to them in this article.

Please review them if you’re having any trouble understanding AccuRanker’s features.

Why Should You Trust Us?

I never decide without consulting other sources, and you shouldn’t either.

I’ve gathered the most reliable reviews and opinions of users who have had experience with AccuRanker.

Here’s what they had to say about the software.

What AccuRanker Users Are Saying

Previously, in 2019 AccuRanker had a lifetime deal of 100 keywords for about $40 on AppSumo.

Most of the positive reviews about the value are from that era.

Unfortunately, today when it comes to value, users don’t think AccuRanker brings enough features to the table to justify its pricing.

Nelly thinks that AccuRanker is a great platform, but expresses frustration over the same keyword used for multiple countries being counted as additional keywords, which quickly uses up your credits.

Stephan’s biggest issue with AccuRanker was the lack of good customer service.

Their experience with customer service was much like jumping through hoops to receive a straight answer, and they opted not to renew when the time came around.

Stephan rates AccuRanker 1 star.

Craig, on the other hand, really enjoys AccuRanker’s service.

The setup was quick and painless, and the results were almost immediate.

Craig’s business is benefitting greatly from the ability to track influence within the market and the use of actionable data to improve rankings.

AccuRanker Alternatives

AccuRanker stands relatively high on the list as a keyword tracker, but it’s not the only platform that provides keyword tracking.

I’ve gathered the following alternatives to AccuRanker that manage to compete and even offer more features that SEO specialists can use.


Semrush is one of the top keyword trackers on the market.

This software specializes in all things SEO, not just keyword tracking.

How Does Semrush Differ From AccuRanker?

Accuranker strictly tracks keywords with limited SEO features.

Semrush is built for SEO and offers various features beyond keyword tracking.

Who is Semrush Best For?

Semrush is best for marketing agencies and SEO specialists that can take advantage of the wide variety of SEO tools Semrush offers.

Pro Rank Tracker

Pro Rank Tracker is another keyword tracking tool that provides support and resources to SEO content creators.

How Does Pro Rank Tracker Differ From AccuRanker?

Pro Rank Tracker offers more SEO tools than AccuRanker, along with being more affordable.

Unlike AccuRanker, Pro Rank Tracker provides direct value to freelancers and small agencies.

The value you get from Pro Rank Tracker for the price shatters AccuRanker.

Who is Pro Rank Tracker Best For?

Pro Rank Tracker is a highly affordable and adaptable keyword tracker for small and large businesses.

This keyword tracker provides immense value for bloggers, freelancers, and beginner marketing agencies.


AgencyAnalytics is an impressive package for marketers and SEO specialists.

It boasts a remarkable rank tracker, site auditor, and automatic reporting.

How Does AgencyAnalytics Differ From AccuRanker?

Similar to the other alternatives, AgencyAnalytics offers more SEO tools for users and automated reporting.

Its SEO site audit tool proves to be especially useful when optimizing common issues that plague websites.

Who is AgencyAnalytics Best For?

AgencyAnalytics is undoubtedly the best option for marketers.

The information it provides to its users is most certainly beneficial to large to mid-sized marketing agencies.

Wrapping Up

AccuRanker is the fastest and most accurate keyword tracker tool, but you have to ask yourself how important speed and accuracy are for your business.

Large agencies will find fantastic value from AccuRanker along with benefits from the features it does have.

In combination with other tools, AccuRanker becomes a powerful tool that holds its value.

Unfortunately, with options like Pro Rank Tracker, I can’t adamantly recommend AccuRanker for everyone.

If you are a freelancer or a blogger, my best recommendation is Pro Ranker Tracker.

It’s an excellent and affordable tool that will ensure your SEO content is up to par.

For established bloggers and large agencies, you will find great value and a productivity increase from AccuRanker.

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