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Amazon Associates

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As one of the world's biggest affiliate programs, Amazon Associates has become the go-to program for affiliate marketers. Signup takes little time, yet the benefits are overwhelmingly obvious. The ease of use comes offset, however, with the fact that changes come rapidly and without warning and the stability that the platform was once known for is no longer.
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  • Changes happen rapidly and without warning
  • Income amounts are not what they once were
  • This program's ease of use has ushered in tons of low-quality sites in many industries
  • The low commission rate for affiliates
  • Affiliate links only last 24 hours
  • The review period is lengthy (180 days)


  • The program is easy to sign up for
  • To remain an active affiliate, few sales are needed
  • A generous cookie allows for increased revenue
5 /5 User Reviews
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Influencers, bloggers, and online creators are ubiquitous.

Just about every social media platform is teeming with them.

Sharp creators pay attention to trends in their viewers’ interests and market themselves toward those interests.

The more successful online personalities find lucrative ways to profit off their talents.

Amazon Associates gives these influencers a familiar marketplace in which to make money.

Affiliates can make money in the simplest of ways.

Here, I give you my honest Amazon affiliate program review.

Overview of the Amazon Affiliate Program

My Amazon affiliate program review takes a deep dive into all aspects of the program.

What Is The Amazon Affiliate Program?

This branch of Amazon provides the ability to make commissions by promoting products for sale on Amazon.

Affiliates need only find products they think their followers would want to purchase.

Amazon generates a link to the product, unique to the affiliate.

The affiliate posts the link to their website for follower use.

Every time a follower uses the link and purchases the product, Amazon gives a percentage of the sale to the affiliate who initiated the sale.

Since Amazon is the most widely-recognized online shopping hub, followers who use affiliate links will already know how to purchase the items.

Amazon Affiliate Program History

Amazon’s affiliate program officially went live in 1996, quite a long time before the company streamlined itself as a multi-purpose platform.

Since then, hundreds of thousands of users have signed up to become an affiliate.

Pros and Cons of the Amazon Affiliate Program

Every affiliate program has its ups and downs.

Here are what we believe to be the best and worst parts of becoming an Amazon affiliate.

Pros of Amazon Associates
  • Ease of Navigation: Amazon has the advantage that its website is one of the most universally recognized online shopping websites in modern history.
    It is not common to find someone who does not know how to navigate or use Amazon’s website.
  • Top-Notch Reputation: Amazon has made a name for itself in customer service.
    The company goes out of its way to make any customer issues correct. Their reputation bolsters their ability to conduct business and garner additional affiliates.
  • Exposure and Payout: Affiliates post unique links to products on Amazon on their website. Their followers click the links and make their purchases. Amazon completes the deal by providing a commission from the sale to the affiliate who generated the link. The affiliate earns additional exposure, and Amazon pays them for it.
Cons of Amazon Associates
  • Low Commission Rate: This is, without a doubt, the biggest downside to the program. Depending on the category of product sold, affiliates may only earn as little as 1%. This rate is low given how competitive a company Amazon is.
  • Short Duration of Link: Links generated by affiliates for their websites are only live for 24 hours. This time frame does not give much time to generate sales or even promote the product they are trying to sell.
  • Lengthy Review Period: Amazon instills a 180-day review of all affiliate accounts. If affiliates do not generate three qualified sales or have ten pieces of original content on their website, their account deactivates.

Is the Amazon Affiliate Program Worth the Cost?

Here, I offer a deep dive into whether or not the Amazon affiliate program is worth the time or money.

How Much Do Amazon Affiliates Make?

The answer to this is simple: it depends on the affiliate.

Affiliates may provide a multitude of sales for products on Amazon. They also have the option to generate a small amount. It all depends on the ambition of the affiliate in question.

Some affiliates have reported making as much money as $20,000. Others may only make $100. Affiliates are in control of their success.

Is Amazon’s Affiliate Program Worth the Effort?

I think that if an online creator is seeking an easy method to make extra cash on the side, Amazon’s affiliate program is worth their time.

Affiliates will enjoy the ease of creating links they know their followers will love.

While the payout takes time, simple means of earning income are always appreciated.

Why Amazon’s Affiliate Program Is Worth the Effort

While it may not generate a sizable payday immediately, the effort can gradually build into something that proves fruitful.

A creator wishing to cash in on Amazon’s affiliate program must understand that they will need to conduct consistent maintenance.

They must also provide proper marketing and advertisement for their links.

Along with this, Amazon is easily the most recognizable website available.

According to a 2021 poll of online users, Amazon is one of the most widely-used websites in the world.

Followers are more likely to trust the links generated by Amazon, which increases the possibility of making a sale.

Things To Consider

Potential affiliates should think about all aspects of the program before signing up.

Here are a few factors to consider when becoming an affiliate with Amazon.

The Problem the Amazon Affiliate Program Solves

The Amazon affiliate program bridges the gap between the customer and the company in an innovative way.

Amazon’s impressive business model allows them to ship millions of packages daily.

With their affiliate program, they are increasing their ability to improve these numbers.

Why Would Someone Want To Use the Amazon Affiliate Program?

Many people head to Amazon to search for products they think they would like, but customer reviews are spotty.

The reviews can be misleading or mixed, leaving customers unsure if they should purchase the product.

By giving online creators their means of advertising Amazon products, Amazon increases its ability to make sales and drive success.

They also raise the potential for customer satisfaction and Amazon’s integrity.

Who is the Amazon Affiliate Program Best For?

Amazon’s affiliate program is best suited for creators online who wish to advertise the best products for their followers while also building income.

Affiliates who are passionate about Amazon’s services and products will be best suited to drive sales for the company.

Why is the Amazon Affiliate Program Best for Online Creators?

The social media market has become increasingly competitive with the rise of new platforms.

Being an affiliate with a strong company such as Amazon can boost a creator’s online presence and reputation.

Who Should NOT Use the Amazon Affiliate Program?

People who do not have much of a presence or following online would not make a successful candidate.

Also, those who do not put in the time it takes to maintain their links to products on Amazon will not find success either.

Why Should They Not Use the Amazon Affiliate Program?

Being an affiliate with Amazon takes dedication and time commitments.

Given that the links only last 24 hours, people who don’t tend to their websites frequently would not reap maximum benefits from this program.

Also, those who have not established a strong following on their website would not benefit as their links to products would go largely unnoticed.

Establishing a secure online community of followers is the first step.

What To Think About Before Signing Up for the Amazon Affiliate Program

Though sign-up is simple, it is good to ponder if affiliate status is best for you.

Here are the crucial points to consider before becoming an affiliate with Amazon.

1. Have You Established a Credible Online Presence?

The facts are plain: people don’t want to buy things from people they don’t trust.

An affiliate needs to have already put in the work of gathering followers and connecting with them.

The connection needs to be unique, so creators should find exciting ways to provide content that speaks to people.

2. Do You Regularly Create Original Content?

As previously mentioned, one of the things Amazon checks for in the first 180 days is original content on your website.

Ask yourself: what type of content do I create?

Am I copying popular trends and duplicating others’ ideas?

Have I found a way to publish thoughts that are relatable yet distinct?

How do I set myself apart from other people online?

3. What Products or Items Would Your Followers Be Interested In?

Knowing what your audience wants to see is imperative to success.

Wise creators notice the interests of their clientele and seek to market the proper items and products to that audience.

4. Do You Know Who Your Followers Are?

Every online creator garners some category of followers.

Some followers are interested in culinary arts, while others are sports fanatics.

Understanding audience interest is one crucial way to promote your online presence.

There’s also this to consider: how do you connect with your followers?

Do you reach out to them occasionally and engage with them?

Do you answer their questions directly?

Do you make them feel noticed and understood?

It’s simple: you need to know your audience.

5. How Are You Going To Capitalize on the 24 Hour Life of Your Links?

Twenty-four hours may seem like a long time, but it can move quicker than you think.

Given that you have one day before a link to a product expires, you need to find innovative and exciting ways to advertise and convince people that they need to make a purchase.

Especially given that the commission rate is low, you need to do all the work necessary to see a decent profit.

Features and Benefits of the Amazon Affiliate Program

The Amazon affiliate program has plenty of features that stand out.

These are, what I believe to be, the top five features of the Amazon affiliate program.

1. Creating Your Own Personalized Store

Creators can provide a collection of their favorite products on their websites for users to browse.

In doing so, followers get to know a little more about the creators they follow.

2. Reports

Understanding data can be the catalyst to success.

Amazon offers affiliates access to reports on their sales and the effectiveness of their marketing strategies.

Affiliates can learn about the amount of money they have made, trends in daily activity, information about customer orders, and more.

3. Link to Any Website

Affiliates can provide links to Amazon products on any website or social media platform.

The affiliate may also use banners and other attractive means to catch a reader’s attention.

4. Resource Center

Amazon provides a multitude of resources to make affiliates feel at ease.

Affiliates can receive advice, read announcements, and share ideas.

They can feel a sense of community in the resource center.

The resource center is the home base for all affiliates to report to if they need assistance.

The center also links affiliates with each other, if desired.

5. SiteStripe

Amazon provides the ability to produce links to products instantly on their website.

Use of SiteStripe streamlines creating customer links and provides an overall more efficient experience.

Amazon Affiliate Program Customer Service

Although sign-up is a breeze, being an affiliate may present obstacles for some.

Amazon’s top-notch customer service is there to help.

Does Amazon Affiliate Program Offer Customer Service?

The affiliate program offers extensive customer service options.

Just about anything an affiliate has questions for can be answered.

Topics such as commission schedules, tax forms, tips on marketing, and frequently asked questions are available.

Amazon appears to be very helpful to its associates in their time of need.

What Types of Customer Service Does Amazon Affiliate Program Offer?

The Amazon affiliate program offers plenty of topics that assist users.

The program also provides one-on-one support, if needed.

Affiliates must fill out a help request form detailing their needs.

They will then be contacted directly by a support professional.

Why Should You Trust Us?

I have scoured the internet and found some user reviews of Amazon’s affiliate program that seemed to support the use of their program.

What Amazon Affiliate Program Users Are Saying

Here are a few snippets of comments from Amazon affiliates.

1. Fast and EASY

Several users report being in love with the ability to generate links to Amazon’s website.

Familiarity with Amazon provides trust in the products for sale.

2. Customer Service is Helpful and Kind

Affiliates will inevitably run into snags.

When this happens, affiliates know that Amazon’s customer service team will be there in their time of need.

3. Fun!

Shopping on Amazon makes people happy.

Affiliates have reported that being part of the process brings them joy.


As with any company, there is always competition.

Here are a few of Amazon’s competitors in the affiliate market.

1. Walmart Affiliate Program

Walmart’s Affiliate Program is similar to Amazon’s, in that users quickly and easily market products to followers.

Walmart offers varying degrees of commission to its affiliates, depending on the product type for sale.

Walmart gives affiliates run of the land on their website to find any products they believe they can sell.

How Does Walmart’s Affiliate Program Differ From Amazon’s Affiliate Program?

Affiliates are limited to promoting products that Walmart sells.

While Walmart does sell a range of well-known and trusted products, they do not have the extensive catalog housed by Amazon.

Who Is Walmart’s Affiliate Program Best For?

Walmart’s affiliate program is best for those who have brand loyalty to the chain store.

Walmart will also be best for those who live near a store.

2. Target Affiliate Program

One of the United States’ most beloved chain stores is Target.

The store chain has been around for over 100 years, so people put their faith in Target.

Target Partners offers shoppers a way to transform their love of shopping into a means of earning money.

Affiliates can market products sold by well-known stores.

What’s better, Target only stocks name-brand items so customers can identify the products.

How Does Target Partners Differ From Amazon’s Affiliate Program?

Once again, Target Partners limits affiliates to the products sold by Target.

Certain brands or items aren’t listed there.

Additionally, Target Partners limits commission rates to 8%.

This low amount may be a hard stop for some potential affiliates.

Who Is Target Partners Best For?

Target Partners markets themselves toward loyal shoppers of the store.

Those who genuinely love browsing the aisles of Target will be quick to jump on board with their affiliate program.

3. Impact (formerly Impact Radius)

Impact is a website that works as a middle-man to create partnerships between creators and well-known brands.

Creators who work hard to establish a presence and personality online need only partner themselves with Impact.

The website determines which brands best fit the creator, and the work begins!

How Does Impact Differ From Amazon Affiliates?

Impact is a very selective company. They work only with the best and most well-known brands.

They do this as a way to gather effective marketing for trusted brands.

The brands have hired Impact specifically for the task of partnering them with trusted influencers online.

Who is Impact Best For?

Impact will be the best choice for creators and influencers who have gained a massive following online.

The brands that Impact works with want to use faces that are recognized and comfortable for customers to see.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some pertinent questions that we may have forgotten to answer above.

Does Amazon’s Affiliate Program Pay For Clicks?

Unfortunately, Amazon’s affiliate program does not pay for clicks.

The only manner in which an affiliate receives payment is if their link generates a sale.

Otherwise, the affiliate will not earn any money.

How Long Does It Take To Become An Amazon Affiliate?

Once you sign up, you can instantly begin generating links to post to your website.

Keep in mind that Amazon will routinely review your progress and your website.

After 180 days, if you have not generated at least three qualified sales, Amazon will deactivate your account.

Does Amazon Suspend Affiliates From Their Program?

As Amazon reviews affiliate progress, it may deem particular behaviors unacceptable.

Amazon will suspend or cancel the affiliate account in question if this occurs.

Affiliates who object to any activity on their account may reach out to the customer support team for help.

While this doesn’t happen often, it is important to know.

Wrapping Up

Overall, Amazon’s affiliate program is a fantastic and easy method for online personalities to earn money.

Amazon has established itself as the easiest and best way to shop online.

Due to this, affiliates of the platform trust that they have found a simple way to generate income.

Customers love the simplicity of Amazon, and the company’s reputation speaks for itself.

While there may be alternatives that offer similar services, the Amazon affiliate program is one of the best, given how simple and recognizable the website has become.

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7 Jun 2022
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Amazon Associates is one of the easiest affiliate programs I have ever used. It is easy to sign up for and practically anybody can join.