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Overview: The Astra WordPress theme review proves why it is the most popular theme for that host.

Over 1.6 million sites use this theme, which shows its reliability.

It has five-star reviews on countless review sites, and big-name businesses use this theme.

Those stats might make you think it’s ideal for you, too.

Price: Astra offers a free theme and a Pro theme.

The paid options range from $49 to $249 a year.

Discounts Available: The official website usually offers a $10 or 10% discount on the theme.

WordPress also occasionally runs a theme coupon.

Lifetime Plan: Yes

The Astra WordPress Theme Pros:

  • The free option lets you explore the theme and use it forever, with limitations.
  • Choose a lifetime plan which provides major savings.
  • Using it gives your site a clean, professional look that’s easy for users to navigate.

The Astra WordPress Theme Cons:

  • Some design aspects look basic unless you use a third-party designer.
  • You have to pay annual fees for updates and support.
  • The free plan has extreme restrictions that frustrate users.


The Astra WordPress theme review uncovers why it is the most popular theme for the web host, used on more than 1.6 million sites.

When you create a WordPress site, seeing all the theme options might feel overwhelming.

Knowing that you can choose something reliable can reduce indecision and allow you to start building your site immediately.

Overview of Astra WordPress Theme

You might worry that using the same theme as millions of others means your site won’t stick out from the crowd.

With all the Astra WordPress theme has to offer, you don’t need to consider that.

Many customization options allow you to make your site convey your specific design aesthetic, even without extensive coding knowledge.

What Is the Astra WordPress Theme?

WordPress is one of the biggest web hosts online, and many webmasters choose it for its reliability and ease of use.

While the platform is simple to navigate, your chosen theme can impact your overall website-building experience.

There are some pretty difficult WordPress themes, so knowing that millions of webmasters use this specific one is a major vote of confidence.

The Astra WordPress theme gives you a solid foundation for your site that you can set up in minutes to generate traffic.

You can then customize the theme to your heart’s content.

Astra WordPress Theme History

Brainstorm Force is the entity behind the Astra WordPress theme.

The company launched the theme in 2009 and designed other WordPress themes and services, including:

  • Cart Flows
  • Convert Pro
  • Schema Pro
  • Ultimate Addons

The developers created Astra to simplify the website setup process.

They knew the struggles with starting from scratch and wanted to remove those frustrations for users.

As the current usage shows, they succeeded in their goal of helping you get your site up and running.

Pros of Astra WordPress Theme

  • Easy navigation and dashboard for beginner webmasters
  • 24/7 customer support to help with any trouble you may have
  • Plenty of templates in the free version and even more in the paid plan
  • Quick load time so users won’t get frustrated with the wait

Cons of Astra WordPress Theme

  • Some site elements look very basic even in the paid version, so you either won’t want to use them or will need a third-party design element.
  • The free version doesn’t offer enough for most webmasters to use continually, so you’ll most likely need to upgrade eventually.
  • Buying a lifetime plan doesn’t mean you won’t pay more eventually—updates aren’t free.

How Much Does the Astra WordPress Theme Cost?

You can use a free version of the Astra WordPress theme and get the famous look with severe limitations.

However, for businesses and creators on a budget, the free option is a great way to learn what the theme offers.

The Pro version offers anything you could want in a WordPress theme.

You can get Astra Pro for $49 a year, the Essential Bundle for $169 annually, or the Growth Bundle for $249 yearly.

If the Astra WordPress theme is what you want, consider paying for the lifetime plan.

You’ll only pay once and have access to the theme for the lifespan of your website.

This option drastically discounts the price—Astra Pro is $239, the Essential Bundle is $499, and the Growth Bundle is $699.

Remember, that’s a one-time fee.

The lifetime plans pay for themselves after just a few years of use.

You also don’t have to consider renewing your theme each year, which can cost you a few days of downtime if you forget to renew.

Is the Astra WordPress Theme Worth the Cost?

You’re already paying the WordPress cost, and a theme adds to that price.

In this case, you can use the free option for as long as you’d like.

While it does have limitations compared to Astra Pro, even the free version is much more advanced than many other free themes.

The Astra WordPress theme review finds several reasons why it’s worth the cost if you’re going to pay for a WordPress theme.

It’s not very expensive over a year, and the lifetime plan delivers even more savings.

Just remember that you have to pay for updates with the Astra theme.

Even if you buy a lifetime plan, you might have minor additional fees over the years to keep your site running smoothly.

Why Astra WordPress Theme Is Worth the Cost

Brainstorm Force engineered Astra to be the easiest theme for beginner webmasters, and they succeeded.

While you get this benefit with the free version, paying for Astra Pro is worth the cost.

You get access to more templates, stellar customer support, new layouts, eCommerce tools, and more.

The Problem the Astra WordPress Theme Solves

Astra is a theme designed to make site building simple.

Installing the Astra WordPress theme isn’t hard if you already use WordPress.

Other themes, however, can take a lot of effort and frustration to get up and running.

The beauty of Astra is that you can have a fully-functional page up in no time and customize it later.

There’s no struggle to get your business online.

Why Would Somebody Want To Use the Astra WordPress Theme?

Someone who doesn’t want to spend time coding their website or waffling between templates and design elements would want to use the Astra WordPress theme.

Even if you like playing around with layout, colors, typography, and design, using Astra makes the entire process much easier.

You won’t encounter glitches as you do with other themes.

There are plenty of potential WordPress bugs, and it’s not hard to fix them, but using a theme that’s not known for these issues is helpful.

Who Is the Astra WordPress Theme Best For?

Because there’s a free version and paid plans, the Astra WordPress theme is best for any user.

Bloggers, businesses, freelancers, and even eCommerce retailers can use this theme.

Whether you’re posting daily blogs, showcasing your portfolio, or asking customers to buy your product, Astra can handle your needs.

Experience level and technical knowledge don’t matter.

A beginner can install the free Astra theme and have a functional, professional website.

A more experienced designer or webmaster can use the free or paid option and keep it simple or spruce it up into something unique.

Why Astra WordPress Theme Is Best For Everyone

There’s so much room for growth with the Astra WordPress theme.

It’s a great way for users to learn how WordPress works and what a single theme can accomplish.

It’s easy to use and affordable in the scheme of things.

Who Should NOT Use the Astra WordPress Theme?

Some coders don’t want to use simple hosts like WordPress or Blogger.

While it’s not hard to set up a WordPress site, as this step-by-step guide shows, they prefer to build it themselves.

Why CUSTOMER Should Not Use Astra WordPress Theme

If you have a separate host and the knowledge to build your site and link the domain name, you might not enjoy using the Astra WordPress theme.

What To Think About Before Buying the Astra WordPress Theme

The Astra WordPress theme gives you a great starting point for your website and can grow with you as you expand your site and grow your traffic.

But you should consider a few things before committing to this theme.

Site Purpose

Knowing your site’s purpose can help you figure out what theme you need.

While Astra looks great for blog posts, eCommerce stores, and artist portfolios, you might find other free themes that present your work professionally.

Try the free Astra plan and compare what it offers to other free options on WordPress.

Hosting Site

If you don’t already have a host and domain name, shop around.

WordPress is a reliable host, and it’s not expensive, but another option might better suit your needs.

If you choose WordPress, know that installing WordPress isn’t hard, even for new users.

It’s so widely used that you can always find plenty of help.

Theme Options

WordPress’s popularity means there are tons of themes for your needs, and it’s easy to install a WordPress theme.

Check out all the available options before buying anything.

Most themes let you try them out with the content currently on your site.

Before committing, see a live preview to get an idea of your site’s navigation and layout.


WordPress widgets let you add specific features to your website.

There are widgets included in every WordPress theme, and you can also get them from third parties and add them to your site.

Check out Astra’s widgets and see if they’re enough for your site.

The theme has four locations for widgets: header, footer, and two sidebars.


Customizing your site ensures it stands out in a sea of online activity.

The Astra WordPress theme gives you plenty of options for customization, and they’re all easy to apply.

You can use the free Astra’s basic options or level up to make your site completely unique.

Features and Benefits of the Astra WordPress Theme

Knowing what you need from a website will help you appreciate all the features and benefits of the Astra WordPress theme.

Some of these features only come with the paid plans, but others appear in the free option as well, making Astra one of the best themes to use.

SEO Components

Even the free version of Astra is SEO-optimized.

To use this theme, beginners don’t need to learn all the details about SEO and search engine rankings.

You can build a basic site and know that the theme optimizes your content to help bring organic traffic your way.

The schema code integrated into this theme makes it easy for Google to index your site.

Page Builder

Astra works with any page builder, whether you plan to use it with WordPress’s organic builder or subscribe to another option, like Elementor or WPBakery Page Builder.

You can use HTML and CSS within the Astra framework and create a custom site if you know code.

The template library offers a lot for users with no coding knowledge, along with the drag-and-drop editor.

Design Options

Once you choose a template for Astra, you can customize it with many design options.

There’s no need to keep a basic template as your website unless you choose.

It’s easy to change font styles and sizes.

You can also change the colors of the template’s background elements, fonts, and other designs.


Astra is a lightweight theme that loads quickly on any device or platform.

It’s only 37 KB, making it one of the fastest WordPress themes available.

This speed translates well to reliability because you don’t have to worry about downtime as you do with sites that struggle to load.

Customer Support

WordPress is so easy to use that most people don’t need much customer support.

Also, the WordPress community is a great way to find help with so many users.

You can always pose your problem on a WordPress message board or Facebook group and get a helpful response.

The Astra theme is just as easy to set up, and with so many webmasters using it, you have plenty of experienced users to give you quality feedback.

However, Brainstorm Force customer service goes above and beyond.

Users constantly rave about the efficiency of the help desk in the rare instances they need to use it.

Astra WordPress Theme Customer Service

The Astra WordPress theme alone has five stars, but its customer service is also incredibly highly rated.

You can contact them for help with setup, glitches, troubleshooting, and more.

Does Astra WordPress Theme Offer Customer Service?

Yes, you can get exceptional customer service for Astra WordPress.

The knowledgeable staff responds in 48 hours or less for free users and within 24 hours for VIP members.

They’re available 24/7, year-round.

Anyone contacting customer service should have an active license of the Astra WordPress theme to get help.

Before reaching out, you must ensure you’ve updated the software to the latest version.

Updates resolve many issues without the need for assistance.

What Types of Customer Service Does Astra WordPress Theme Offer?

You can start by going to their help page and typing your issue.

The extensive online resources might help you solve the problem quickly.

Otherwise, you can open a support ticket to get personalized help.

Why Should You Trust Us?

We’re a team who knows how to blog.

With years of experience creating blogs, websites, and online content, we know what tools can help you expand and what will cause a bunch of stress.

Our reviews are honest and based on experience and feedback from other users.

We want to help you make the most of your online presence by sharing this knowledge.

What the Astra WordPress Theme Users Are Saying

Manolo says, “Their premium support is worth every penny.

Mark Roberts says, “This product and the support are worth buying the pro version.

Sonia says, “Astra is Ace!

Astra WordPress Theme Alternatives

The Astra WordPress theme is a great option for many webmasters, regardless of your site’s subject.

If you’re looking for something different, check out three of the best Astra alternatives.


GeneratePress is a WordPress theme similar to Astra regarding features and pricing.

It’s a lightweight theme that loads quickly and allows users to change all design elements to match their brand.

Even the free plan offers many of the same options as Astra’s free version.

How Does GeneratePress Differ From the Astra WordPress Theme?

You might wonder how GeneratePress differs from Astra with so much in common.

The theme is smaller than Astra, which means it loads quickly.

The built-in schema support helps Google index your page, so you rank higher in the search results.

Who Is GeneratePress Best For?

Since GeneratePress overlaps with the Astra WordPress theme, they’re both best for anyone.

GeneratePress plans are slightly cheaper than Astra, so you might want to choose this theme for those minor savings.

Check out our full review of GeneratePress to help you make the decision.


Like the Astra WordPress theme and GeneratePress, Genesis is one of the best WordPress themes.

That praise can make it tough to choose between these options, so knowing the specific differences between the plans will help.

How Does Genesis Differ From the Astra WordPress Theme?

Genesis is completely free to use.

You can implement the framework, sample theme, and even Local Pro without paying a cent.

Getting it at no charge is an ideal way to build your site for a theme that boasts impressive SEO data.

You can pay $360 annually for the Genesis Pro option, but see what they offer for free before committing.

Who Is Genesis Best For?

Anyone on a tight budget will appreciate everything they get for free from Genesis.

You can build a strong site and get organic traffic due to your improved search engine results and grow from there.


While the other options are high-quality themes for your WordPress site, Divi goes above and beyond to provide a design framework.

Your subscription also gives you access to a magazine theme popular with online journals.

Like Astra, you get email plugins and social sharing with your Divi membership.

How Does Divi Differ From the Astra WordPress Theme?

Divi has a higher price than the Astra WordPress theme, but you’re getting more for your money.

For $70 a year, you get access to all Elegant Theme products, including Divi, Extra, Bloom, and Monarch, which are email marketing methods and social sharing.

Who Is Divi Best For?

Users with coding experience and technical knowledge will love playing around with Divi to build a site.

You have more freedom in your options, resulting in a completely unique website.

However, you don’t need any expertise with Divi’s no-code design, so everyone will love this plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve learned what the Astra WordPress theme offers and gotten suggestions for alternatives.

In case you have lingering questions, check out these answers.

Is Astra no longer free?

Astra is always free.

Though the free version of the theme has limits, you never have to pay for it as long as you can live with those constraints.

As the free version of Astra offers more than other free themes, you can definitely build a quality site with it.

Is Elementor free with Astra?

Elementor is a WordPress site builder.

You don’t need this tool to use Astra because you can build a site with the Astra theme directly in WordPress.

However, if you already have an Elementor plan, you can easily use the free version of Astra.

Wrapping Up

Astra is the most popular, most reliable WordPress theme.

Whether you use the free version or pay for the extensive options, you will build a high-quality website if you choose to use it.

If you already have a WordPress account, subscribe to Astra now.

Otherwise, you can get WordPress hosting and the theme in one fell swoop.

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