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Choosing an advertising network for your website can be a daunting task for any publisher. Direct advertising sounds appealing, but it’s not always easy to find.

BuySellAds is a platform that does just that – provides direct advertisement to publishers by serving as a middleman.

They’re not your average ad network and come with some specific requirements and pricing. If you don’t know much about the company, we’re here to help.

In this article, we’ll talk about all the relevant details publishers should know about when considering BuySellAds.

More About BuySellAds

What makes BuySellAds different is, most importantly, the way they connect advertisers and publishers.

You can look at this service as a broad marketplace of sorts.

When BuySellAds accepts a publisher, they’ll list them in their directory, and advertisers will be able to review them directly.

This means that an advertiser can review all the data relevant to the publisher’s website.

That includes Google analytics, Alexa ranking, and the number of RSS subscribers.

Of course, advertisers will look for a specific niche to ensure they get the most out of the ad space they buy.

All the dealings between publishers and advertisers go through BuySellAds.

That means, as a publisher, you don’t have to talk to advertisers directly.

However, a great feature from BuySellAds is that they will send you the ad in question for you to approve.

If an ad promotes something you disapprove of, or you feel that it’s not best suited for your website, you can reject it.

BuySellAds Fees

At first glance, you could say that BuySellAds is a free service.

But that’s only partially true.

The registration is entirely free, but the commission is 25%.

You can remain a partner without paying anything, but BuySellAds will charge you the commission when you sell ad space.

It’s important to keep that in mind when you’re calculating your BuySellAds earnings.

Also, it may seem that the commission is too high, but there are ad networks that charge between 35-40%, so that’s relevant to remember.

The process is entirely automatic, and you won’t have to do any math to deduct the commission from the total.

What Type of Ads Can You Find with BuySellAds?

There are several types of ads publishers can choose on the BuySellAds platform.

There’s the standard static banner, but that’s just the basics.

There are different ad placements for text ads and image ads.

You can also pick the RSS ad and even Tweet ads.

Twitter ads are somewhat unique to BuySellAds, and are similar to the type of sponsored tweets you might find on social media.

If you’re a blogger, image ads are probably what you’re most interested in to retain your website’s clean-style design.

If you’re interested in an affiliate program, BuySellAds doesn’t have it, unfortunately, and you’ll need to look elsewhere.

BuySellAds Requirements

When it comes to traffic, BuySellAds also does things a bit differently.

They don’t have limitations and specific requirements about the reach, or how many individual accounts need to visit your website each month.

But they do have a 100,000 impressions requirement.

This refers to the total number of times someone viewed your account, regardless of which one.

So, you could have a blog with fewer visitors than regular and still meet the impressions threshold.

That’s the first thing to keep in mind.

The other detail to remember is that if you’re rejected by BuySellAds once, there’s no need to be discouraged.

You can apply again.

But let’s look at what other requirements BuySellAds ask from publishers.


Another important requirement is the niche you’re in.

BuySellAds focuses on websites that cover tech topics.

Their publishers are mostly web design-related blogs, freelancers, and Twitter-related content too.

While it’s not 100% the case and will work with sites from different niches, they mostly stick to the tech stuff.


As with most prominent ad networks, the emphasis is a crucial requirement.

The content should be unique, fresh, and continuously upgraded.

And while they don’t have limitations on where they want the traffic to originate from, the content must be in English.

Also, if your website has “questionable” content such as offensive remarks or adult content, it will be automatically rejected.


Another specific requirement BuySellAds has is that you must own your website’s domain.

That means you can’t have *.wordpress.com or similar next to the name of your website.

If you don’t own it, make sure you fix this issue before applying.

Other Ads

Finally, if you already have ads on your website, they might serve as an obstacle to getting approved by BuySellAds.

This usually happens if there are many untargeted ads all over your site’s pages.

What Are BuySellAds Zones?

If you decide to join the long list of BuySellAds publishers, you should know about zones.

This is a technical term used by the service to describe the type of ad space you’re selling on your website.

That could be the top bar, bottom bar, or sidebar.

And you can create your zones and name them. When

you make your zones, that’s where you’ll install the BuySellAds codes.

There are two types of codes, header, and zone.

If you’re familiar with CSS, you can use it to style the ads in your zones further.

What Are BuySellAds Reports?

On your dashboard of the BuySellAds account, you’ll be able to access reports on how the ads on your website are doing.

The service does a great job providing all the necessary stats to tailor the ad space better and increase your profits.

The reports provide excellent insight for most publishers and are one of the best features of the BuySellAds platform.

BuySellAds Payment Options

If you’ve been approved as a BuySellAds partner and you’ve managed to sell some ad space, passive income has been coming in.

However, most ad networks have different and specific rules about how they pay their publishers, and BuySellAds is no different.

The company gives you three options: the check, wire transfer, and PayPal.

Each of these options has a threshold requirement before you can request a payout.

If you’re using PayPal, that’s $20; for the check, it’s $50; and for a wire transfer $500.

Also, provided you meet this threshold, you can request up to two payments each month.

Advantages of Using BuySellAds

The main advantage of using BuySellAds is that it’s a clear sign-up process that won’t cost anything upfront.

Also, even though they do require a high amount of monthly impressions on the publisher’s website, smaller blogs and websites have a chance to reach advertisers directly.

All of which brings us to the most important benefit of using BuySellAds – direct access to advertisers.

When your website is on the list of publishers, your only job is to maintain the high-quality of your content, and advertisers will find you.

But the ads won’t just appear on your website.

You get a say on what goes on and what doesn’t, which is also crucial when you’re building your brand.

Disadvantages of Using BuySellAds

Even though the commission is lower than what you can expect from other ad networks, it still could be too high for some publishers.

The commission-based approach might not work for some at all.

And even though being listed in the BuySellAds directory is generally a great thing, if it’s too cluttered in the same niche, you might get overlooked.

BuySellAds Is a Great Option for Big and Small Publishers

Although it might not be the right ad platform for publishers in particular niches, high-quality websites always have the chance to work with BuySellAds.

The company is a particularly good fit for publishers with a loyal base and fresh content.

They provide variety in types of ads they offer, and they keep them targeted and without much clutter.

The stats reporting feature is an incredibly useful tool and one reason so many publishers decide to stick with BuySellAds in the long run.

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User Reviews

Jason Bonilla
Overall 4
1 Jun 2022
4.0 Ease of Use
5.0 Customer Service
4.0 Value for the Money
3.0 Features


I was looking for an easy way to advertise my new book. I found BuySellAds through a Google search and decided to try it out. I created a campaign and started promoting it. Within two weeks, I had received several inquiries about the book. I am very happy with the results!
The only issue is that the platform is fairly complex. I like the overall idea and features, but it is not quite as intuitive and easy to use as something like Google Adwords or Amazon's ad platform.