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Before we provide our complete ClickUp review, let’s cover a few quick facts about the tool.

Using ClickUp, you can manage an entire team’s work in one place.

ClickUp offers features like task prioritization, assigned tasks, subtasks, progress tracking, and more.

The ClickUp interface is clean and user-friendly.

You can also integrate ClickUp with other tools, such as Slack or Google Calendar.


  • Free Forever Plan
  • Unlimited: $9 per member per month
  • Business: $19 per member per month
  • Business Plus: $29 per member per month
  • Enterprise: Contact the company for pricing

Discounts Available

Paying annually for each plan offers slight yearly savings.

Lifetime Plan


ClickUp Pros

  • Easy to use
  • More functionality than Asana
  • Offers a Chrome extension

ClickUp Cons

  • New users can feel intimidated at first
  • The email reply function sometimes fails
  • User experience can use an upgrade


If you’re looking for a comprehensive project management tool that can help your business run more efficiently, ClickUp is worth considering.

ClickUp is a versatile tool used by businesses of all sizes.

It’s cost-effective and offers features that can benefit everyone, from solopreneurs to large teams.

In this ClickUp review, we’ll discuss what ClickUp is, the pros and cons of using it, and how you can get started with the software solution today.

Overview of ClickUp

Let’s go through what ClickUp is and how it started to better understand our ClickUp review.

What Is ClickUp?

ClickUp is a project management tool that helps business owners better manage their time.

The ClickUp platform provides users with various features to help them better manage their projects, including task lists, calendars, reminders, and more.

ClickUp History

Founded in 2017 by Zeb Evans and Alex Yurkowski, the company calls San Diego, California, home.

The company’s mission is to help business owners better manage their time and projects.

To date, ClickUp has helped almost one million teams work more productively.

Pros and Cons of ClickUp

There are pros and cons to using ClickUp as your productivity software.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

Pros of ClickUp

  • Clear dashboard view
  • Works for solopreneurs and teams
  • Updates often with new features

Cons of ClickUp

  • The calendar isn’t intuitive for some people
  • Difficult to send tasks from Gmail Filters

How Much Does ClickUp Cost?

Inside each ClickUp pricing plan, you will get access to plenty of features that will help you deliver your online courses.

Here are the details.

Free Forever Plan

With the Free plan, you get the following features.

  • Unlimited tasks
  • 100 MB storage
  • Collaborative docs
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Real-time chat
  • Whiteboards
  • Time tracking
  • Video recording
  • 24/7 support

Cost: Free

Unlimited Plan

The Unlimited plan adds these features to the Free plan.

  • Unlimited dashboards, integrations, and storage
  • User groups for teams
  • Unlimited custom fields and Gantt charts
  • Goals and portfolios
  • Resource management
  • Agile reporting

Cost: $9 per member per month ($5/mo when billed annually)

Business Plan

You can add the following features to the Unlimited plan by choosing the Business plan.

  • Unlimited teams
  • Google SSO (Single sign-on)
  • Advanced automation and public sharing
  • Custom exporting
  • Advanced time tracking
  • Workload management
  • Goal folders
  • Timelines and mind maps
  • Granular time estimates

Cost: $19 per member per month ($12/mo when billed annually)

Business Plus Plan

The Business Plus plan contains all of the features from the Business plan, plus the following additional features.

  • Subtasks in multiple lists
  • Team sharing
  • Custom permissions
  • Custom role creation
  • Admin training webinar
  • Increased automation and API
  • Custom workload capacity
  • Priority support

Cost: $29 per member per month ($19/mo when billed annually)

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan adds the following features to what you receive with the Business Plan.

  • Advanced permissions
  • White labeling
  • Unlimited custom roles
  • Enterprise API
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Default personal views
  • Live onboarding training
  • Access to managed services
  • Dedicated success manager

Cost: Contact the sales department for a custom quote

Is ClickUp Worth the Cost?

ClickUp is worth the cost.

Its pricing plans offer an affordable solution for anyone from solopreneurs to large companies.

Why ClickUp Is Worth the Cost

It’s worth it to use ClickUp because it offers a variety of features that help business owners better manage their projects.

Overall, you’ll benefit from using ClickUp as it helps you manage your projects more effectively.

Becoming more productive typically results in increased profits.

ClickUp also offers its free plan so that you can try the software before committing to a paid plan.

The Problem ClickUp Solves

ClickUp solves the problem of not having a clear overview of your tasks, projects, and deadlines.

ClickUp’s visual interface gives you a better understanding of what you need to get done and when it needs to come to completion.

It helps business owners save time by not having to search for lost files or forgotten deadlines.

ClickUp also offers features such as task lists, reminders, and calendars to help you better manage your team.

Why Would Somebody Want To Use ClickUp?

You’ll want to use ClickUp to keep track of time, manage projects more effectively, and make it easier to communicate with team members.

ClickUp’s main selling point is that it is user-friendly.

Even if you are not familiar with project management tools, ClickUp’s interface is straightforward to understand.

Who Is ClickUp Best For?

ClickUp is best for business owners, project managers, and teams who need a better way to manage their time and projects.

Why ClickUp Is Best for Business Owners, Project Managers, and Teams

Business owners need a way to help themselves and their teams to be more productive.

ClickUp does this by giving users the ability to see the activity of each employee.

As the business owner, you can monitor progress.

Project managers need a tool that will help them keep track of all the moving parts of a project.

ClickUp accomplishes this by allowing you to create tasks and subtasks.

Teams can use ClickUp to communicate and collaborate.

Everyone on your team gains the ability to comment on tasks, @mention each other, and create task dependencies.

It makes it easy for teams to work together and get things done.

Who Should NOT Use ClickUp?

The only people who shouldn’t use ClickUp are those folks who don’t value becoming more productive.

Why People Without Production Goals Should Not Use ClickUp

It is not worth paying for the software if you think you’re already super productive.

What To Think About Before Buying ClickUp

Here are five major factors to consider before purchasing a ClickUp account.

Do You Need a High Level of Customization?

You must consider how much customization you want from a project management tool like ClickUp.

ClickUp is an option if you’re looking for something highly configurable to your team’s specific needs.

ClickUp also integrates with over 80 different business apps, so you can customize it to fit seamlessly into your company’s existing workflows.

What Are the Project Management Needs of Your Team?

Before investing in ClickUp (or any project management tool), you need to take inventory of your team’s specific needs.

ClickUp offers a variety of features that can be helpful for teams, including task prioritization, Gantt charts, file storage, and real-time commenting.

How User-Friendly Is the Tool?

ClickUp is user-friendly, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for every team.

If your team is already using a project management tool that they’re happy with, there’s no need to switch to ClickUp.

ClickUp is a quality option for teams starting from scratch or who struggle to use their current tool.

Is the Price Point Affordable for Your Team?

You’ll need to consider if the price per member is affordable for your company.

ClickUp offers a free plan, which is an excellent option when testing the project management software.

With the paid plans starting at $5 per month, you should find one that fits your budget.

How Much Training and Support Is Available for the Tool?

ClickUp offers a variety of training resources, including video tutorials, live webinars, and an extensive knowledge base.

There’s also email support available to ClickUp users.

So if you’re looking for a project management tool with robust training and support, ClickUp is a good option.

Features and Benefits of ClickUp

Here are the key features and advantages of using ClickUp.

Everything View

The ClickUp “Everything View” dashboard gives you an overview of all your tasks in one place.

It is helpful for quickly seeing tasks and prioritizing your time.

You can save, filter, and sort every level of task and project management across the entire team.

You’ll see items you must do immediately and gain perspective about a project’s overall progress inside the dashboard.

Customizable Tasks

ClickUp allows you to customize your tasks to fit your team’s specific needs.

You can add subtasks, due dates, assignees, tags, and more to each task.

You’ll discover that adding files and comments to tasks is easy.

You can @mention team members in tasks to get their attention and start a conversation.

Folders for Grouping Projects

ClickUp’s folders feature allows you to group projects.

It helps keep your work organized and avoid overwhelming your team.

You can create as many folders as you need and add an unlimited number of projects to each folder.

Nested Subtasks and Checklists

The nested subtasks and checklist features help break down tasks into smaller, more manageable pieces.

They work well for teams who want to ensure everyone completes tasks correctly the first time.

These features also help to avoid overwhelming your team by breaking down a large project into smaller chunks.


The ClickApps feature allows you to customize the project management tool to fit your team’s specific needs.

There are over 35 ClickApps available, including ones for time tracking, file storage, adding custom fields, and assigning “Sprint Points.”

You can use ClickApps to create a seamless workflow for your team.


ClickUp offers a variety of templates, including ones for project management, customer support, software development, and marketing.

Use them to save time as you avoid the need to recreate the same tasks over and over again.

Automation Rules

With ClickUp’s automation rules, you can automate repetitive tasks.

For example, you can set up a rule that automatically assigns a task to the team member who created it.

Automation rules help to save time and improve efficiency.


ClickUp integrates with over 1000 apps, including Google Calendar, Slack, Zoom, GitHub, and more.

The integrations make it easy to connect ClickUp with the tools you already use.

Collaboration Tools

The collaboration features in ClickUp help teams to work together more effectively.

The @mentions feature allows you to tag team members in tasks and comments.

The commenting feature makes it easy to have a conversation inside of ClickUp.

With the proofing feature, you can leave comments on files and get notifications when someone replies.

Real-time Reporting

The real-time reporting feature in ClickUp keeps you on point with how your team performs.

You can track progress, identify areas of improvement, and make changes accordingly.

The reports are customizable, so you can create the perfect ones for your team’s needs.

As a team leader, you can identify which team members complete tasks on time and which ones need help as they fall behind.

Specific reporting items inside your analytics dashboard include the following.

  • Goals
  • Workload and box view
  • Milestones
  • Pulse

Use the “Goals” section to tie project goals to specific numbers, tasks, and monetary values.

The “Workload and box view” shows you a day-by-day view that can help you identify bottlenecks in your process.

Using the “Milestones” tab, you will set milestones to reveal progress as you complete each significant stage of a project.

With “Pulse,” ClickUp uses machine learning to reveal where you spend your time.

ClickUp Customer Service

You may need to contact ClickUp’s customer service team for help while working inside your dashboard.

For instance, you can get help if you’re having trouble integrating a third-party tool into your ClickUp account.

Does ClickUp Offer Customer Service?

Customers of ClickUp may expect expert, timely customer service.

What Types of Customer Service Does ClickUp Offer?

ClickUp offers customer service through its “Support” page.

You can access the Support page by clicking on the “?” icon in the top section of your ClickUp dashboard.

On the Support page, you will find a search bar that you can use to type in keywords related to your question.

ClickUp will then generate a list of articles that may provide you with the answer you’re looking for.

If you can’t find the answer to your question, you can contact ClickUp’s customer service team by clicking on the “Contact Us” button.

ClickUp also offers its ClickUp University to help you increase your productivity skills.

Additionally, you’ll find a complete knowledge base with answers to most questions that come up while using ClickUp.

If you like to learn visually, the ClickUp team offers live webinars to teach you how to use the software most effectively.

Why Should You Trust Us?

We’re sensitive to your concerns regarding our ClickUp data and advice.

However, we’ve done a significant study into the platform.

For example, we’ve conducted extensive research on what its consumers have to say following the use of the service.

What ClickUp Users are Saying

Customer testimonials serve as one of the most useful methods to review whether ClickUp is right for you and your business.

  • “ClickUp is easy to use, features a variety of powerful functions, and allows you to invite others for free. There are also lots of video tutorials available.” – David B.
  • “I highly recommend this product because of its fantastic organization abilities.
    I can have multiple projects and tasks going on simultaneously, and view them however I want by sorting them.” – Chelsea S.
  • “I had a fantastic experience with the product at first, but I was hesitant to utilize it and suggest it because I knew nothing about the product.
    However, once I started utilizing it, I fell in love with it.” – Irfan A.

ClickUp Alternatives

As you think about using ClickUp for your business, consider the following three competitors.


Trello is a Kanban-style project management tool that offers a free plan for individuals and affordable paid plans for businesses.

It’s easy to use, but it doesn’t offer as many features as ClickUp.

For example, ClickUp has a goal-setting feature that Trello doesn’t have.

How Does Trello Differ From ClickUp?

One of the biggest differences between Trello and ClickUp is that ClickUp lets you see your projects and tasks in multiple views.

You can only view each board one at a time while using Trello.

Another difference is simplicity.

It takes a little time to become familiar with ClickUp’s navigation.

It’s easier to understand Trello’s more simplistic dashboard.

Who Is Trello Best For?

Trello is best for small businesses and individual users who need a simple project management tool.

Try Trello.


Asana is another popular project management tool that’s similar to ClickUp.

It offers a free plan for teams of up to 15 people and paid plans for larger teams.

Asana has more features than Trello but doesn’t have as many features as ClickUp.

How Does Asana Differ From ClickUp?

Asana is more focused on team collaboration than ClickUp.

ClickUp offers features that help both teams and individuals stay organized and achieve their goals.

For example, the “My Tasks” feature in ClickUp shows you all the tasks you’re responsible for in one place.

Asana doesn’t have this feature.

Who Is Asana Best For?

Asana is best for businesses that need a project management tool to help their team collaborate more effectively.

Try Asana.


Todoist is a to-do list app that’s similar to ClickUp.

It offers a free plan for individuals and paid plans for businesses.

You can combine notifications, tasks, attachments, comments, and projects into your Todoist dashboard.

The tool exists to help you streamline team and personal activity.

How Does Todoist Differ From ClickUp?

Todoist is a to-do list app, while ClickUp is a project management tool.

Todoist has fewer features than ClickUp, but it’s easier to use.

Think of ClickUp as your all-in-one solution while Todist is more simplistic.

The difference means Todoist comes in at a cheaper price point.

You can use its top “Business Plan” for $6 per user per month.

Who Is Todoist Best For?

Todoist is best for anyone needing a simple to-do list app to keep track of their tasks.

Try Todoist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about ClickUp?

Here are two most commonly asked questions regarding the project management tool.

Why is ClickUp so complicated?

Overall, ClickUp isn’t that complicated.

However, getting familiar with its navigation takes a little time.

Some people may feel like it’s a more complicated tool due to its all-in-one nature.

Once you understand how ClickUp works, you should find it easy to navigate daily.

Is ClickUp better than Jira?

It is difficult to answer this question.

ClickUp and Jira are both quality project management tools.

They each have their own set of features and benefits.

ClickUp may be a better fit for some businesses, while Jira may be a better fit for others.

The best way to decide which tool is right for your business is to sign up for the free plan of each one and see which one you prefer.

Wrapping Up

Most businesses and those working for them struggle with managing their time, tasks, and projects.

ClickUp solves these problems by providing its all-in-one project management software solution.

The collaboration, real-time reporting, and automation rules make ClickUp stand out.

These features help ensure that you and your team stay on task, understand a project’s progress, stay in contact, and easily complete individual and team goals.

The customization aspects also help you use ClickUp to fit how you and your team think and/or approach projects.

If you want to upgrade your productivity, you should seriously consider using ClickUp as the solution.

Try it for free today.

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