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Getting a custom logo design doesn’t need to be a confusing or expensive process.

When you take the more traditional route of hiring a freelance designer or a design firm, you may end up with a logo that isn’t quite right and you’re still stuck with footing the bill.

But just as technology companies are quickly ramping up their efforts in machine learning to improve our everyday lives, Designhill has an online logo maker that utilizes artificial intelligence to create just the right logo for you in mere seconds.

The Smarter Logo Creator

designhill bt 1

With over 6,000 customer ratings and counting, the Designhill logo maker is remarkably popular and hugely successful, earning a near-perfect average rating from all these satisfied customers.

What’s really convenient with this logo maker is that you can go through the entire process yourself, all without any specific design knowledge or expertise.

It’s a step-by-step wizard that will walk you through every step of the way, gauging your design preferences and generating several “beautiful and unique logos within seconds using [this] AI-powered logo maker.”

Logos are incredibly important as they say a lot about your brand.

When you’ve got a logo that really captures the essence of your brand, you start off on the right foot with any prospects and ensure that you start that conversation off on the right foot.

You want the right combination of colors, iconography, frames and layout to convey just the right message.

Start With Inspiration

designhill bt 2

After providing your company name, the first step that you’ll need to take with this online logo maker is to choose five different logo design styles that speak to you.

There are about 30 in this collection in all. Don’t focus too much on the specifics of the design style as much as the general impression that you get from each one.

What is the “feel” that you want to achieve?

These design styles will start from a place of inspiration for the AI logo maker, as they will help to capture the essence of what you are trying to achieve.

In much the same way, the next step is to start working on your color palette.

If you already have a set of brand colors, this next step is especially easy.

If you’re starting from scratch or you’re open to new possibilities, the wizard can help there too.

For each of the colors, and you can pick up to three, you will be offered the full range of tones and shades.

When you hover over any of the colors, you’ll be given a list of characteristics that are normally associated with that color.

You may have come across these kinds of color associations before and you can certainly take some time to research these associations further if you prefer.

designhill bt 3

For instance, you’ll see here that blue is associated with such qualities as trust, loyalty, wisdom, brilliance, confidence, faith, calmness and tranquility.

Do any of these resonate with what your company or brand stands for?

By comparison, black is associated with power, reliability, and practicality, whereas green elicits connections to nature, growth, harmony and freshness.

A Symbolic Representation

designhill bt 4

After designating your slogan (if you’d like to have it included in your logo) and choosing an industry, you are then tasked with searching for and adding up to five symbols.

These icons are presented to you in black and white, but they may be adapted to the brand colors you picked in the previous step too.

Likely based on the industry you selected, you’ll be shown a number of suggested search terms for the symbols, as well as a button to “generate more ideas” if you’re looking for more inspiration.

Alternatively, you can search for your own terms or skip this step if you don’t want any symbols in your logo at all.

There are more than one million icons to choose from in total, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding at least a few that you like.

The AI Generated Logos

After you’ve gone through the steps described above, which can really be accomplished in a minute or less if you’re reasonably decisive about your choices, you’ll be presented with a huge variety of potential logo designs.

Here are some great hypothetical examples for Blogging Tips.

designhill bt 5

The cyan and white color scheme look really sharp, especially against a black background.

It almost has a Tron-like quality to it. You can see here that the logos generated by the AI logo maker take advantage of some great premium fonts, as well as additional imagery to create the best-looking logo possible.

The one at the top-left has a container too, but you can choose to remove it… or add it to one of the other designs.

You see, you’re not stuck only with what the logo maker is able to generate.

You can use any of these as a starting point for further, specific customization.

If you click on the “Edit logo” button associated with any logo, you enter another section where you can choose different colors, symbols, containers and so on.

More advanced settings allow you to alter the symbol size, symbol distance, text distance and container size.

Another exciting feature is that users will have a virtually limitless supply of logo design ideas and drafts to choose from.

Since Designhill’s tool is running off automation and AI, it’s essentially creating new and unique logo designs on the fly.

To keep loading new concepts, all you need to do is click on the “Load

More” button at the bottom of the page.

If you’re not sure and want to sleep on it, you can save the logo to your account and revisit it later too.

From the many different logo designs that were offered through the site, we really enjoyed the look and feel of the logo above.

With some minor customization, tweaks and font/color changes, we could definitely make a logo like this one work for the site.

What I really like is how Designhill provided all of the necessary draft work and coming up with the initial concept. Color matching and playing with fonts is something everyone can do in a matter of seconds.

But How Does It Really Look?

Designhill Logo on Merchandise
Designhill Example Logo

A great feature that you’ll find is the ability to “preview” your logo in a number of different applications as well.

In the same “Edit Logo” section is a “preview” page that shows what the generated logo would look like if it were printed on a t-shirt, used on a business card, printed on merchandise like a tote bag, shown on a street sign, printed on stationery and more.

How Much Does It Really Cost?

Designhill Pricing

The basic package is only $20, but it limits you to a lower-resolution logo file (600 pixels by 600 pixels).

A better value is with the premium package for $65, as you get a higher resolution file that is print-ready.

Also included is your logo in vector format with a transparent background, complete with the font names and colors if you want to extend that to the rest of your branding.

And yes, you get full copyright ownership and the opportunity re-download the files at your convenience too.

Wrapping Up

Designhill’s AI-powered logo maker is far and away one of the most affordable and fastest ways to get a beautiful, professional-looking logo made in literally a matter of moments.

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