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Overview: Duda is a multi-faceted platform that allows you to manage all aspects of your company’s online presence.

Between the website builder functionality, team collaboration, and invoicing integration, you have everything you need to get your business up and running.

While there are a few features that would make it even better, it’s an excellent option for many.


  • Basic Plan: $19 per month
  • Team Expanded Acess Plan: $29 per month
  • Agency Plan: $59 per month
  • Custom Plan: Call for Pricing


The most significant discount that Duda offers is a reduced rate when paying for your plan annually instead of every month.

This billing method will save you 25% in total.

Lifetime Plan: No

Duda Pros:

  • Easy-to-use website builder
  • Multi-functional platform
  • Caters to small businesses
  • Highly responsive customer service

Duda Cons:

  • Minimal SEO integrations
  • More expensive than other options

Duda Review

As a small business owner, the checklist of needed items, systems, and technology seems to be never-ending.

Having multiple necessities in one place helps you work more efficiently and with less stress.

One of the platforms with the capability to operate more than one aspect of your small business is Duda.

To help you understand the perks and features that the company offers, we have compiled them all in this comprehensive Duda review.

If you’re interested in learning more about this great application, continue reading below.

Overview of Duda

The search for appropriate software and applications to fit the various needs associated with a small business can be overwhelming.

You often run into the issue where one option works for one task, but it may not for the other.

In this Duda review, you will see all the critical aspects of business management in one platform.

What is Duda?

Duda is a multi-faceted program that operates a series of tasks in one software.

When using Duda, you will be able to manage the following:

  • Company Website Builder
  • Small Business Client Management
  • Team Collaboration Tools
  • E-Commerce Integrations
  • App Store Operations
  • Client Billing and Invoicing
  • Client Website Development

These features allow you to manage the majority of your daily operations within your team as well as expand to new markets.

Duda History

At the start of it all, the creators behind the Duda enterprise desired to have a resource for people to develop high-quality mobile websites.

The Duda company catered these efforts primarily to small businesses.

After that, they decided to expand to offer additional services that would benefit their clients.

The result of this came in the form of responsive web pages that provide lightning-fast loading times and cater to user performance.

The company also brought in the other elements listed above to help client operations and efficiency.

The company name Duda comes from the popular 1998 film “The Big Lebowski.”

According to the company website, they model their approach by the motto of the main character, meaning that they roll with the punches and are always available to help others.

Currently, Duda operates out of five offices in three different countries.

The company was also awarded the PCMag’s Editors’ Choice award for Best Website Builder in 2018.

Pros and Cons of Duda

As is the case with any platform, you will have the good with the bad.

While many favorable amenities come with the application, there are also a few areas for improvement.

Pros of Duda

  • Fast Website Response Time
  • Multiple Avenues for Customer Support
  • Account Billing and Customer Management
  • Professional Assistance
  • Flexible Billing Options

Cons of Duda

  • Costly Monthly Plans
  • Limited Customization Functionality

How Much Does Duda Cost?

When it comes to purchasing a plan through Duda, you have two options for payment.

You can opt to pay every month or one lump sum yearly.

You will save 25% off the initial cost if you choose the annual route.

Monthly Billing:

  • Basic Plan: $19 per month
  • Team Expanded Acess Plan: $29 per month
  • Agency Plan: $59 per month
  • Custom Plan: Call for Pricing

Annual Billing:

  • Basic Plan: $14 per month
  • Team Expanded Acess Plan: $22 per month
  • Agency Plan: $44 per month
  • Custom Plan: Call for Pricing

Is Duda Worth the Cost?

Although it comes at a higher rate than other options, we believe that Duda is worth the cost.

Why Duda Is Worth The Cost

When you break down the cost of each element included in a Duda plan and purchase them separately from individual sources, you would spend a much more significant amount than what you would in the Duda monthly rate.

Although the upfront cost can be alarming, you get your money’s worth with all the high-end features.

If you don’t benefit from some of the elements, then you may want to reconsider.

However, most have their place in the small business world and help it to run smoothly and efficiently.

The Problem Duda Solves

When you sign up for a plan through Duda, you gain access to a multitude of features that are beneficial to an emerging small business.

Not only can you create your own online presence, but you can also keep track of sales and clients.

Although you may not see it as a priority when first starting your business, the different components associated with Duda all have their place in business management.

Having all of these tools at your disposal from the get-go is more beneficial than playing catch-up at a later time.

Who is Duda Best For?

If you are a business owner or manage a team of people, you will likely find ongoing benefits in Duda’s features.

While each plan has different attributes, you are guaranteed to find one that works for your company’s needs.

For those who own and operate a small business, Duda will help to eliminate barriers to operation with their solid management integrations.

From one dashboard, you can review client information, oversee outstanding invoices, create applications to address client issues, and sell goods and services on your custom-designed website.

Who Should NOT Use Duda?

It’s likely that Duda will have some benefit to all users who sign up for their services.

However, if you run a large corporation, you may find that other applications on a designated server will provide faster speed and higher levels of encryption.

What to Think About Before Buying Duda

Before you pay for an entire year’s membership or set up your monthly payment plan, there are a few things that you will want to think about thoroughly.

Experiment With a Free Trial

When choosing software or application that will hold a significant portion of your data and be the go-between for managing your business, you need to know what you’re getting into from the start.

You especially want to check it out before loading all of your information into the database.

Duda provides a free trial for all new users to understand better what the program offers.

Decide If All Elements Are Necessary

After exploring everything that Duda offers, you need to be realistic with yourself and your needs.

Do you think you will only utilize one or two of the applications?

If that’s the case, then spending the money on a plan isn’t an excellent fit for you and your company.

Consider Your Budget

As we stated before, Duda is one of the more expensive options when looking for a platform that will perform a series of tasks for your small business.

When first starting out, budget is a concern

Therefore, be sure to analyze whether the Duda program and the price plan will work for your bottom line.

Check Out The Online Community

The most honest feedback you will receive is from people currently using the product.

Duda has its own online support community.

From there, you can review what questions and concerns customers routinely have and how responsive customer support is to the posed inquiries.

Perform a Mental Test Drive

As a final check before deciding on whether to enroll in a plan with Duda or not, you should perform a mental test drive.

When doing this, walk through all the different scenarios in which you might use various aspects of the Duda platform.

In the end, be realistic about whether their use would be beneficial or not.

If the answer is yes, then proceed with the plan.

If not, continue looking at other options.

Features and Benefits of Duda

As we have briefly discussed, there is a surplus of premium features and benefits associated with the Duda platform.

But what exactly are they?

Below we outline a Duda review as it relates to the top amenities for customers.

Website Builder

One of the most challenging aspects when opening a small business is creating a professional online presence.

While many will quickly create social media profiles and call it good, there is a significant benefit to having a separate and independent home on the Internet.

However, the problem that comes with that is twofold.

To start, many don’t know the first thing about constructing an attractive website.

Secondly, time is of the essence.

When starting a business, you don’t have much in the way of time.

Thankfully, Duda has a premium website builder embedded in its program.

With this, you can easily select templates and layouts and insert the appropriate images and material to customize them to your needs.

E-Commerce Integrations

What has been most stressful to me in the early days of entrepreneurship is figuring out the intricate details of online selling.

Whether a company sells goods or services, finding the right way to list those on your website and market them to potential customers can be tricky.

I felt a lot more comfortable with the situation when I discovered the e-commerce application that Duda offers to users.

The simplistic nature of the layout made the process smooth and natural.

Everything was squared away and ready for customers in no time.

Team Collaboration

In my time working with small businesses, one of the most common misconceptions is that there isn’t a need for a shared space for staff members to communicate.

Whether it’s regarding a customer issue that has come up, an order that needs to be fulfilled, or even a marketing document that needs reviewing, the likelihood of needing such a space is high.

As part of the Duda application, you have the necessary portal to work alongside your staff regardless of location.

You can send a spreadsheet to your accountant with the touch of a button.

If necessary, you can pass an order on to your sales associate.

Using a team collaboration tool minimizes unnecessary steps and streamlines the operation.

Client Management Portal

Remember the days of office past when a Rolodex held all of a company’s contact information for clients?

If you need someone’s phone number, you would need to flip through the cards to find the appropriate one before placing the call.

Life is much different now than it was then.

Going to a wheel of paper to find what you need isn’t feasible any longer.

Now, dedicated databases help you store all of this information in one virtual space.

When you sign up to use this service through Duda, you can grant account permissions to others on your team as well to provide ongoing access to necessary client data.


Buying a separate invoicing software for your company can be exceptionally pricy.

Most charge a standard fee for the bare-bones features and tack on additional charges for the more premium assets.

These costs can be distressing, especially when you are first starting out.

At times it may seem like you’re spending more money to invoice clients than what you receive!

As part of the Duda platform, you can access client billing amenities.

Therefore you can create, send, monitor, and manage all receivables on one program.

You don’t pay anything additional to utilize this part of the program as it’s all part of your standard monthly or yearly fee.

Duda Customer Service

There are a few circumstances in which you might need to reach out to customer service.

During setup, there can often be hiccups when uploading all the necessary information to the Duda database.

Most commonly, this is due to being a new user and is resolved quickly.

Other issues that can arise may include having a one-off situation that needs attention, or your particular business requires things done a specific way.

You will likely require assistance to make that happen.

Does Duda Offer Customer Service?

Yes, Duda offers a wide variety of customer service approaches for prospective and established customers.

While certain avenues may be unavailable to you if you aren’t part of a paid plan, there are other routes to take to get the help you need.

What Types of Customer Service Does Duda Offer?

If you require assistance from Duda’s customer service team, you can reach them in a few different ways.

  • Schedule a Call
  • Email the Sales Team
  • Live Chat (Established Customers Only)
  • Ask the Community

With so many different ways to receive an answer to your question, you are likely to have a solution quickly and efficiently.

Why Should You Trust Us?

With the vast amount of guides and reviews available on the internet, it can be hard to understand which you should follow and which aren’t reliable.

However, it’s essential to know that we are all in this together.

I have this information due to my own experience and that of my peers.

After trying to find the best path, we are passing my knowledge on to you for your benefit.

What Duda Users are Saying

In addition to the research I have done and my experiences, I want to pass along some of the testimonials from other users to help you in your decision process.

“The feature-rich Duda offers nearly everything you need to quickly build and host a mobile-friendly, full-featured website, complete with e-commerce—provided you can handle the price.”

Jordan Minor, PC Magazine

“Been using Duda for about five years.

Really makes web design and updates easy and fast for a business owner to control their own destiny.

Great product. Great support.” – Bill Mundhausen, TrustPilot

“Horrible predatory company: they are difficult to impossible to cancel any service, as you MUST call to cancel, cancel subscription does not cancel the billing which is deceptive.

Call over and over, not able to get a customer service representative, and then have to fight to cancel.

A month later, charged again!” – Kevin D., Better Business Bureau.

Duda Alternatives

If you don’t think Duda is the best program for you and your small business needs, one of these alternatives may serve you better.


The Wix company has a significant presence in the website builder industry.

While they do offer some of the additional features that Duda does, they do not include all of them.

However, the website builder platform is among the best on the market.

How Does Wix Differ From Duda?

One of the most considerable losses of choosing Wix over Duda is foregoing the client billing feature.

The overlap of amenities is otherwise aligned, although their intricacies differ between companies.

Who is Wix Best For?

If you are primarily looking for a quality website builder, then using Wix is a great fit.


Associated with the point of sale system Square, Weebly offers a streamlined way to create an online presence with information already integrated into your Square account.

This functionality is especially helpful when it comes to e-commerce businesses.

How Does Weebly Differ From Duda?

The process of creating a website and e-commerce platform from content and data that is already curated can be a significant time saver for business owners.

Duda does not have this feature.

Who is Weebly Best For?

If you already use Square for your point-of-sale operations, then using Weebly is a no-brainer.


Squarespace directly focuses on creating interactive websites for those who aren’t knowledgeable in the design process.

While they have a few additional features, most are not administratively concentrated like the management applications needed by small businesses.

How Does Squarespace Differ From Duda?

Duda has many more options available to help keep small businesses organized administratively.

While Squarespace will allow you to build a professional-looking website quickly, they don’t offer much in the way of operations management.

Who is Squarespace Best For?

If you are looking to boost your search engine optimization levels, then using Squarespace for your website is a solid choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Incorporating a new program, especially one with a recurring expense, isn’t a decision to take lightly.

Below are some of the most common inquiries regarding Duda and its features.

What is Duda white label?

For those who work in the industry of helping to launch businesses, it is possible to utilize the services provided by Duda but brand them as your own.

This privilege comes with a premium cost but provides a cohesive experience and branding between a business and consumer.

How many Duda websites are there?

According to the company web page, Duda has helped users to create more than 14 million sites.

They have serviced over 450,000 businesses with their various needs and have earned over 20 industry awards for their work.


There is a lot that goes into the management of a small business.

Additionally, the time required to research and implement all the different software, programs, and applications can be better spent elsewhere.

Finding a program that services all of your web presence and business management needs is an ideal solution. But does such a program exist?

While this will depend on the particular needs of your specific business and industry, there are a few platforms that will likely fit the need.

One of those options is Duda.

With years of experience and multiple features that cater to small business needs, it may be the solution you’ve been looking for all along.

We have taken all our opinions and experiences with the service and placed them into this extensive Duda review for your benefit.

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