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2.75/5 Ezoic Reviews

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Ezoic is a platform focusing on helping independent websites test and optimize their site for revenue generating. While they have large discounts up front and initially the platform seems great, they will try to lock you into long-term "Accelerator" agreements that are very rigid and clearly a long-term gain for them but not for the publisher.
Star Rating
Star Rating
2.75 out of 5.0
Ease of Use
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2 out of 5.0
Customer Service
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1 out of 5.0
Value for the Money
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Star Rating
4 out of 5.0
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4 out of 5.0


  • Confusing interface
  • Prone to bugs upon set-up
  • Inconsistent customer support
  • You can’t downgrade plans easily
  • Minimum payout


  • No set-up fee
  • No contracts
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Advertisement placement control
  • High earning off ads
2 /5 User Reviews
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Star Rating

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Most content online requires an element of monetization to achieve success and continue expanding.

Unfortunately, most platforms I looked into wouldn’t consider helping users monetize if they are below 100,000 or even 50,000 page views.

That’s when I found Ezoic.

My Ezoic review found the platform one of the most accessible options for users based on experience levels and user performance.

I thought that something accessible and affordable couldn’t compare to big names like AdThrive, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Ezoic is a platform that provides tools to independent website owners to optimize their content for monetization.

In addition to its monetization options, Ezoic offers SEO, analytic, and performance optimization tools to help users enhance their website and content.

Overview of Ezoic

Ezoic is a big question mark for many small publishers looking for ways to generate revenue from their websites.

While not being in the limelight, Ezoic acts as a savior to all types of independent publishers and helps them create websites fit for generating revenue.

What Is Ezoic?

Ezoic’s focus is on optimizing websites for small businesses so that they can generate revenue from ads.

Ezoic accomplishes this by using its intelligent AI to improve website layout.

While also providing users with high-priced advertisements and access to premium advertisers.

Ezoic History

Ezoic, founded by Dwayne Lafleur in 2010, continues to operate successfully today.

Ezoic believes in helping independent publishers optimize and test their websites regardless of size.

Large companies can continue to improve, optimize, and test their site, but smaller website owners don’t have the resources to do that.

Therefore Dwayne decided to create a platform that would remedy this problem.

Ezoic was born as the first automated platform dedicated to improving users’ websites.

Today, they specialize in providing users tools to optimize their layout, content, and performance.

Pros and Cons of Ezoic

No software, no matter how good, is free of fault.

I’ve gone through most of what I could find of user complaints for Ezoic.

Additionally, some concerns with Ezoic have been consistently prevalent for people.

Pros of Ezoic
  • No set-up fee
  • No contracts (unless you sign up for Accelerator)
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Advertisement placement control
  • High earning off ads
Cons of Ezoic
  • Confusing interface
  • Prone to bugs upon set-up
  • Inconsistent customer support
  • You can’t downgrade plans easily
  • Minimum payout

How Much Does Ezoic Cost?

The cost of Ezoic depends on multiple factors.

Pricing can be confusing, but I will try to simplify it as much as possible.

Free options:

  • Ad-Funded: This option is free, and Ezoic keeps the ad revenue generated by default.
  • 10% Revenue Share: This option shares 10% of the ad revenue generated with Ezoic.

Paid options:

  • Ezoic Pro: This option will run you $49.99 annually, or $5.99 a month.
  • Premium: Invite only, and cost varies.
  • Vip: Invite only, and cost varies.

Is Ezoic Worth the Cost?

Ezoic is undoubtedly worth the price they ask of each tier.

Why Ezoic Is Worth the Cost

Each option of Ezoic generates net positive revenue in some way.

While your income is technically up to you, you’ll find a significant increase with Ezoic Pro to more than make up the annual subscription costs.

You will make more with Ezoic Pro because you can access premium advertisers who will pay more per ad.

The Problem Ezoic Solves

Generating revenue and increasing web traffic are two of the main problems Ezoic helps users solve.

Ezoic offers solutions for all website publishers.

Ezoic’s analytics, monetization, site scores, and SEO support provide users with the tools to successfully generate consistent revenue from their website.

Why Would Somebody Want To Use Ezoic?

If someone is looking to optimize their website to generate more traffic and revenue, then it’s highly recommended that they use Ezoic.

Who Is Ezoic Best For?

Ezoic is best for independent websites.

Why Is Ezoic Best for Independent Websites?

The main reason Ezoic is best for these independent websites is the sheer amount of support and features offered by Ezoic.

Large corporations have teams dedicated to proper website optimization and content creation, but smaller websites don’t.

Ezoic offers a competitive alternative for small publishers to compete and take a piece of the market share from websites that dominate the industry.

Who Should NOT Use Ezoic

If you’re not planning to generate revenue from your website, there is no need to go through the hassle of setting up and optimizing your content through Ezoic.

Additionally, if your website has low traffic, you may find little value in Ezoic at first.

Websites That Don’t Want To Generate Revenue Should Not Use Ezoic

Low traffic doesn’t mean Ezoic won’t help you, they’ll help you generate more revenue, but it’s essential to understand that you won’t be making that much at first.

If you’re not working to improve your site, Ezoic may not be for you.

What To Think About Before Buying Ezoic

Before committing to their service, you’d want to consider a few things about Ezoic.

  • How much traffic am I generating?
  • How much traffic do I want to generate?
  • Do I need help optimizing my website?
  • Will I commit to improving my site?
  • Will I make more money with Ezoic?

Features and Benefits of Ezoic

I want to emphasize that Ezoic provides you with the tools to better your website.

Every feature that Ezoic offers assists its users in better optimizing their content for profit and gives them the tools for success.

How you use their tools will determine your success.

1. Website Monetization

Ezoic offers users extensive support for website monetization.

They use a sophisticated decision-making AI that maximizes revenue.

This AI adapts and adjusts ads, layouts, and frameworks to benefit advertisers, website owners, and readers through machine learning.

Additionally, they offer their users methods of testing how these ads will look on their website and the optimal orientations for the layout.

Every reader is different so having an AI adjust ad placements dependent on preference patterns is impressive.

The video player feature improves SEO by adding and playing content that adds value to the content the viewer consumes.

Additionally, everything is easy to use, and Ezoic provides support at every step in integrating these features into your website.

2. Ezoic Site Scores

In an exciting approach to helping users optimize their content, Ezoic offers users a scoring system that gives them an incentive to optimize their website and content better.

This feature creates tasks or missions to complete to boost your overall site score.

You may be wondering what the point of a site score is, but for many users, a system like this spells out what users should be doing.

The Overall Score represents the site’s quality for monetization.

Each level of Ezoic provides users with better benefits and opportunities to earn more.

Additionally, you get a 5% boost towards your Ezoic level.

3. SEO Tools

With SEO, it’s essential to optimize your content as much as possible.

Failure to optimize your SEO content properly will bury it in search engines.

Ezoic offers access to SEO tools such as SEO Tag Tester and their Broken Links Tool.

Not many platforms offer tag title testing, and it’s a crucial part of SEO.

Ezoic knows how important SEO is to generating website traffic.

That’s why SEO tag tester lets you try different page titles for URLs and show the best-performing ones.

Additionally, Ezoic’s AI conducts various testing for the user.

Here are some of the testing features Ezoic lists.

  • Pageviews
  • Sessions
  • Bounce Rate
  • Click-through rate
  • Average search results ranking

Testing your content, titles, and link usage become crucial to your content staying relevant for years to come, so it’s nice that Ezoic understands this and supports its users.

4. Leap

Leap has become one of the features Ezoic focuses on the most, and for a good reason.

Improving the speed and responsiveness of a website is crucial for an enjoyable experience for visitors. Leap does this by focusing its efforts on helping users pass core web vitals.

Leap addresses site performance issues by providing simple directions to fix these complex problems that may arise.

Alongside Ezoic Cloud, loading times and responsiveness on your site become more impressive than publishers who lack proper stability optimization.

This particular tool is valuable not because it’s an all-in-one solution but because it gives different websites the proper solution to their various problems.

No website has the same performance issues.

They have similar performance issues, but the cause is usually other.

The content on a website is essential, but having features to ensure your website as a whole continues to function as you add more features, content, and links are vital to your success.

5. Big Data Analytics

The most crucial tool you’ll find yourself using from Ezoic is their analytics tool.

Ezoic goes beyond standard analytics and gives you all the data you’ll need to monitor your site, traffic, and other avenues of performance.

  • Calculate SEO value
  • Tie revenue to everything
  • Transparent ad reporting
  • Data of author performance

Data-driven decisions are what drive websites to perform better.

On top of performance indicators, Ezoic offers data on crucial ad features.

For example, Ezoic offers real-time revenue reporting.

Ezoic users can see exactly how their site is earning revenue.

Knowing how your site makes revenue allows you to build on those strengths.

For example, you can produce more content that generates more revenue and promote it in a more meaningful way.

Valuable insights give you every tool you need for success.

Ezoic’s data helps build you and your website into something profitable and marketable to the public.

Ezoic Customer Service

I noticed how mixed Ezoic’s customer support was when researching user reviews.

I’ve seen reviews of how horrible and unresponsive customer support is and how helpful and responsive they were with user issues.

The service Ezoic provides for its users is certainly not as consistent as other platforms.

Still, when reading through Trustpilot reviews, Ezoic is quick to respond and address user feedback.

I understand why some users complain as they expect the company to hold their hand.

Still, one reply from Ezoic states, “Ezoic is a self-serve platform, so our technology and our help resources are designed to give you all the resources you’d need to solve issues on your own.”

While users will need guidance, Ezoic does offer tools so that you can solve the problems that arise.

It is important to note that if you’re expecting top-tier customer service, you may not find it with Ezoic.

Why Should You Trust Us?

I don’t like basing entire reviews on my perspective and innate biases.

I’m someone in a unique circumstance with unique needs, but everyone goes and uses Ezoic and other platforms for a reason.

I’ve taken the liberty of gathering and researching all positive and negative reviews to better understand people’s experiences with Ezoic.

I’m using Trustpilot reviews because I feel it’s the most reliable representation of how people think about Ezoic.

What Are Ezoic Users Saying?

Jeff writes, “Ezoic and their support have been a tremendous asset to my growing business.

The easy-to-use onboarding tools and set-up wizard made adding monetization to my site a breeze.”

Larry Carley states, “Good support and service, but the actual performance in terms of revenue has not lived up to the initial hype.”

Efe Genit Writes, “It is best out there for many websites with low or non-US traffic.

Ezoic is constantly improving, yet they have many rooms to improve, especially their customer relations.”

With an average rating of 3.7 on Trustpilot, the general reception of Ezoic is average.

The platform is great when you can use it, but the problem lies with knowledge.

Most users seem to be inexperienced or lack the guidance to properly utilize the tools Ezoic has to offer.

Ezoic Alternatives

Ezoic isn’t the only platform on the market that offers website optimization for monetization.

There are alternatives, each with pros and cons; I’ve researched the three most relevant to Ezoic.

1. AdThrive

Similar to Ezoic, AdThrive focuses on optimizing a website for better monetization.

AdThrive puts all its effort into running a balanced layout for your website.

It keeps the high-earning in optimal locations on your site where your readers will be sure to take a look.

While the focus is on optimizing the site for profit, it ensures that horrible advertisement placements do not tarnish your content.

The unfortunate fact is that AdThrive sees itself as an ad management company.

AdThrive has a significantly higher standard for how much traffic your website needs to generate to qualify for their program.

How Does AdThrive Differ From Ezoic?

AdThrive manages the entire advertisement side of your website and business.

Ezoic is more hands-on and helps enable users to manage their website better and optimize their site as best as possible.

AdThrive has a strict approval process, and it’s for a reason.

The ads that you get access to through AdThrive are highly profitable.

Who Is AdThrive Best For?

AdThrive and Ezoic have very different target audiences.

AdThrive is for websites that earn high traffic and have already established themselves as websites that can make a stable income through advertisements.

2. Mediavine

Similar to AdThrive, Mediavine is a full-service ad management company built on optimizing your website for monetization.

The company helps content creators in building sustainable businesses.

Mediavine doesn’t seem to offer comprehensive tools but does offer direct support to its users.

In reality, I found user reviews for their software hard to find, and their website isn’t too proactive in emphasizing what it offers users.

The minimums requirements to join Mediavine aren’t as strict as AdThrive but have a threshold that isn’t feasible for most websites.

To join Mediavine, you must have 50,000 monthly sessions and good standing with Google AdSense.

How Does Mediavine Differ From Ezoic?

Mediavine is a bit of a mystery but seems to offer direct support and take a hands-on approach to ad management.

While they don’t provide extensive tools to support users, they focus on creating a community that allows content creators to grow and help each other.

Who Is Mediavine Best For?

Mediavine is for medium-sized websites that want to expand and be part of a community.

They seem to focus on ad management and community building, and that’s amazing for people who want to focus on networking and not on constant ad optimization.

3. Google AdSense

The titan of monetization is Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is what most people think about when someone discusses website monetization.

Google AdSense offers users premium advertising with the ability to customize and optimize what ads are on your website.

One of the easiest ways to earn money is through Google AdSense since it’s as basic as making a Google account, providing location information, and connecting your website to AdSense.

Google also offers impressive support to content creators who want to grow traffic and improve user engagement.

Additionally, these resources that Google provides their users are free.

Another essential thing to note is that there are no minimum traffic requirements like Mediavine and AdThrive.

However, Google requires a website to be monetization ready and follow its quality standards.

How Does Google AdSense Differ From Ezoic?

Google AdSense doesn’t supply users with tools to help improve their website optimization directly.

Google focuses strictly on monetization with some free resources to provide general information on increasing traffic and enhancing your content.

Ezoic goes out of its way to provide valuable tools that users can use to actively impact their website and content.

Google also doesn’t provide a tool that shows you if your website meets their standards or not, while Ezoic does.

The two focus on monetization, but the tools you get from Ezoic are beyond what Google AdSense offers.

Who Is Google AdSense Best For?

Google AdSense is best for users just starting their content creation career.

Website optimization, SEO content, and data analysis become important as you’ve become more comfortable with how the whole process works.

Google AdSense is simple.

You monetize your website, and you get paid.

If you’re not worried about improving your content or website, Google AdSense will be your most ideal and beneficial option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions that I didn’t cover in my Ezoic review?

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.

vector graphic showing a handful of standard banner advertising sizes

Is Ezoic trustworthy?

This question is one of the most searched questions next to “Is Ezoic legit?” or “Is Ezoic a scam?”

The quick answer is yes; Ezoic is trustworthy.

Whether or not Ezoic is legit typically arises from ignorance because people don’t always know what they have to offer.

How do I withdraw money from Ezoic?

Ezoic operates by paying out monthly after a certain threshold.

Commonly, the payout threshold is a minimum of $20.

You can receive payment through direct deposit, PayPal, and check.

Wrapping Up

You will need a steady source of income if you plan to create content for your website.

While Google AdSense is the most common place to start, Ezoic is undoubtedly an impressive option for those who want to commit to growing and expanding their website.

Ezoic is an impressive platform that offers users the tools necessary to succeed.

You get access to great analytics, SEO support, and website monetization.

While I recommend Ezoic, it’s important to remember a few things.

Ezoic won’t do the work for you. You have to do it yourself.

They give you the tools to succeed, and you must use them. If you have an interest in Ezoic, click here and give it a try for yourself.

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