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Google Web Hosting : Do You Really Want Google Hosting?



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Attaching the name “Google” to something doesn’t make it great

Google Web Hosting may seem like a great idea, but it’s simply not the best choice by any means.

Whether you are considering Google web hosting for small business (combined with a website builder) or for personal reasons, there are better solutions available for your needs.

Here is our amazing google web hosting review , choose carefully.

What is Google web hosting Plans?

If you don’t know about Google, you must have been living in the woods for the past decade.

Google domain hosting is by far the largest search engine in the world and provides many other services.

While most of the services Google provides are great and at the top of the industry, the hosting form Google isn’t that great.

The only good thing about Google web hosting is the price, which is free.

However, you get what you pay for and with a free hosting account, you’re limited to only 100mb for your site and only 20mb for attachments.

Of course, you can work around this by using multiple websites and linking them.

However, this won’t do you any favors when it comes to SEO.

Google Web Hosting is Called Google Sites

When you start searching for Google web hosting, you may get confused because it comes up as Google Sites.

This is the name of hosting and this is where you will find the hosting for your website.

Biggest Downfall with Google Web Hosting

The biggest problem with Google web hosting and any other free type of hosting is that you don’t really own your pages and posts.

Since you have to use a redirect to use an actual domain name, Google technically owns the content you put on your site and blog.

Without a redirect domain name, you will be working off a subdomain of sites.google.com and will have a long URL that is hard to remember.

Features Provided by Google Website Hosting

The reviews of Google web hosting talk about easy-to-use features, which is true.

However, any hosting company will provide you with easy to use features, such as a site builder, drag and drop options and more.

This means you don’t need knowledge of HTML or web design to create your website.

You can use the prebuilt templates provided by Google hosting, but every hosting company provides templates.

Nothing offered by Google is special and the only reason an ecommerce website business or anybody else would use Google web hosting is the price, which is free.

Why is Google Web Hosting a Mistake?

Nearly all the Google web hosting reviews make it clear using this type of hosting is a mistake.

Free hosting services limit your space, options and you end up with a cookie cutter website not capable of representing your business properly.

Not only will your site look cookie cutter, but it will have a huge Google Logo at the top of the page.

It doesn’t have any wiki capability and the page design options are very limited.

You cannot even use some of the main HTML tags when you choose Google Sites for your hosting.

With an actual paid hosting account, which can be as low as $3.95 per month with FatCow, you gain flexibility, ownership, a large set of resource, scalability and so much more.

Have you ever tried to move a site from Google Sites to a real hosting account?

If you have, you know how much of a struggle it is and often it’s faster and easier to just rebuild your site.

Choosing free hosting is never a good idea for a business or e-commerce site.

Google website hosting for small businesses won’t give you the resource, tools or scalability you need.

Sure, it sounds good if you’re on a budget because it’s free, but as soon as you realize you need real hosting, all that work you did will be for nothing.

It’s much more cost-efficient in the long run to choose a real hosting company, such as FatCow hosting.

Do you Want to Use WordPress?

It would make sense that the largest search engine in the world would create hosting with all the best tools available.

However, this is simply not the case. Google web hosting doesn’t give you access to the 300+ tools you get with any FatCow Hosting Account.

You won’t be able to use WordPress, which is one of the most popular CMS choices out there and free with paid hosting.

With WordPress, you gain access to thousands of free plugins, all kinds of themes and so much more.

It’s not only customizable, but also scalable and easy to manage.

If you want to use WordPress for your ecommerce, business or personal site, Google domain hosting won’t cut it.

A Better Alternative To Google Website Hosting

Instead of trying to set up a website on Google Drive or using the Google sites free hosting, there is a better way.

For as little as $3.95 per month, which is less than $0.15 per day, you can get a shared web hosting account from FatCow.

The most basic shared hosting account will allow you to use up to 150gb of disk space and as much bandwidth as you need.

You can even host two domain names on this type of account.

For less than $4 per month, you will also gain access to hundreds of features including WordPress.

Of course, if you want even better shared hosting, you can upgrade to the $7.95 per month or $12.95 per month packages with FatCow.

These packages give you even more features and allow you to build more websites.

The $12.95 package is called the Epic Plan and gives you unlimited everything.

It’s the perfect choice for larger businesses and ecommerce websites.

If you want to use a real hosting company instead of a free, hobby hosting choice, such as Google web hosting, choose a leader in the industry.

FatCow is ready to provide you with great hosting at an affordable price.

We think you should choose fatcow over google website hosting because you do not want to lose any control.

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