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Running a blog or website takes hard work.

Sometimes, keeping up with content production is a trying task.

The content industry has been expanding steadily over the past few years, and that growth is only expected to continue in the immediate future.

How to keep up with the demand for more fresh and exciting content?

You’re going to need plenty of writers to create that much content and to find freelance writers, you’re going to need some help.

If you need to produce content quickly, you want to use a writing platform like iWriter.

I have years of experience creating, managing, and publishing content online.

When I need to write several articles quickly or increase the quality of my website, I turn to services like iWriter.

I put together this comprehensive iWriter review to help you decide if this service is appropriate for you.

Keep reading to learn all there is to know about Writer.

  • Overview: iWriter is a fast and reliable service that provides content for your blog or website. You can place an order, and one of the thousands of qualified freelance writers will complete it exactly how you want it.
  • Price: Prices vary by quantity and quality. A 500-word order ranges from $3.30 to $39.
  • Discounts Available: Yes, iWriter offers monthly specials and other deals.
  • Lifetime Plan: No

iWriter Pros:

If you reject an article, a different writer will rewrite it for no additional cost.

You can include special instructions and specifics.

You can request your favorite writers.

  • iWriter Cons:
    • You must pay more for higher-quality writing.
    • Some writers may ignore instructions or have less-than-ideal language skills.
    • If you miss the deadline to review the article, it will be auto-approved, and they will charge your account.

Overview of iWriter

iWriter is a platform that connects website owners with freelance writers.

The site offers a unique process for receiving high-quality articles.

What is iWriter?

iWriter is an online marketplace where website and blog owners can purchase content for their sites.

It provides content for a range of different subjects, all of which can be specifically requested during the ordering process.

iWriter’s content ordering process is simple.

You create a project and enter details and specifics about your article.

You can also include special instructions for any particulars you want to be sure to include.

These specifics include keywords, word count, writer experience level, and any other points you’d like your freelance writer to take into account.

Additionally, iWriter allows you to request multiple pieces of content at once.

The writer level indicates the quality of the article you will receive.

If you have any specific writers in mind for a given piece of content, you can also request them directly.

Otherwise, iWriter will release your project to its internal marketplace, and available writers of your specified skill level can then claim it.

iWriter has released a video about the ordering process to provide more details for potential clients.

It’s also a good resource for curious employees, or anyone interested in the content writing process.  

iWriter History

Brad Callen founded iWriter in 2011.

The company’s headquarters are now in St. Pete Beach, Florida.

iWriter started as a small business.

It has since grown to employ thousands of freelance writers and is on track to continue growing at a similar pace for the next few years.

iWriter’s success is yet another example of how SEO content writing is an expanding industry, providing both new business and employment opportunities.

Pros and Cons of iWriter

There are several pros and cons to using iWriter.

Let’s look at some of the specifics below:


  • You never pay for an article you don’t like.
  • iWriter allows you to include detailed instructions for your writer.
  • You can build relationships with writers and select your favorites.
  • iWriter offers content syndication and website copywriting.


  • Prices are tiered, so you have to pay more for higher-quality articles.
  • iWriter employs thousands of writers, so you might end up with someone inexperienced and have to request a rewrite.
  • If you miss the three-day review deadline,  your article will be automatically approved and charged regardless of if you like it.

Is iWriter Worth the Cost?

The first thing you probably look for when researching a new service is how much it costs.

I compiled the company’s pricing information in my iWriter review to make research easier for you.

Let’s take an in-depth look at some of iWriter’s costs, and what you get for your money.

How Much Does iWriter Cost?

iWriter divides its services into different pricing tiers.

You will select your desired quality level when creating your project.


The Standard level will get you basic-quality work at the lowest price.

These projects are made available to every writer on the platform.

A new or inexperienced writer will likely handle your article.

Standard quality prices average less than $0.01/word.


If you select Premium-quality work, you will pay approximately double the cost of Standard tier work.

Depending on the number of words you need, Premium prices range from $0.016 to $0.02/word.


Elite Writers are among the most experienced writers on iWriter.

There is a price increase over the Premium tier.

For Elite products, you will pay approximately $0.02 to $0.03/word.

Elite Plus

Elite Plus is the highest quality writing available on iWriter.

The writers assigned to these projects are the highest-rated writers in the marketplace.

Because the writers on this tier are much more experienced, their pay is significantly higher than the other tiers.

Your cost for an Elite Plus project will range from $0.07 to $0.09/word.

For more information on iWriter’s prices, visit their pricing page.

Is iWriter Worth the Cost?

Yes! In my experience, iWriter is worth the cost, and offers as much or more than other content writing services on the internet.

Why iWriter Is Worth The Cost

iWriter’s prices are less than the industry average.

As I explain in my article about outsourcing blog writing, quality content can typically cost you anywhere from $0.08 to $0.30/word.

Since iWriter lets you request edits and rewrites, you will get your money’s worth.

The prices are cheaper, but the order requests themselves are more customizable.

Things to Consider

Before taking the plunge and purchasing content from iWriter, there are a few things you should first take into consideration.

The Problem iWriter Solves

iWriter solves several problems for website owners.

First, the company lets you purchase content quickly.

Quick content creation is ideal if you need to produce many articles in a short timeframe.

Speed is a necessity in the modern online marketplace, in which new content is expected daily.

Sometimes, we can’t write all the pieces and blogs we need to publish.

If you want to draw a large audience, you’ll need a lot of content on a variety of subjects.

Having your content written professionally is also beneficial if your website quality is lacking.

iWriter’s professional freelancers can provide the audience of your blog or website with a polished reading experience.

Why Would Somebody Want to Use iWriter?

iWriter is practical for anyone who needs to publish content quickly, which is everybody these days.

Whether inexperienced or on a time constraint, purchasing content is the best solution.

Who is iWriter Best For?

iWriter is best for website, blog, and company owners who need experienced writers to provide high-quality articles quickly.

Why iWriter is Best for Blog Owners

iWriter is best for small page owners, like bloggers, because of its simple layout and low prices.

Blog owners will benefit from the company’s fast turnaround and easy rewrite process.

The varied freelancers can also tackle any subject your blog focuses on, so iWriter allows for a flexible customer experience.

Who Should NOT Use iWriter?

iWriter is not ideal for larger businesses or well-established bloggers who are competitive in Search Engine Optimized (SEO) content.

Why TARGET CUSTOMER Should Not Use iWriter

More well-known blogs and sites should not use iWriter because of its simplicity.

iWriter offers separate SEO services, but I’ve found that the site is better suited for less complex assignments.

If you need higher-ranking SEO content, consider an alternative service that focuses on SEO, such as WordAgents.

Sites like this allow you to input specific keywords by specific numbers throughout your content, which improves its search ranking.

What to Think About Before Buying iWriter

I put together a few things to keep in mind before you purchase services from this company.

Writer Experience

iWriter has a much larger pool of writers than other content creation companies.

Consider how important the experience and talent of your writer are to your project.

SEO Benefits

Does your article need to be optimized for search engines?

Do you want to rank in a Google search?

If you have a specific SEO goal or a tool you want to apply to your article, consider using an alternative service.


iWriter offers content creation services at low prices.

I recommend that you do the math before purchasing each article.

You might find that you can get a higher-quality or longer article written for a similar price.

Turnaround Speed

If you need your article quickly, iWriter might be a gamble.

Unless you have a favorite writer in mind who you know is efficient, your project will be on the general marketplace.

If your initial writer is not up to par and you have to reject the work, you might risk missing your deadline.

Customer Service

iWriter has excellent automated customer service and a streamlined process for requesting edits or rewrites.

The company’s staff is also responsive and always willing to help.

However, you will not have a personalized project manager like you would get with some other companies.

Features and Benefits

This content writing agency has many benefits.

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite features to inform you what to expect when purchasing content from iWriter.

Ease of Use

iWriter has a simple design.

The site uses a portal for requesters and writers, making the content purchasing process easy.

When you create a project, you can set your price, select quality, and other features, including detailed instructions, word count, and keywords.

You can even select the writer you wish to hire if you have a preference.

Everything is automated, and you will receive notifications when a writer claims your work.

They will also notify you when they complete the project.

This simplicity is essential for writers who are short on time.

I appreciate the easy flow of the requester portal when I need to order quick content for one of my various websites.

Rewrites and Edits

When the writer completes your article, you have three days to review the work.

If you do not approve the article, you can reject it and have it rewritten or you can request edits.

This feature is great because sometimes the work needs a few tweaks to get it to your standards.

I love that I can just request some changes and not worry about doing it myself.

If the writer seems to be lacking language skills or writes the article poorly, you can reject it altogether.

A different writer will claim it and rewrite the project for you.

Website Content Writing

Another feature iWriter offers is website copywriting.

Instead of a blog or article, you can have web pages written or rewritten for your site.

Whether you need a home page, about page, product descriptions, or other copy for your website, iWriter offers it for $30 per 150 words.

Again, this is a terrific feature for busy site owners.

Sometimes, writing every page for a new website can be tedious and time-consuming.

I prefer to hire expert writers so I can focus on something else.

SEO Content

As I mentioned earlier, articles commissioned through iWriter do not focus on SEO.

However, the site offers SEO content as a separate service.

These articles are handled by SEO experts and designed to drive traffic to your blog.

Search engine-optimized content from iWriter includes great benefits, like unlimited revisions and HTML formatting.

This service has a separate price list, which starts at $45 for a 500-word article.

Syndication Service

Content syndication is a unique feature offered by iWriter.

For $49, the company will distribute your blog post to over 300 news sites across the web.

This will drive traffic to your site. It’s a useful tool not offered by many content creation sites.

I recommend checking out this extra feature and giving it a try if you want to gain readers.

iWriter Customer Service

There are a few circumstances where you may need to contact customer service while using this company.

If your project is taking too long or you are having consistent problems with the writers, get in touch with someone immediately.

If there are issues with your account or payment, or any technical problems, you will also want to contact customer service.

Does iWriter Offer Customer Service?

Yes, iWriter offers customer service.

What Types of Customer Service Does iWriter Offer?

There are a few ways to get in touch with customer service.

One option is to send a message using the form on iWriter’s website.

The customer service team is very responsive and you will typically get a prompt answer.

You can also call or email during regular business hours.

iWriter has social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

However, they do not monitor these accounts for customer service issues and you should not attempt to resolve a problem on those platforms.

Another option is to use the automated feedback in your requester portal.

This will let you request edits or rewrites automatically.

You do not have to wait for human approval, and it may expedite the process.

Why Should You Trust Us?

With years of experience running high-ranking blogs and websites, I understand exactly what you are looking for in a content creation service.

I have combed the web to find user reviews of iWriter and wish to share them with you, so you can feel confident about hiring this service.

Including my own, the feedback I have found is rather positive.

You can also find reviews and testimonials on the iWriter website.

What iWriter Users are Saying

The following testimonials are from a software reviewing board.

  • “iWriter has proven to be helpful in the day-to-day running of our marketing strategies. Since we started using iWriter to keep our website busy, we have seen traffic on the rise. iWriter has been able to provide quality and timely articles for our website.” – Moses O.
  • “iWriter has been one of the most reliable platforms for buying quality blog content for my websites. Through iWriter, I have been able to submit a lot of work to writers and get them as early as possible. Many thanks to the iWriter support team.” – stephen2020 s.
  • “Affordable articles, professional writers, fast turnaround time, and ability to reject poor quality writers.” – Allan M.

iWriter Alternatives

iWriter is not the only content creation service on the internet.

There are other companies that I enjoy using that you may feel are better suited for your content.

I wanted to include a snapshot of these services for your benefit.


WordAgents is one of the best content creation services available.

They work similarly to iWriter, in that they offer content in a short timeframe.

WordAgents is a high-quality content creation service with professional writers and excellent staff.

How Does WordAgents Differ From iWriter?

There are a few key differences between WordAgents and iWriter:

  • WordAgents offers built-in options for SEO tools, giving you more control over the optimization of your project.
  • WordAgents employs fewer writers and requires all of its writers to be experienced and produce high-quality work.
  • Through WordAgents, you have the option of a project manager who will work closely with you to ensure you are happy with the work you receive.

Who is Word Agents Best For?

WordAgents is best for any blog or website owner who would like to improve the quality of their website, produce articles quickly, and optimize their content to rank higher in Google searches.


Textun is another notable content creation site.

How Does Textun Differ From iWriter?

  • Textun’s services are less expensive than iWriter, with “Premium” content being only $0.05/word.
  • Textun does not rate as highly as iWriter in terms of quality.

Who is Textun Best For?

Textun is best for smaller businesses and website hosts who need to generate a lot of content.

To learn more, read my Textun review.  

Frequently Asked Questions

While I have tried to be as thorough as possible in this guide, you may still have questions about iWriter.

I compiled some frequently asked questions and researched the answers for you.

You can find more on the FAQ page on iWriter’s website.

Is iWriter accepting new writers?

Yes. iWriter is always accepting new writers.

To apply, fill out the writer application.

The website states your application will be reviewed within 7 business days.

How do you become an Elite on iWriter?

Writers must work their way up the ranks on iWriter.

The highest-paid ranks are Elite and Elite Plus.

To gain Elite status, you must have at least 30 client reviews with a minimum rating of 4.6.

The higher your rank, the higher your pay.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this comprehensive iWriter review will help you decide whether to purchase content from this service.

I enjoy using iWriter to order content for my blogs and websites.

It is easy to use and allows me to purchase tons of content quickly.

If your blog or website suffers from a lack of quality, consider hiring an Elite Plus writer from iWriter to produce high-quality content.

Alternatively, you can check out their SEO content service to drive traffic to your site.

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