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Here’s our review for Link Whisper, a plugin that will make your SEO strategy even better.

Product Snapshot

Overview: Link Whisper is a paid WordPress plugin that will suggest internal links to you as you write your content.

It will also help you manage your old links and pages to make the most of the content you’ve already created.

Price: Link Whisper has three price tiers

  • 1 Website: $77 per year
  • Three Websites: $117 per year
  • Ten Websites: $167 per year

Discounts Available: Many affiliates offer discounts on Link Whisper, and they have offered Black Friday Specials in the past

Lifetime Plan: Link Whisper does not have a lifetime plan


  • Receptive Development Team
  • Link management and reporting
  • Low cost


  • Link Whisper only works in WordPress
  • Disjointed and confusing suggestions
  • Not friendly for those unfamiliar with SEO principles


In our Link Whisper review, we’ll review what it does right and where it falls short, list some alternative options, and give you our final verdict.

Overview of Link Whisper

Link Whisper will search your site using AI and find the perfect links for your piece as you’re writing it.

It makes internal link building easy and fast.

What is Link Whisper?

Link Whisper is a WordPress plugin that automates some of the processes of internal linking on your website.

Link Whisper suggests links to you as you write by searching your website for relevant links using AI.

As a WordPress plugin, Link Whisper slots into your workflow without much extra effort, making it super easy and intuitive to use.

Link Whisper History

Before we lay out our review of Link Whisper, here’s a little about how they got started.

Link Whisper was founded in 2019.

The founder, Spencer Haws, started the company because of his own needs. Internal linking is an important feature for ranking in SERPs.

Haws found this out firsthand and knew there had to be a solution.

Because of how they got started, Link Whisper is familiar with the real needs of WordPress SEO writers.

They’ve worked on updating their tool to meet writers’ growing and changing needs over the years.

Pros and Cons of Link Whisper

As with any service, there are certain pros and cons.

Read on for a deeper dive into the inner workings of Link Whisper.

Link Whisper Pros

Below are the pros of Link Whisper.

Receptive Development Team

Link Whisper is very receptive to user feedback and suggestions.

Many of their features have come about as a result of user reviews.

For instance, their newest feature allows users to connect two of their different websites into the internal linking system, maximizing the potential of both pages.

This feature came out directly from user requests and reviews asking for a similar feature.

Link Whisper has also been responsive to bug reports and other feature suggestions, and their customer support team is very quick to respond.

Link Management and Reporting

In addition to their main feature- suggesting internal links as you write- Link Whisper offers link management that will help you identify your website’s weaknesses.

Link Whisper’s link reporting system will identify how many of your posts have been crawled, how many links they were able to find, and how many internal links you’ve created.

Additionally, they will identify your orphaned posts, broken links, and 404 errors.

Identifying and correcting these linking issues will help you rank much higher without having to add any additional content at all.

Low Cost

Many SEO services and software will cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars annually.

This can be especially frustrating if they come with tons of extra features you know you aren’t going to use.

On the other hand, Link Whisper only charges $77 per year while coming with the essential features: multiple website integration, link management, link reporting, and feedback on link activity.

Link Whisper Cons

Below are the cons of Link Whisper.

Link Whisper Only Works in WordPress

There aren’t many options that work outside of WordPress, but there are some.

Link Whisper is not one of them. Internal linking can be a lot of work, no matter where you’re running your website, but Link Whisper only operates on WordPress.

Confusing and Disjointed Suggestions

Link Whisper does a good job for the most part, but there are times when the links that they offer can be confusing or irrelevant.

It’s not difficult to ignore these links and stick with the Link Whisper’s better recommendations, but if you’re not sure which links make the most sense, it might be confusing.

Not Friendly for Those Unfamiliar With SEO Principles

Partly because sometimes the suggested links aren’t accurate, and partially due to a slightly unintuitive UI, Link Whisper is not a great choice for those with little to no SEO experience.

A solid understanding of SEO principles will help you make the most of Link Whisper.

If you don’t have much experience with SEO content, Link Whisper might not help you rank up much in SERPs.

How Much Does Link Whisper Cost?

Link Whisper for one site costs $77 per year, or roughly $6.50 per month (note that they do not offer monthly billing).

For three sites, Link Whisper is $117 per year ($9.75 per month).

Their most extensive plan, which includes ten sites, is $167 per year or roughly $14 per month.

Is Link Whisper Worth the Cost?

Overwhelmingly, yes, Link Whisper is worth the money.

Even if you’re only running one website you want the service for, you will save yourself enough time to offset the plugin’s cost.

If Link Whisper were only to save you an hour of work- which it won’t, linking could take hours upon hours when done correctly- your time is likely worth far more than just $6.50.

If you’re doing any amount of internal linking for your SEO, Link Whisper is absolutely worth it.

Things to Consider

The Problem Link Whisper Solves

Link Whisper automates the process of looking for links to add to your posts.

Internal linking can increase traffic to your website, but searching for relevant information and manually adding the links can take a lot of time, especially if you have hundreds of posts.

Link Whisper can get you the same results in a fraction of the time.

Who is Link Whisper Best For?

For all of its benefits, Link Whisper has a relatively niche audience.

Link Whisper is for WordPress writers exclusively, as it only works in WordPress.

Link Whisper is also really only a helpful tool if you have enough articles that it’s challenging to look through, or you’re posting often enough that searching for links is taking up a good chunk of your time.

Why Link Whisper is Best For WordPress SEO Content Writers

If you only spend a few minutes doing internal linking for your site, Link Whisper is likely not worth adding to your workflow.

But if you do any significant amount of WordPress blogging, Link Whisper is a must-have.

Who Should NOT Use Link Whisper?

The only reason a WordPress Blogger wouldn’t use Link Whisper is if they really aren’t interested in having a large-scale blog.

If you only have a few posts for it to look through, you’ll be able to do the same job, likely with more accuracy.

What to Think About Before Buying Link Whisper

Here’s what you should consider before you buy.

Are You the right size for Link Whisper?

Smaller blogs aren’t going to get much use out of the internal linking system, because there isn’t much for the AI to look through.

If you’re planning on growing your blog, or you already have a lot of posts to look through, Link Whisper might be a good option for you.

Are You Committed to WordPress?

Link Whisper is exclusively a WordPress plugin.

While many users like WordPress because of the plugin options, there are tons of free blog builders.

If you’re not sure you want to stick with WordPress, it’s possible that Link Whisper is not the right choice for you.

Will You Understand How to Use Link Whisper?

Link whisper does a great job of automatically suggesting links for you to add to your posts.

Sometimes- and according to some people, a lot of times- the suggestions from the AI are nonsensical and not helpful.

Linking to these posts will be confusing and won’t do you any good.

Before adding Link Whisper to your workflow, consider if you know enough to know which links are good suggestions and which ones might confuse your audience.

Make sure that you understand internal linking before you buy.

Is Link Whisper the Best Solution for You?

When Link Whisper was first developed, it was the only thing like it on the market.

Today, some alternatives might work better for you.

We go over these alternatives in more detail below.

Features and Benefits of Link Whisper

There are numerous features and benefits to using Link Whisper.

Internal Link Reporting

In addition to helping you add new links, Link Whisper can help you manage the links you already have.

Their internal link reporting gives you all kinds of relevant information to help you make the most of your website, including:

  • Posts crawled
  • Links found
  • Internal links
  • Orphaned posts
  • Broken links
  • 404 errors

Even better, once you have identified these problems, Link Whisper will help you fix them with their broken link fixer feature.

Broken Link Fixer

Broken links can hurt your SEO by telling search engines that your site is outdated and not monitored, but they also kill your conversion rates.

The first step is identifying broken links, and the second is deleting them. Link Whisper can help with both.

Link Whisper will both identify and help you remove broken links.

Instead of clicking into each post, manually scrolling through, and finding the links, Link Whisper will allow you to delete anything broken quickly and easily.

Multiple Website Integration

If you’re running multiple websites on WordPress, Link Whisper is the perfect tool to connect them.

Link Whisper can look through your other linked websites, allowing you to create links to your other projects.

This feature can increase traffic and SEO to both of your blogs, especially if your blogs are focused on related topics.

The multiple website linking feature sets Link Whisper apart from the rest.

Very few WordPress plugins offer a two-website integration feature- most only offer linking suggestions for only one website at a time.

Link Whisper has created an overview of how to use this feature, which you can learn more about here.

How to Interlink External Sites Using Link Whisper

Automatic Chosen Links

If you’re running a large blog, you may have a central piece you find yourself linking to frequently- it could be your ultimate guide or the article you have the most outbound links in.

Whatever the case, you can set it up so that Link Whisper adds a link to that page whenever you enter a selected keyword.

For example, if you’ve written your “Ultimate Guide to Planting Wildflowers” (or whatever it may be), you can add a link to that page every time you find yourself writing “planting wildflowers” or “how to plant wildflowers.”

These auto-links will save you time while maximizing the impact of your pillar articles.

Automatic Linking

Of course, Link Whisper has the most important feature of them all: automatic link suggestions.

Using AI, Link Whisper looks through every page on your website.

As you write, Link Whisper will look for relevant information and suggest a link for it.

All you have to do is click yes or no on the suggestion, and your internal linking can be done easily, with little effort on your part, while you write.

The automatic linking feature won’t interrupt your workflow and will save you time searching google for your own work.

Link Whisper Customer Service

Some users have reported issues while using Link Whisper- things like knowing that there are more links for a topic than Link Whisper suggests or the plugin running slowly.

Link Whisper does offer some great solutions for problems that arise, so don’t let them put you off.

Does Link Whisper Offer Customer Service?

Yes, Link Whisper offers customer service and support for those having trouble with their plugin.

What Types of Customer Service Does Link Whisper Offer?

First, Link Whisper has an extensive troubleshooting guide and other information in their knowledge base.

Second, Link Whisper has customer service and support if you cannot resolve the issue independently.

Link Whisper has also built a reputation for being open, honest, and receptive to feedback.

Link Whisper quickly responds with updates and patches when users have suggested changes, features, or identified bugs.

For example, their founder, Spencer Haws, talks about some user feedback that he’s incorporated into the next version in an article published in his blog, Niche Pursuits.

He says, “Some people had expressed that they don’t want any link suggestions from Link Whisper for the first few sentences of their post.

Well, that’s now an option in your settings!”

That responsiveness to users’ complaints and feedback is what makes Link Whisper different from other software companies.

Their team will work to correct any issues that might come up while you’re working.

Why Should You Trust Us?

We don’t want to recommend any products that we have not thoroughly investigated, so rest assured that we have looked everywhere for information to bring you the most accurate review.

We’ve looked at over a dozen posts and read over 50 user reviews, and we can say that experiences are positive across the board.

What Link Whisper Users are Saying

We have looked almost everywhere on the internet, and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Users state that Link Whisper is essential for anyone working with SEO content and that it has aided them in building a perfect internal link system.

Another review stated that it saved them hours of work and that it was fun to use.

Link Whisper Alternatives

Link Whisper was the first product on the market that AI searches for internal links, but it isn’t the only one.

If you’re looking for alternatives, there are a few other choices to consider.


MarketMuse offers a variety of tools, including internal link suggestions, an optimization tool that gives you feedback on your SEO as you write, and AI brief creation.

How Does MarketMuse Differ From Link Whisper?

MarketMuse has many more tools than Link Whisper.

For linking, they offer external link suggestions as well as internal ones.

Overall, it’s a far more comprehensive tool than Link Whisper. It’s also far more expensive.

MarketMuse offers a free version of their tool, but you can only use it on ten projects, and you only get 15 queries per month.

Their next tier is $7,200 per year- more than 90x the cost of Link Whisper.

Who is MarketMuse Best For?

MarketMuse is not on the same level as Link Whisper.

If you’re looking for an internal linking tool, MarketMuse will give you everything you need- and much, much more.

If you don’t want to pay the steep price for all of those extra tools, Link Whisper will get the job done fine- and without unnecessary bells and whistles.

MarketMuse is also the only linking tool that works outside of WordPress.

If you’re running a website on other platforms and want automated internal linking, MarketMuse is the best option.

Overall, MarketMuse is designed for larger teams or large content-creation businesses.

If you’re running one or two WordPress blogs, MarketMuse is likely more than you need if you just want to run an internal linking tool.

Autolinks Manager Pro

Autolinks Manager Pro is similar to Link Whisper.

It is a WordPress plugin that offers an auto-link tool and link tracking, so you know which of your links are successful.

It can also help you identify orphaned pages, broken links, and more.

How is Autolinks Manager Pro Different from Link Whisper?

Autolinks Manager Pro is less expensive than MarketMuse, with its single website license costing just $49 per year.

Autolinks Manager Pro does not offer two-website linking like Link Whisper does and does not offer external link suggestions like MarketMuse.

Who is Autolinks Manager Pro Best For?

Autolinks Manager Pro will save you money if you don’t have multiple sites that you want interlinked and don’t need all of the extra features that MarketMuse offers.

This plugin is best for those running smaller WordPress blogs who need help expediting their internal linking.


RankMath is a WordPress plugin that offers keyword information, content suggestions, and link monitoring.

RankMath works on dynamic tips so that it can alter suggested links and changes based on your target audience.

How is RankMath Different from Link Whisper?

Link Whisper offers all relevant internal link suggestions while you’re writing, but RankMath can offer specific recommendations based on your target audience.

They also provide other tools, including AI written content credits, post tracking, fact-checking, and more.

RankMath’s internal linking suggestions work roughly similar to Link Whisper.

They don’t have external linking like MarketMuse offers.

RankMath is slightly more expensive than Autolinks Manager Pro but less expensive than Link Whisper, with their lowest tier priced at $59/year.

Who is RankMath Best For?

RankMath is not as focused on internal link suggestions as Link Whisper and Autolink Manager Pro are.

They offer many other tools and are concentrated on their new AI content writer.

If you’re looking to try an AI content writer or want to try the rest of their tools, RankMath will be a good fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions about Link Whisper.

Does Link Whisper slow down my site?


Link Whisper is a lightweight and low-impact plugin that does not slow down your site much, if at all.

Does Link Whisper actually work?

Yes, Link Whisper works.

It suggests pages on your website that you can link to while writing in WordPress.

Wrapping Up

Link Whisper is a WordPress plugin that offers automated internal linking suggestions.

The tool can make creating SEO content faster while improving your linking structure.

It identifies broken links and orphaned pages while offering link suggestions as you write.

Overall, nothing else on the market offers the same level of quality and customer support.

If you want to save yourself some time and automate your internal linking, Link Whisper is a no-brainer.

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