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Before we get into our full MorningFame review, let’s go over a few key points regarding the YouTube channel development tool.

MorningFame is an AI-driven video optimization solution that helps content creators increase YouTube channel views and engagement.

It uses several data points to analyze your videos and suggest changes that will help them perform better.


  • Free for 30 days upon signing up
  • Basic Plan: $4.90 per month
  • Plus Plan: $12.90 per month

Discounts Available

You can save money by paying annually instead of monthly.

Lifetime Plan

  • No.

MorningFame Pros

  • Emails stats 24 hours after uploading
  • Keyword research tool
  • Free 30-day trial

MorningFame Cons

  • Can’t sign up without a referral
  • Can’t bulk edit videos
  • It doesn’t provide thumbnail best practices


MorningFame is an artificial intelligence (AI) solution that helps video creators grow their YouTube channels.

It does this by identifying the best times to post videos and suggesting improvements to videos.

MorningFame also provides detailed insights into which keywords each video ranks for and what tags to add for ranking improvement.

While MorningFame is a valuable tool for growing your YouTube channel, it does have pros and cons to consider before deciding if it’s the best solution for you.

In this MorningFame review, we’ll give you everything you need to know about using the video optimization tool.

Overview of MorningFame

Let’s look at what MorningFame is and how it began so you can then more effectively dig into our MorningFame review.

What Is MorningFame?

MorningFame is an AI-driven video optimization tool that helps you increase views and subscribers on your YouTube channel.

MorningFame History

Nicolai Kamenzky founded MorningFame in 2014.

He did so to help YouTube creators more effectively grow their channels.

On its website, MorningFame reports that its users have achieved close to 50 billion views and almost 250 million YouTube subscribers.

Pros and Cons of MorningFame

Advantages and disadvantages come with every solution, even MorningFame.

Let’s explore some of the upsides and downsides of using this app.

Pros of MorningFame

  • Quality analytics
  • Helps increase search rankings
  • Thumbnail comparisons

Cons of MorningFame

  • Free version limits keyword research availability
  • Not as robust as some competitors

How Much Does MorningFame Cost?

Regardless of which MorningFame plan you pick, you’ll get access to a variety of tools that will help you develop your YouTube channel.

Here’s what they entail.

Basic Plan

The Basic plan gives you unlimited access to the analytics section of MorningFame.

However, you only get limited access to the keyword research and planner tool.

You will need to wait 12 days between each use of the keyword planner.

If you use this plan, it’s best to block planning sessions into your calendar a couple of times per month.

Use those sessions to plan the next 12 days of videos to add to your YouTube channel.

Work that plan until you gain access to the keyword tool again 12 days later.

Cost: $4.90 per month ($3.90 per month when paying annually)

Plus Plan

You will receive everything from the Basic plan inside the Plus plan.

The big difference is access to the keyword planner.

With Plus, you get unlimited use of the keyword tool.

Use it as often as needed at any time each month.

Cost: $12.90 per month ($9.90 per month when paying annually)

Free Trial

It’s important to note that you don’t need to pay for MorningFame until you enter your second month of use.

Every MorningFame customer receives a free 30 days of use upon signing up.

Is MorningFame Worth the Cost?

MorningFame is worth its cost.

It becomes especially apparent that it’s worth it to use MorningFame when comparing the higher pricing offered by some competitors.

Why MorningFame Is Worth The Cost

The 24-hour report is one big reason why it’s worth it to invest in MorningFame.

You get a report emailed to you 24 hours after uploading each video to your channel.

It immediately shows you which keywords the video ranks for and which tags to add in that you could rank for.

Additionally, you’ll see a comparison between your thumbnail and the thumbnails from competitor videos.

The Problem MorningFame Solves

MorningFame solves the problem of optimizing your YouTube videos for both search ranking and engagement.

The software does so by analyzing data and offering suggestions on how to improve your video strategy.

Most YouTube channel owners struggle in this area.

They create videos without understanding where opportunities exist to outrank competitors.

You can solve this challenge by putting MorningFame’s recommendations to use.

Why Would Somebody Want to Use MorningFame?

MorningFame is beneficial for any YouTube creator looking to increase their channel’s reach and engagement.

The software will help you improve your video strategy, which leads to more views and subscribers.

With additional subscribers and engagement, you can increase the traffic to your opt-in landing pages and sales pages for more leads and sales.

Who Is MorningFame Best For?

MorningFame is perfect for video creators who want to quickly accelerate the growth of their YouTube channel and become an expert in their field.

Why MorningFame Is Best for Video Creators

If you’re a video creator looking to rank your content on YouTube, then MorningFame is the platform for you.

You can take advantage of it to learn how to rank your content and grow your channel.

Who Should NOT Use MorningFame?

If you don’t have a YouTube channel that you’re actively working to grow, MorningFame isn’t for you.

Why Non-Video Marketers Should Not Use MorningFame

If you don’t want to learn how to rank your content, then you’re in the wrong place.

MorningFame isn’t for you.

For example, if ranking blog articles is what you’re interested in, tools like Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, or Moz would work better for that purpose.

What to Think About Before Buying MorningFame

Here are five issues to consider before using MorningFame.

Your YouTube Channel Goals

The first thing you should consider before using MorningFame is what your YouTube channel goals are.

What do you want to achieve with your channel?

If you’re not sure, that’s okay.

Take some time to think about what success looks like.

Once you have a goal in mind, look at MorningFame’s main features and ask yourself if you think the software can help you achieve it.

How Well You Understand YouTube SEO

The second issue to consider is how well you understand YouTube SEO. MorningFame offers a lot of features and options.

It can turn into an overwhelming situation if you’re not familiar with YouTube SEO.

You will gain experience using the software.

However, you need to go into the process knowing there’s a learning curve if SEO isn’t yet second nature to you.


MorningFame isn’t free. Yes, you can try it for free for the first month.

After that, you’ll need to pay for it.

Make sure the cost fits your overall needs and budget.

How Often You Can Use the Tool

Keyword research is essential to success as a YouTube creator.

The Basic plan limits your use of the MorningFame keyword planner.

You’re most likely better off using the Plus plan so you can use the keyword tool on an unlimited basis.

Make sure the Plus plan makes sense for your needs.

Time Savings

You can indeed build a successful YouTube channel without MorningFame.

It will cost you more in time doing it on your own.

Ask yourself if you’re willing to invest the extra time optimizing every video by yourself.

Or, does it make more sense to invest a nominal amount to allow MorningFame to help you speed up the video optimization process?

Features and Benefits of MorningFame

Let’s go over the main features offered by MorningFame.

Traction Tab

The MorningFame Traction Tab is where you can see all of your channel’s analytics in one place.

The software gives you an overview of how your channel is performing and what areas need improvement.  

Channel Performance

The Channel Performance section exists as the first option within your Traction tab.

It’s a high-level view of the overall performance of your YouTube channel.

It gives you a gamified look, with award icons, for the following factors.

  • Is your growth speeding up or slowing down?
  • Are video views improving?
  • How long is the average view of each video?
  • How many return viewers does your channel achieve?
  • How many new subscribers does each upload attain?
  • How many comments does each video achieve?

The colorful icons like badges and checkmarks make it easy for you to see if you’re achieving channel improvements over time.

Video Performance

Under the video performance section, you can see things like views, watch time, comments, shares, subscribers gained, and likes.

You can also see how each video compares to the average performance of all your videos.

The software gives you a bar graph that lets you know if a video is doing better or worse than others in your channel.

If it’s lower, MorningFame provides you with an optimization suggestion.

Full Algorithm List

The Full Algo List feature allows you to gain an understanding of your traffic sources.

It will show traffic over the last 28 days.

Use it to look at where traffic to your videos comes from.

  • Google search
  • External traffic
  • Shorts
  • Homepage suggestions
  • Trending
  • LinkedIn content
  • Video notifications
  • Suggested videos
  • Subscriptions

Full Stats

Click on Full Stats anytime you want to see the full breadth of every statistic inside your MorningFame account.

You’ll find these numbers under each video thumbnail.

You will see the total number for each item as well as how each metric moved within the last seven days.

It then goes deeper to reveal everything broken down by visitors and subscribers.

Here are the items you can look up inside the Full Stats tab.

  • Average view duration
  • Watch time
  • Views
  • Comments
  • Average percentage viewed
  • Shares
  • Dislikes
  • Likes
  • Subscribers


Use the Strategy tab to go over how well your YouTube strategy works from week to week.

You can see a report that details the things you can improve upon, which topics to cover in more detail, and the next best step to take immediately.

The Strategy section will help you improve the number of total video views, video watch time, call to action optimization, and the number of comments and likes.

You can also uncover ideas that tell you why some videos perform poorly and what to do next time to avoid those situations.


Compare your last 50 videos using the Velocity tab.

It will compare these videos based on how they performed within 72 hours of uploading.

YouTube uses the first 72-hour window as a major part of its ranking algorithm.

You’ll see two graphs that reveal how each video performed from the perspective of likes and views.


You’ll see a breakdown in this section around watch time, views, subscribers, and engagement.

MorningFame uses this data to show you growth opportunities.

Use this information to review your top-performing videos and ask yourself how to apply what you learn to all future video uploads.

You’re essentially “workshopping” into better performance over the long term.

Appealing Thumbnails

Most YouTubers know that an attractive thumbnail leads to more click-throughs from a YouTube search or a Google search engine results page.

You’ll see a grid of your most recent 20 videos in this section of your MorningFame account.

Use this data to see if you’re using consistent branding across all of your thumbnails.

As your channel grows, you want to make sure that you’re using thumbnails that help your audience immediately see you and the brand in search results.

It will lead to further click-throughs, improve engagement, and further the long-term growth of the channel.

Subscriber Experience

Are you providing your subscribers with the content they want?

MorningFame uses data to show you how often subscribers watch each of your videos.

It also looks at watch time, average view duration, and other key metrics to give you an idea of which videos resonate most with this core group.

The information is important because it will help you understand how to better appeal to your subscriber base.

It’s one thing to get someone to subscribe, but it’s another thing entirely to keep them subscribed.

Use this data to improve content strategy and ensure that you’re giving your subscribers what they want regularly.

Algorithm Tab

MorningFame’s Algorithm tab looks at the data around your top-performing videos and provides you with information on how to improve.

The goal is to help you more deeply understand the YouTube algorithm.

You’ll pick up on which videos show as suggested videos across Youtube, for example.

The Algorithm tab breaks data down according to every possible traffic source.

You’ll see different information about Google search, YouTube search, suggested videos, Home traffic, notifications, linked content, shorts, and more.

Keyword Research

You’ll gain access to one of the most effective YouTube keyword research tools when using MorningFame.

The keyword planner lets you begin with a seed key phrase.

Or, you can start with the URL of one of your top-performing videos, the best-performing video from a competitor, or any other video you enjoyed.

You will then see a list of keyword suggestions to use for your next set of videos.

MorningFame attempts to give you keyword data that will help you outrank the video already ranking at the top of the search rankings.

Use this section of the keyword research tool to make an intelligent keyphrase and tag selection.

Publish at the Correct Time

MorningFame’s data will also help you understand when your audience is most active on YouTube.

The platform looks at watch time, views, and engagement to give you an idea of the best days and times to publish new content.

The information can help ensure that more people see your videos when they’re first published.

MorningFame Customer Service

At times, you may need to contact the customer service team at MorningFame.

For example, you might miss your confirmation email when signing up for your account.

Does MorningFame Offer Customer Service?

MorningFame offers customer support to all of its customers.

What Types of Customer Service Does MorningFame Offer?

You can get customer support via email only.

To do so, respond to any email sent to you by MorningFame.

They will reply to you inside your email account.

Or, you can click on the yellow question mark you see at the bottom of every page on the MorningFame website.

Enter your question inside the text block that pops up.

Provide your email address.

Lastly, click on the button that says, “Send to Support Team.”

Why Should You Trust Us?

We’re aware that you may feel concerns over our MorningFame review and guidance.

However, we’ve put a lot of time into researching the platform.

For instance, we gathered data from users on their thoughts and opinions after using it.

What MorningFame Users Are Saying

Here are three examples of positive reviews from MorningFame customers.

  • “I’m totally in love with this thing!!! Seriously!” – Shaun Webb
  • “Morningfame has made YouTube keyword research a lot of fun. You’ll gain access to thorough, logical research for your YouTube channel. This software is incredible!” – Project Success Mastery
  • “Last year I had 18.9 million views and 440,000 subscribers, with video SEO accounting for 31.9% of the total. With Morningfame, I’m ranking on top for 500+ keywords on YouTube!” – H-Educate

MorningFame Alternatives

If you’re on the fence about using Morningfame, take a look at these three other competitors.


vidIQ is a MorningFame alternative available as a Google Chrome extension and a web app.

The platform provides data on things like estimated video views, view count, watch time, and more.

You’ll also get information about the number of channels ranking for specific keywords, related keywords to use, and more.

How Does vidIQ Differ From MorningFame?

You’ll need to pay more for vidIQ to access similar tools that MorningFame gives you for under $13 per month.

For example, you’ll pay $39 per month for the Boost plan from vidIQ.

However, you can get direct coaching access with vidIQ.

If you pay the $79 per month fee for its Max plan, you’ll have the ability to attend weekly coaching calls.

Who Is vidIQ Best For?

We recommend vidIQ for people who want more coaching and guidance on their YouTube journey.

The platform is also a good MorningFame alternative for those with a larger budget. Try vidIQ.


As a MorningFame alternative, TubeBuddy offers plenty of time-saving features that can make your life easier as a YouTube creator.

Its main features include the following.

  • Automated transcriptions
  • Video SEO
  • Channel management

How Does TubeBuddy Differ From MorningFame?

MorningFame prioritizes videos with common keywords and hashtags for the top-ranking videos on a given keyword.

TubeBuddy casts a wider net by also taking related Google search terms, video topics, titles, and questions into account.

Who Is TubeBuddy Best For?

TubeBuddy works well for larger YouTubers looking to take their channel to the next level by optimizing their videos for SEO and better time management. Try TubeBuddy.


tubics is an AI-powered YouTube video SEO tool that improves your videos’ rankings and viewership.

Its primary features include the following.

  • Channel analysis
  • Video tags
  • Video analysis
  • Keyword generation
  • Ranking reports
  • Competitor analysis

How Does tubics Differ From MorningFame?

The largest distinction between the two is price, with tubics’ most expensive option coming in at $2,000 per month.

Who Is tubics Best For?

Tubics is perfect for businesses and digital marketing organizations that want to increase help their clients perform better with YouTube SEO tactics. Try tubics.

Wrapping Up

Anyone with a YouTube channel knows that it takes more than just filming and uploading videos.

You also have to put effort into keyword research, knowing what’s popular, making your thumbnails engaging, and ensuring that your content is high quality.

If you want to improve your YouTube channel, MorningFame offers a suite of tools to help, including video tags, keyword research, detailed analytics, thumbnail optimization, and more.

The software uses artificial intelligence to help your YouTube videos perform better.

Are you ready to start using MorningFame?

Get started today.

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