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Niche Website Builders


Niche Website Builders

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4.5/5 Niche Website Builders Reviews

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Niche Website Builders is an online service that allows digital entrepreneurs to expand and improve their business by using their complete suite of tools and an in-house staff of writers, web designers, and marketing experts. They occasionally offer discounts, but are still priced at a great price point. So, my advice? Be sure to understand what services you need and look at profit analyses on this product before deciding on a purchase.
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4.5 out of 5.0
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5 out of 5.0
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5 out of 5.0
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5 out of 5.0
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  • Lower quality content than in-house
  • Slow customer service


  • Versatile
  • Budget-friendly
  • Created by niche website owners
  • Choose services or purchase a discounted bundle
5 /5 User Reviews
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Building and managing a website can be a daunting task without the proper knowledge and resources — that’s why you can find several websites online that do most of the heavy lifting for you.

Whether you need content creation, SEO and keyword optimization, or someone to build your website from the ground up, the web hosts many products that can help you with anything.

But what content agency stands out among them all?

Today, we’re reviewing Niche Website Builders, a company that strives to accommodate nearly any website or content creation request.

Get help with certain aspects of your business, or have them build your website from the ground up — whatever is needed!

Read on for an extensive review of Niche Website Builders.

What Is Niche Website Builders?

Niche Website Builders is a content creation and management agency that assists smaller and more obscure publishers with their advertising effectiveness and growth as a business.

Regardless of if you’d like an entirely hands-off approach to your website, or just need help with certain aspects of production, Niche Website Builders is likely to accommodate.

Niche Website Builders History

Mark Mars, the creator of Niche Website Builders, founded the company in December 2019 after years of desperately trying to find a quality web service for content creation.

His frustration stemmed from being unable to find a site that offered the entire package; quality writers, affiliate services, link building, and everything else that goes into creating a successful website.

Even in 2019, around the launch of Niche Website Builders, there were hardly any web services offering the complete package.

Before the launch, Mark had owned and operated a traditional digital marketing agency for six years until he met with his now business partner Adam Smith to discuss creating a complete suite of tools for digital content creators.

And thus, Niche Website Builders was born.

From quality, in-house native English writers, niche content production, and a variety of SEO tools, Mark Mars sought to revolutionize how people create content and manage their websites.

Pros and Cons of Niche Website Builders

Pros of Niche Website Builders
  • Niche Website Builders is quite good at what it sets out to do.
  • The content quality is decent, and the range of different services allows virtually any company to take advantage of their services regardless of the intended purpose.
  • On top of this, the prices are decently competitive compared to other, similar services.
Cons of Niche Website Builders
  • There is a little risk involved, since there is no free trial nor a lifetime membership, and results can vary depending on how you plan to use these services.

How Much Does Niche Website Builders Cost?

The answer to this question depends entirely on what your needs are for your website.

As you can see from the pricing list above, there are many routes you can take depending on how much content you would like and how many links you need.

Is Niche Website Builders Worth the Cost?

Compared to having in-house writers and staff, the quality of outsourcing these tasks can vary depending on the subject and talent of the writers.

Entrusting your website to a content agency will save you time and money but inevitably means a lack of oversight and vision that comes with having in-house talent.

Why Niche Website Builders Is Worth the Cost

This website can be of great help to someone looking to automate and streamline various aspects of content production.

The ability to pick ‌which services you require makes this product incredibly customizable, versatile, and, as we’ll see, that aspect is critical for those designing and maintaining a niche website.

The Problem Niche Website Builders Solves

While the market for all-in-one website management services has bloomed since the inception of this company, Niche Website Builders was the first among them to do it rather successfully.

Whereas past agencies focused primarily on one particular aspect of production or a specific niche, Niche Website Builders integrates all aspects of production and accommodates almost any website, regardless of its obscurity.  

Who Is Niche Website Builders Best For?

If you’re just starting as a digital entrepreneur, Niche Website Builders will give you all the resources and staffing you need to create a successful online business.

Digital marketing can be incredibly tricky to dip your toes into, so having a team of professionals to assist in that process can make or break a startup company.

If you’re an online publisher looking to automate your content production, or perhaps you don’t have enough writers on hand, this service can also help to meet your monthly content quota.

Overall, this service will be perfect for you if you run a relatively niche website with specific content requirements.

Who Should NOT Use Niche Website Builders?

Anyone with enough time, money, and resources should hesitate to use these products, as they’re designed primarily for organizations that need quality content and web design in a pinch.

If you have an in-house staff of writers, marketers, and web designers, you might be better off working with what you have instead of outsourcing it to an agency that may not be fully in the loop of your company’s vision.

What To Think About Buying Niche Website Builders

If you’re considering using outsourced writers and web designers, you should ask yourself if that content would be better planned and produced in-house.

There’s always a gap in understanding between your vision and what Niche Website Builders perceive as your vision, no matter how much you communicate your wishes.

Still, they make the most effort to make sure your vision is crystal clear to them before they get to work.

Features and Benefits of Niche Website Builders

Now that you have a good idea of pricing and a high-level overview of what Nich Website Builders offers, let’s take a deeper dive into some of the features and benefits of this product.

1. DFY (Done For You) Affiliate Sites

Niche Website Builders does much more than create content and links for your website.

They ensure all content is high-quality and contains the correct keywords to drive traffic to your site.

On top of that, you can expect a customized website built for you and ongoing customer support after the initial setup is completed.

Keyword Research

Newbies to the digital marketing space often struggle with deciding which keywords are profitable for their specific product niche.

Understandably so, since there are hundreds of different methods online to choose from.

This is precisely why Niche Website Builders offers keyword research services.

Considering they use it for their own 6-figure portfolio, they decide with incredible effectiveness which keywords are relevant and which ones are out of date.  

Keyword Selection

Along with keyword research, Niche Website Builders also do all the hard work required to implement relevant keywords into your content.

Most of time, integrating keyword research into the content is much harder than the research itself, which is precisely why they also do all the heavy lifting for that.

Content Creation

Google’s advanced search algorithms are making it harder and harder to prioritize poor-quality writing.

Even with advanced keywords, bad writing can negatively impact the traffic in and out of your website, which is why it is imperative to create quality content.

This is precisely why Niche Website Builders hire only native English writers with professional backgrounds in writing.

Website Development

Once Niche Website Builders knows which pricing option you want, has decided on all the keywords, and developed a content plan,they will begin developing your website.

This includes everything from the content, design, and execution, along with a selection of premium plugins such as AAWP and Thrive Architect; all of which ‌make the web design process simple and stress-free.

Ongoing Support

Even after the initial setup, Niche Website Builders will continue to provide support as needed and develop the project further upon request.

Additionally, their Facebook group is full of like-minded affiliates, so even if they aren’t readily available, there is a community of marketers willing to answer ‌questions you might have regarding their services.

2. Content Creation

When you entrust Niche Website Builders with creating top-tier content for your website, you can rest easy knowing that they take the time to understand your goals and vision.

Content strategies and onboarding calls are an important part of their process to ensure everything they do for you is on-point.

Content Strategies

Ensuring consistent content means having a long-term strategy in mind for creating and releasing that content.

That’s why Niche Website Builders works with their customers in strategizing content for the long run, instead of focusing primarily on short-term gains.

Onboarding Call

Communication through email has its limits, especially when attempting to convey your goals to an outsourcing agency.

That’s why every new customer receives a thorough onboarding call to better understand your specific needs, goals, and project requirements — everything needed for a transparent and successful startup.

In-House Writers

Niche Website Builders hire only in-house native English-speaking writers for their bulk content creation.

Most of these writers hail from the United Kingdom and have extensive backgrounds in either creative writing, journalism, or English literature.

Suffice it to say, the writers in this company are definitely above-par and well-versed in what they do.

Keyword Research and SEO

On top of content creation, Niche Website Builders also offers a well-researched and up-to-date keyword selection process — one that they use in their 6-figure portfolio.

Pre-Planned Content Creation

Already envisioned what your content should be about, but lacking in time and resources?

Niche Website Builders can help you with this.

Give them a detailed description of what you want to be accomplished, and they will get started on making that vision a reality.

3. Link Building

While it’s important to have great content for your website, it’s even more important that others will link to it.

Niche Website Builders ensures they’re creating content that other people will want to include in their own.


Creating successful content also comes with the responsibility of ensuring that people will want to link to that content.

The best way to determine how to get links to your articles is by researching what articles attract the most links to their original piece.

Thankfully, Niche Website Builders does all of this planning for you, so you don’t have to worry about spending your precious time conducting this rather intensive research yourself.


Niche Website Builders does this by prospecting various sites that will likely have an interest in linking your content in their current string of articles.

They do all the research, outreach, and detail-gathering from these sites that may be of use to your link-building endeavors.

Skyscraper Content

Quality content ‌inevitably attracts links to your website from other articles.

Therefore, Niche Website Builders focuses on content that other publishers will naturally want to link to, versus more artificial methods that don’t garner nearly as much growth or prospects.

Guest Posts

Niche Website Builder’s in-house team of writers is also fully qualified to do guest posts, which are crucial to building links that will successfully lead readers back to your website.

They do this by creating content that is like your niche, and therefore bringing interest and traffic from the host website to yours.

Additional Link Opportunities

During their outreach campaign, Niche Website Builders may end up finding more linking opportunities than initially expected.

They make use of all of it, and ensure you are in the loop.

Note, however, that these additional links are not free, so it’s up to you to decide in the end if they are valuable for rerouting traffic back to your website or not.

4. Aged Domain Review

Many internet domains are ‌inactive or haven’t received heavy traffic in years, which is why it can be highly profitable to purchase these domains while they’re in this state of stagnation.

If you ‌decide to purchase an aged domain, Niche Website Builders can assist you in conducting an analysis to determine if your selected domain is the best pick for you.  

5. Combo Packs

Want to save by bundling various services?

Niche Website Builders offers a plethora of combo packs, depending on your preferences and price point.

Merging bulk content, niche edits, and guest posts provides all the essentials for anyone wanting to dip their toes into the digital marketing and publishing space.

Niche Website Builders also offers combo subscriptions that include a set amount of content and links per month.

The highest tier level also includes a HARO Newshound Pack.

Niche Website Builders Customer Service

If you have any specific concerns or requests, Niche Website Builders thankfully offers a multitude of support options.

Book an appointment to talk with them by phone, leave them a message using their chat service, or peruse their Facebook group for a community of like-minded affiliates.

Why Should You Trust Us?

At BloggingTips, we have been providing reliable and authoritative articles for digital marketers, writers, and publishers for over 15 years.

Our passion for blogging is what prompted our founder, Kevin Muldoon, to create a community of like-minded individuals to interact and connect in the digital space.

What Niche Website Builders Users are Saying

Mushfiq S, a professional website flipper, performed a profit analysis of Niche Website Builders and came to a mildly positive conclusion regarding its effectiveness.

Despite their content lacking an A+ rating and their links often being of poor quality, he makes the case that the impact on quality is far outweighed by their exceptional list of features, like formatting and on-page SEO.

He also notes the wide variety of methods for link building on Skyscraper and HARO.

Even though the links are often below the quality of in-house links, they always meet the minimum standard.

This is the most we can expect out of an outsourcing agency, he adds.

Alex Cooper, an expert in WordPress and affiliate marketing, had a few positive thoughts regarding the Shotgun Skyscraper link-building service.

Alex stated that the cost is reasonable and there’s a natural generation of links to drive more traffic to your website and increase your search engine visibility.

For this reason, Alex prefers Niche Website Builders over other sites like Stan Ventures because you get both content and quality links.

Niche Website Builders Alternatives

This wouldn’t be a great Niche Website Builders review if we didn’t talk about alternatives to the service so you can see for yourself.

Niche Website Builders is a tough company to contend with, however, because of all the services and customization they offer.

But that doesn’t mean it’s your only option.

Highlighted below are a few alternatives to using the Niche Website Builders services.

Keep in mind that these sites don’t offer as much customization and versatility.

1. HumanProof Designs

Much like Niche Website Builders, HumanProof Designs strives to offer tools and resources to niche websites to grow and expand their business — like building a website, content production, and keyword research.

Unlike them, their primary focus is buying and selling aged and affiliate sites.

This site is best for anyone wanting a truly hands-off approach to their business.

They only offer the complete suite of services, so if you’re looking to pick and choose, I’d advise looking elsewhere.

The price is quite competitive, however, so it’s a good deal if you’re willing to shell out that much.

2. BrandBuilders

Unlike the previous two brands, BrandBuilder’s sites are explicitly built on brand new sites, so it may take a bit more time to rank on Google’s search algorithms.

Despite this, they can give you a pre-made website in less than 24 hours, and a custom website in less than three weeks.

At that rate, it will have made up for the time missed in the ranking process.

If you’re looking for some truly quality customer service, BrandBuilders is your best pick.

Even if you don’t purchase any of the services, you can schedule a call with the CEO of BrandBuilders to discuss managing or creating your website.

3. Alpha Investors

Alpha Investors’ primary focus is on premium-aged domains, which are ideal for people looking to launch their website on an existing backlink profile.

They also offer DFY custom-built sites and DFY content writing services.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this Niche Website Builders Review has provided you with the necessary information to decide if these services are for you.

Above all these agencies, Niche Website Builders seems to have the edge in versatility and functionality.

You can pick exactly what you need, and leave out the parts you don’t (which also helps you to save money).

Along with this, Niche Website Builders’ adaptability to a wide variety of niches makes this perfect for any relatively obscure company to become recognized on the web.

Whether you are looking for help with various aspects of production, or you’re looking for someone to build your website from the ground up, Niche Website Builders can easily adapt to any need or preference.

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