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Semrush Academy is the training wing of the online all-in-one marketing platform, Semrush.

Semrush Academy offers more than 30 free courses and certification exams in English, French, and Spanish.

You can learn from digital marketing experts like Ashley Segura and Bastian Grimm, and improve your CV/resume with top industry tips.


All of Semrush Academy’s courses and exams are entirely free.

Discount Available:


Lifetime Plan:

You get lifetime access to all their courses and exams.

Semrush Academy Pros:

  • Free learning resource
  • Video lectures and written transcripts
  • Hours worth of content and information

Semrush Academy Cons:

  • Short videos
  • Not too beginner friendly
  • You can’t retake exams over again once you pass them

If you’re a blogger, digital marketer, or have a website, you’ve probably run into the term SEO.

Semrush is one of the most well-known names in SEO tools as it markets itself as an all-in-one SEO tool, and for a good reason.

Semrush not only gives a plethora of SEO tools but also a fantastic catalog of courses and material to learn about SEO and digital marketing through its Academy program, Semrush Academy.

As far as free resources go, there are plenty of places to find information on SEO optimization.

What separates Semrush Academy from the rest?

In this Semrush Academy Review, I want to focus on what content Semrush provides, if it is helpful, and if it’s worth your time.

Overview of Semrush Academy

Before we get into the full Semrush Academy Review, here is a brief overview of Semrush Academy and the services it provides.

What is Semrush Academy?

Semrush Academy is an educational resource that Semrush provides for its users and the public.

The focus of their Academy is to provide free information about SEO, digital marketing, and keyword optimization.

Since Semrush Academy doubles up as a Semrush tutorial service for its users, it also covers how to use its marketing software to the fullest.

Additionally, they offer certification to show mastery of their Semrush tool and software through certification exams.

Semrush Academy History

Semrush decided to make the Academy program for multiple reasons, but at its core, it’s an extra resource to help Semrush users promote their SEO tools and product.

Pros and Cons of Semrush Academy

While being an excellent learning tool, Semrush Academy has steep competition with free online learning resources.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages you’ll find with Semrush Academy.

Pros of Semrush Academy

  • Free learning resource
  • Video lectures and written transcripts
  • Hours worth of content and information
  • Learn from experts
  • Lifetime access

Cons of Semrush Academy

  • Short videos
  • Not too beginner friendly
  • You can’t retake exams over again once you pass them
  • No hands-on exercises
  • Nothing too advanced to learn

How Much Does Semrush Academy Cost?

SemRush Academy is entirely free.

There are no subscription fees or course enrollment fees.

The only cost to Semrush Academy is the time commitment.

Additionally, you can access all your Semrush Academy content on any device with a browser.

Is Semrush Academy Worth the Cost?

Semrush Academy is a valuable tool for intermediate to advanced digital marketers looking to up their game.

Given how much of the content relies upon preexisting knowledge, beginners or those new to the field are probably better off familiarizing themselves with the basics elsewhere before diving into Semrush Academy.

Why Semrush Academy is Worth The Cost

Semrush Academy is an excellent time investment for experienced digital marketers looking to expand and build upon their existing knowledge.

There is a vast amount of content available for you, as well as testimonials and instructions from experts in the field.

The Problem Semrush Academy Solves

Semrush helps users get familiar with the Semrush software and SEO, PPC, and digital marketing.

Semrush Academy has become a tool that is affordable to anyone who is looking to break into the SEO creation space.

Why Would Somebody Want to Use Semrush Academy?

People will use Semrush Academy for multiple reasons, but the main reason is to learn more about SEO and digital marketing.

The information you can get from these courses is critical to the success of your business, assuming your business relies on SEO content.

Who is Semrush Academy Best For?

Semrush Academy is intended for digital markets of intermediate to advanced knowledge and experience looking for an extra edge in their field, especially if they’re already using Semrush as part of their day-to-day.

That’s not to say that users who don’t use Semrush won’t benefit from the courses, but your experience with Semrush Academy will translate perfectly to how you operate and use Semrush tools.

Additionally, intermediate SEO users will heavily benefit from Semrush Academy’s content.

Anyone with a foundation in SEO will benefit heavily from these courses’ information.

Why Semrush Academy is Best for Semrush Users

Semrush Academy constantly promotes its Semrush software during its training course.

Essentially, Semrush Academy doubles as a tutorial for Semrush users.

They find clever ways to integrate their software into most of their lessons in some way.

Some courses even dedicate entire lessons to Semrush software.

These courses are titled Semrush Toolkits.

Who Should NOT Use Semrush Academy?

Before using the Academy, it’s crucial to understand SEO and its accompanying theories.

People who don’t have a solid foundation in SEO concepts should not start with Semrush Academy.

Why Beginners Should Not Use Semrush Academy

People unfamiliar with how webpages, online content, SEO, and digital marketing work will be extremely confused about what they’re learning from Semrush Academy.

The Semrush Academy courses assume you have some fundamental grasp of these topics, even in their introduction course.

Beginners will most likely be overwhelmed and find little to no value initially.

What to Think About Before Buying Semrush Academy

Before committing your time to Semrush Academy, users should ask themselves the following.

  • Do I have a general understanding of SEO?
  • What do I want to learn?
  • Do I have time to dedicate to these courses?
  • Can I pay attention to this?
  • Will I take these courses seriously?

Features and Benefits

Semrush Academy offers users many benefits.

The knowledge you get from their courses, exams, and videos is vital to the success of your SEO career.

You get no direct value from the courses as you must put the work into studying and applying the concepts.

Even so, the theories and topics that Semrush Academy covers will continue to help you with keyword tracking, SEO content, competitive analysis, and digital marketing.

I want to expand on some of the main benefits and features that Semrush will provide for you.


For digital marketers, all of the essentials are present.

They offer SEO, content marketing, PPC, SMM, Semrush toolkit, competitive research, and sales courses.

Every course provides translations in English, Spanish, and French.

The interface for Semrush Academy makes courses simple to organize and navigate.

Users can enroll in any course and see an overview of how long each might take and how many lessons there are.

Additionally, every course is easy to find as they are put in different categories depending on their relevant information.

Users can filter the lessons depending on their needs.

The amount of detail put into the organization and courses is impressive.

First, each class has its chapters on the left-hand side of the learning module, giving you quick access to any of the select lessons in the course.

Under each video, Semrush provides a full transcript, eliminating any note-taking needed or the hassle of sitting down and listening to a lecture.

Each section also comes with a small quiz, typically just one question, to ensure that you understand the overall concepts.

Additionally, when you exit the courses, you can resume them at any time.

Now, more importantly, the content in these courses ranges from basic understanding to general information you can find anywhere.

It’s important to note that these courses’ value comes from organizing the information and presenting it to you with expert opinions.

The bulk of the content in each lesson follows a similar style, so learning remains consistent.

The value you get from these courses skyrockets when you consider that these courses stay there forever, and you’ll continue to have lifetime access to them.

Certification Exams

Something important to note is that Semrush doesn’t have too many exercise options to test out what you know or how you can apply those things.

Users should take advantage of Semrush Academy’s exams to compensate for the lack of activities.

While not the best substitute for projects, worksheets, and other interactive experiences, exams still allow you to gauge what you know about the theories and concepts the courses have to offer.

For each category and course, an exam will be available.

You don’t have to complete any lessons to do the exam, but they recommend you review the content within the correlated course to ensure a fair chance of success.

Regardless, If you fail these exams, you can retake them at any point.

Semrush also sends you an email recommending what you should review to ensure your next exam is successful.

It’s up to each user to make use of these exams.

They aren’t necessary by any means, but you will receive a certification badge that you understand the topics associated with that exam.

Content Updates

Something taken heavily for granted is how often online courses and learning resources update content.

Semrush Academy makes it a point to update its content as necessary and continue to do so during the time of this review.

The updates incentivize people to come back and check out old courses for a refresher or to see what’s new.

Additionally, Semrush is adding new content continuously.

The biggest differentiator between Semrush Academy and other learning resources is the value you get from having an active resource that continuously updates and provides you with something new.

With free learning resources, content usually stays static and doesn’t progress further from its first iteration.

That’s not the case with Semrush Academy.

Every update to the courses is free and still currently relevant.

Access To Professionals

One of the most amazing things about Semrush Academy is that it brings in industry professionals to help create these mini guides for users.

For example, when you first enroll in Semrush Academy, you’ll receive an introductory content and SEO agency playbook course with Andy Crestodina.

Andy is bringing a free course that covers SEO and content strategies to users who participate in the class.

The information you receive from someone with actual industry experience may be the deciding factor in improving your SEO strategy.

Each course has someone with professional experience to help guide you and explain how things work and what you can do to improve your content or practices.

Usually, you’d have to pay an insane amount of money to participate in a seminar with industry professionals.

The length of these courses varies, but each specialist Semrush brings covers a different topic that expands on digital marketing and SEO.

You can expect each of these expert courses to be around an hour to three hours in length.

The significant part about these professionals is that they cover the basics, so even if you’re new to terms like SEO or understanding keyword research, they cover these topics.

The unfortunate downside of these courses is the lack of advanced training beyond theory.

While you get a plethora of expert advice, it doesn’t quite go beyond its practical theory.

Additionally, some of these experts will integrate lessons that pertain only to Semrush users.

While not always bad, it does leave users who don’t use Semrush missing out.

Semrush Toolkit

The last and probably most important feature Semrush Academy offers is its Semrush toolkit courses.

The course marked with Semrush Tools directly correlates to getting you acquainted with learning your Semrush software.

Semrush provides valuable information through their Academy for free, so to get something beneficial out of it, they actively promote the use of their software through their courses.

For Semrush users, this doubles as an advanced tutorial on the Semrush software.

Each course provides fundamentals to help you expand on what you know and how you can better use your Semrush tools.

For example, in one module, their competitive analysis and keyword research course, they go into detail on using their keyword ranker to optimize keywords on their webpage correctly.

These courses don’t take that long, typically around thirty minutes to an hour.

Once you take the course and get familiar with the concepts, you can get certification through one of many of the Semrush Academy exams.

Each exam is free for users who actively use the SEO tools Semrush offers.

Even if you don’t use Semrush tools, you may get a better idea of how the software works and how it could benefit you.

While going through some of these courses, I was amazed at what Semrush tools could do for my SEO practices.

Semrush Academy Customer Service

I was curious about the customer service that Semrush Academy had to offer.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find much regarding the basic features and benefits most services provide for their users in terms of assistance.

Does Semrush Academy Offer Customer Service?

Semrush does offer email and an FAQ section for customer service.

What Types of Customer Service Does Semrush Academy Offer?

Semrush Academy offers an email support team and customer service in the form of an FAQ.

Each section of their FAQ goes into detail on how their Academy works.

They list general questions for courses, exams, and certificates.

There is no other additional resource for Semrush Academy regarding customer service.

Why Should You Trust Us?

I like to research and see what the community says about Semrush Academy.

I’m highly skeptical, so I never directly take someone’s opinion at face value.

My experience has been an acceptable one, but I’ve also taken others’ considerations into account.

What Semrush Academy Users are Saying

Most of the Semrush Academy reviews are from users using their Semrush tools.

Here are some of the thoughts people have about Semrush Academy.

David D writes, “SEMrush can have a pretty big learning curve.

If you are looking for something specific, sometimes it can be hard to find, and you’ll have to go through a bunch of data.

Thankfully, they do have an academy that can help you!”

Brain P states, “Go through the academy training.

It’s free and gets you up to speed fast.”

Sonia G writes, “I’ve begun studying the SEMrush Academy, which I believe is an excellent resource for learning how to get the most out of my SEMrush membership.”

Semrush Academy Alternatives

Since Semrush is one of the best-known SEO tools, it’s difficult not to hear about its features and Academy.

While its popularity remains dominant, there are other alternatives to Semrush Academy that could prove to be a vital learning resource for you.

Authority Hacker Pro

Authority Hacker Pro is the first on the list of alternatives for Semrush Academy.

This learning resource targets advanced digital marketers and experienced online SEO content creators.

Authority Hacker Pro is exclusive, only opening once or twice a year.

They have insane content to justify your price, which ranges to about $2,500 annually.

How Does Authority Hacker Pro Differ From Semrush Academy?

The price is the first big difference between Hacker Authority Pro and Semrush Academy.

While Hacker Authority Pro does have more content, it’ll run users hundreds of dollars annually.

Who is Authority Hacker Pro Best For?

Authority Hacker Pro provides imperative assistance for advanced digital marketers and SEO content creators.

Yoast SEO Academy

Another learning resource you have to pay for, Yoast SEO Academy still stands as a worthwhile investment for many users.

Yoast SEO is a more hands-on training program that people can use.

How Does Yoast SEO Academy Differ From Semrush Academy?

Yoast SEO Academy focuses on directly training each of their students who enroll.

Yoast provides users with direct WordPress, site structure, technical SEO, and basic SEO training.

Unlike Semrush Academy, the value you get is a custom experience to ensure success.

Who is Yoast SEO Academy Best For?

Yoast SEO Academy is best for beginners who are just looking into SEO.

Income School

As the middle alternative, Income School offers several courses that teach you how to construct and operate a profitable website or YouTube channel.

Income School also boasts a fantastic community that goes the extra mile to assist each other.

How Does Income School Differ From Semrush Academy?

While not the most expensive of the alternatives I’ve reviewed, Income School remains a hefty learning resource for giving value to beginners and intermediate SEO creators.

What Income does is provide direct training and a more hands-on experience.

This extra hands-on experience is something that Semrush Academy lacks and proves to be extremely valuable in the success stories of many Income School students.

Who is Income School Best For?

Income School is best for Intermediate to advanced SEO content creators.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have lingering questions about our Semrush Academy Review, we may have answers:

How long does it take to learn Semrush?

Each module has an estimate of how long that course will take.

The average time of a course is between twenty minutes to an hour.

Some courses expand into three or even four hours worth of content.

What is the best SEO course?

While there is bias to this answer, I have to go with Ashely Segura’s Content Marketing Fundamentals Course.

This specific course offers an insane amount of utility regarding the inner workings of content marketing.

The course is on the long side, but it’s definitely worth your time.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to a practical and valuable learning tool, Semrush is beyond the perfect example of one.

The sheer value you get from this free resource is unmatched by its leading alternative.

Paired with their existing Semrush software becomes critical to your success.

Overall, the courses that Semrush provides are most certainly worth the time for users to check out.

Whether you use Semrush or not, their Academy will give some value to beginner, intermediate, and even advanced SEO specialists.

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