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Ubersuggest is a keyword research tool that allows business owners to thoroughly optimize their web content. You’ll find a comprehensive suite of SEO research tools to help improve revenue and site traffic, all with an easy-to-use dashboard. In addition, Ubersuggest offers backlink research and content ideas if you’re stumped on what to write next. While it is not as powerful as Ahrefs or Semrush, it is a beginner tool offered at a great price point, with discounts and a lifetime plan available.
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  • Can lag when running multiple reports
  • Limited basic plan
  • No mobile app offered


  • Discover top performing pages
  • Detailed keyword suggestions
  • Detailed error reporting
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Keyword research is a crucial part of crafting a high-quality and high-traffic website.

The right words will consistently bring in organic traffic and interested readers, allowing you to monetize your content easily.

On the other hand, the wrong keywords could keep your content from landing in front of those who’d be most interested.

So, how do you do keyword research that guarantees a great search engine optimization rate?

One option is to use a keyword research or optimizing tool like Ubersuggest.

Keyword research tools help you find relevant keywords without hours of painstaking research.

If you’re interested in learning all about Ubersuggest, you’re in the right place. Let’s dig in.

What Is Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest is an online keyword research tool designed to help you increase your blog or web traffic.

Specifically, it offers multiple SEO tools at affordable prices, making it an ideal choice for any blog type.

Site owners can easily mine keywords from competitor web pages to apply to their own pages.

By monitoring sites and keywords, you can also monitor trends, changing your keywords and approach as needed.

Ubersuggest also offers content ideas and detailed backlink data.

Ubersuggest History

Ubersuggest was initially designed to scrape Google Suggest terms.

However, once Neil Patel acquired it in 2017, it became an invaluable tool for bloggers looking to boost their SEO.

Ubersuggest saw a period of unpopularity before Neil Patel acquired it.

Patel is an experienced entrepreneur and author who’s won multiple Top 100 awards over the last few years.

He took his award-winning expertise and put it to work, making Ubersuggest the powerhouse it is today.

Ubersuggest has gone through multiple updates since Patel acquired it, making it one of the best SEO research tools available.

Because Patel updates and enhances Ubersuggest regularly, its user base has grown exponentially over the last few years.

Pros and Cons of Ubersuggest

As with any keyword research tool, Ubersuggest has pros and cons. SEO can be a tricky thing to master, so knowing what you’re getting into with each tool is imperative.

Here are a few pros and cons of Ubersuggest.

Pros of Ubersuggest
  • Detailed keyword suggestions based on thorough research
  • User-friendly, streamlined interface
  • Descriptive data with each keyword
  • Free basic plan and 7-day trial
  • Word clouds for easy visualization
Cons of Ubersuggest
  • Mobile interface isn't as user-friendly as the web
  • Niche bloggers might not get many results
  • No mobile app as of 2022
  • Basic plan is somewhat limited in results
  • Process lags a bit when running multiple reports

How Much Does Ubersuggest Cost?

Ubersuggest offers a free desktop site auditing tool to perform competitor research.

However, the free tool limits users to a maximum of three searches per day.

If you want to benefit from Ubersuggest’s full suite of tools, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid versions. Paid prices are as follows.

  • Individual: $29 per month or $290 lifetime
  • Business: $49 per month or $490 lifetime
  • Enterprise: $99 per month or $990 lifetime

If you’re unsure if you want to commit to Ubersuggest’s plans, you can try out the 7-day free trial.

It’ll give you a good idea of what to expect if you decide to invest.

You’ll also get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

image 4

Is Ubersuggest Worth the Cost?

The simple answer is yes. Ubersuggest is worth the cost.

So if you’re looking to increase your SEO rate, Ubersuggest will be able to help at a fair price.

Why Ubersuggest Is Worth The Cost

Ubersuggest is mainly worth the cost because of its array of SEO tools.

It has a vast keyword database, reliable backlink data, and detailed competitor research tools to help you draw in new traffic.

In addition to keyword research, Ubersuggest also offers content ideas.

When you spend your days producing tons of content, coming up blank is common.

Fortunately, Ubersuggest’s tools will help give you a burst of inspiration.

The Problem Ubersuggest Solves

Keyword research is an art form that can take years to perfect.

Unfortunately, many business owners and bloggers don’t have that time.

So, they turn to tools like Ubersuggest to streamline research and site-building processes.

Why Would Somebody Want to Use Ubersuggest?

There are plenty of reasons someone might want to use Ubersuggest.

The main reason it’s worthwhile is that it’s a cost-effective solution to many businesses’ problems, which is perfecting SEO.

Any website can fall victim to bad SEO, but Ubersuggest can help rectify it.

Your SEO needs to be on point when you want to sit at the top of SERPs.

Your click-through rate can significantly drop when you move from the first to second spot.

For that reason, new and seasoned site and business owners can all benefit from Ubersuggest’s tools.

Who Is Ubersuggest Best For?

Since Ubersuggest has a wide range of tools, it’s an ideal option for small businesses looking to increase their SEO.

Small bloggers who are just starting out will find it just as helpful as larger businesses looking to increase traffic.

Why Ubersuggest Is Best for Small Businesses

Ubersuggest’s plans are tiered, making it easy for websites that are looking to increase organic web traffic to do so.

You won’t have to worry about paying for features you don’t need because the plans are created for varied users.

The tools are also designed for small businesses, bloggers, and individuals.

Who Should NOT Use Ubersuggest?

Since Ubersuggest is ideal for smaller businesses looking to improve their digital footprints, large companies and corporations might not see as much benefit, especially if your website has many competitors you want to study.

Why Larger Companies Should Not Use Ubersuggest

Larger companies typically have few issues with SEO or the size of their online presence.

However, Ubersuggest was designed for solopreneurs and small businesses, so its tools might not be robust enough for corporations or large companies.

What to Think About Before Buying Ubersuggest

When it comes to purchasing subscriptions or services for your business, there are a few things site owners and bloggers should keep in mind.

Here are a few points to consider about Ubersuggest.

1. Business Size

Ubersuggest offers three paid plans that suit the needs of businesses managing up to ten websites.

The plans are evenly split to allow users to pay for what they need and nothing more.

However, you might want to look elsewhere if you manage more than ten sites.

2. Requires Google Sign In

Ubersuggest requires access to your Google Search Console to operate.

The company states this allows them to find any errors or problems with your site that need to be fixed.

However, if you’re not comfortable sharing that information, Ubersuggest might not be for you.

3. Cancellations and Refunds

When you sign up for Ubersuggest, you’re not signing a long-term contract.

So if you’re unhappy with your service, you can cancel at any time without penalty.

However, you can only get a refund for annual or lifetime subscriptions if you request it within 30 days of signing up.

4. Accuracy

Ubersuggest offers highly-accurate keyword research that can help improve your website’s ranking.

However, in some instances, Ubersuggest is a bit lacking in identifying the competition.

5. Updates

One of the best things about Ubersuggest is that it’s updated frequently.

The company is constantly creating and adding new features.

Each update makes Ubersuggest a more effective SEO research tool at a low price.

Features and Benefits of Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest offers several features and benefits that draw users in.

Here’s a quick breakdown of a few key features you’ll benefit from the most.

1. Intuitive Dashboard

Ubersuggest boasts a user-friendly dashboard that even the most inexperienced bloggers can navigate.

Its intuitive design makes it easy to enter a domain and instantly view competitor research, keywords, and backlink information.  

2. Keyword Suggestions

Ubersuggest does extensive keyword research, then breaks its keyword suggestion tool into four categories:

  • Search volume
  • SEO difficulty
  • Paid difficulty
  • Cost per click (CPC)

These categories allow you to finetune your keyword selection based on specific goals.


You’ll be able to choose from short and long-tail keywords, questions, prepositions, and other semantic details that’ll quickly increase your SEO.

3. Site Auditing

An essential step in improving your search engine optimization is auditing yourself.

Ubersuggest’s site audit tool scans your website for errors, provides recommendations, and alerts you to red flags.

Then, simply enter your site’s URL in the search bar to receive a site health report.

image 1

4. Content Suggestions

Ubersuggest’s Content Ideas section can help inspire your future posts.

Creating regular content can be time-consuming and exhausting.

Located on the keyword dashboard, the Content Ideas tool can take some of that pressure off your shoulders.

image 2

5. Rank Tracking

As your site increases in rank, you want to ensure your keywords still suit your needs.

Ubersuggest’s rank tracking tool provides detailed information on your projects, keywords, and your audited websites.

image 3

6. Ubersuggest Labs

When you log onto Ubersuggest, you’ll see a new feature called Labs.

This exciting tool is where you can test out Neil’s current SEO experimental features.

Currently, you’ll find a keyword generator, AI writer, and keyword visualizer to explore.

7. Traffic Analyzer

Ubersuggest’s traffic analyzer tool lets you view your competitors’ web traffic details.

The traffic analysis will include information on keywords, which you can use to create content.

When you focus your content around your competitors’ keywords, you’re more likely to increase your site ranking.

8. Discover Backlinks

Backlinks are crucial to improving your website’s SERP ranking.

Fortunately, Ubersuggest offers a quick and easy way to find your competitors’ backlinks.

Once you know what links they’re using successfully, you can include them on your own site.

9. Ubersuggest Chrome Extension

Ubersuggest offers an extension for Google Chrome that lets you get keyword insights on Google, YouTube, and Amazon.

In addition, you’ll get keyword suggestions and detailed SEO analysis for domain authority, traffic, and backlinks.

Ubersuggest Customer Service

Since Ubersuggest has so many tools, there’ll undoubtedly come a time when you need to contact customer support.

From troubleshooting site issues to understanding ranking, it’s reassuring to know there’s someone available to help.

Does Ubersuggest Offer Customer Service?

Ubersuggest boasts excellent customer service to all of its clients.

When you land on the Ubersuggest dashboard, simply look to the lower left menu bar, and you’ll see a “Support” option.

Click that, and you’ll find a form where you can submit a service request.

What Types of Customer Service Does Ubersuggest Offer?

Before reaching out to Ubersuggest’s customer support, you should look through their Knowledge Base first.

You’ll find information on getting started, projects, FAQs, and more here.

You might be able to find answers there and save yourself the time you would’ve spent waiting for a response.

If the Knowledge Base doesn’t have answers, Ubersuggest offers two types of support for its users.

First, you can submit a support request using a contact form.

Submitting a request takes time, so only use this option if your request isn’t urgent.

The second way to contact Ubersuggest is using the chat feature.

On the Ubersuggest dashboard, there’s a small “Help” bubble on the bottom right.

Simply click that bubble, and help will be moments away.

Why Should You Trust Us?

At BloggingTips, we pride ourselves on our deep well of blogging know-how.

Using our knowledge, we’ve helped bloggers learn to monetize content, expand into advertising, and start from scratch.

And, of course, we carefully vet every service we review before making recommendations to our users.

What Ubersuggest Users are Saying

Still not sure if you should take our word for it when it comes to Ubersuggest?

To help ease your mind, here are some testimonials from real clients who use the service regularly.

Sunny Choudhary of PortraitFlip saw a 70% increase in organic traffic and a 40% increase in organic revenue after switching to Ubersuggest.

He credits Ubersuggest’s tools and Neil Patel’s “excellent perspective towards marketing” for his success.

John Terry of Ketonia considers Ubersuggest a “critical element” of Ketonia’s marketing plan.

The company has gone from a farmer’s stand to a major Amazon seller in just a few years, which Terry credits Ubersuggest with.

Simon Allen, the founder of Fountain Filters, reports that Ubersuggest’s tools helped him double his revenue in just one year.

He compares his time before and with Ubersuggest to switching from dial-up to broadband.

In addition, he claims Ubersuggest has improved his company’s overall SEO health.

Ubersuggest Alternatives

Any business owner looking to add a service to their budget knows how important it is to do research.

Below, we broke down Ubersuggest’s three top competitors so you can see how they measure up.  

1. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner WordPress SEO Plugins

Google Keyword Planner is a free tool Google users can access once they sign up for an Adwords account.

It offers stats, keyword information, and suggested bid ranges to ensure you always get the most bang for your buck.

How Does Google Keyword Planner Differ From Ubersuggest?

The two most significant differences between Google Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest is price.

Google Keyword Planner is a free tool, making it accessible for all users no matter their budget.

However, free access comes at a cost. Ubersuggest’s tools are much more nuanced than Google’s.

As a result, you’ll get more richly-detailed research and more data using Ubersuggest, which is what business and website owners rely on to succeed.

Who Is Google Keyword Planner Best For?

Google’s Keyword Planner is ideal for anyone who wants to take on basic SEO research.

It doesn’t have the bells and whistles you’ll find with other competitors, but it’s a solid starting point for newbies.

If you think Google Keyword Planner will work for you, check it out on their website.

2. Google Search Console

Submit Sitemap to Search Console 2

Google Search Console is a site optimization tool that helps you optimize your content to suit user needs.

You can use Google Search Console to measure traffic, analyze activity and impressions, submit content for crawling, and get alerted to potential site issues.

How Does Google Search Console Differ From Ubersuggest?

Google Search Console differs from Ubersuggest because it isn’t a dedicated keyword research tool.

However, if you already use Google Analytics, you can implement Google Search Console to enrich your experience.

As with Google Keyword Planner, Search Console is a free tool.

However, as an add-on to Google Analytics, it’s not terribly robust on its own.

For that reason, Ubersuggest is likely the better option.

Who Is Google Search Console Best For?

Google Search Console is an excellent site monitoring tool for businesses already using Google Analytics.

If you’re an Analytics user and want to try Search Console, you should take some time to test it out on Google’s site.

However, if you need a dedicated research tool, Search Console likely won’t be for you.

3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a popular SEO research tool that allows you to track your online ranking, perform research, and monitor site traffic with just a few clicks.

In addition, you can automate email campaigns and perform site audits to ensure your site’s SEO health is at its best.

ahrefs screenshot

How Does Ahrefs Differ From Ubersuggest?

The main difference between Ahrefs and Ubersuggest is that you can start using Ubersuggest immediately.

If you want to fully benefit from Ahrefs, you’ll need to start a trial period.

Ahrefs paid plans are also priced higher, ranging from $99 to $399.

Due to the price difference, Ahrefs is ideal for businesses, but not casual users.

Since Ubersuggest offers a free tool, anyone can benefit.

However, Ahrefs users have to commit to a paid trial or monthly plan to start using features.

Who Is Ahrefs Best For?

Ahrefs is an ideal keyword and SEO tool for business owners who have large workloads.

If you manage a dozen or more sites and need a comprehensive optimization tool, Ahrefs can undoubtedly handle the job.

If that sounds like something you could use, take a peek at Ahrefs.com to learn about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ubersuggest is a deceptively simple tool.

However, you might still have a few questions since it has so many features.

Here are the answers to some of the more common inquiries you’ll find about Ubersuggest.

Is Ubersuggest good for YouTube?

Since Ubersuggest uses Google’s autosuggestions for its keyword research, it’s a valuable tool for YouTubers, especially if you’re new to the site.

Ubersuggest will help you identify what viewers are looking for and inform your choices on what videos to make.

Where does Ubersuggest get its data?

Ubersuggest runs on a massive amount of data scraped from the web.

Most of that data gets mined using the Adwords API offered by Google.

Ubersuggest also incorporates its own algorithms to provide more detailed results.

Who is the owner of Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest’s owner is Neil Patel, an entrepreneur and author specializing in marketing.

He acquired the company in 2017 and has been expanding the service ever since.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this Ubersuggest review has helped you to better understand how it works.

When you want to rank higher in SERPs, keyword research is essential.

A larger following or footprint won’t automatically increase your SEO, but a tool like Ubersuggest can go a long way.

Using Ubersuggest, you’ll be able to monitor your site’s traffic, keep an eye on competitors, and boost your revenue.

Plenty of Ubersuggest users rave about how beneficial it’s been for them.

If you think it sounds like a tool you can benefit from, check it out today.

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