There’s a new and exciting way to share updates, photos and videos with your friends online while also connecting with all of the major social networks. Staree was launched today and the goal behind the site is to make it more fun and profitable to share your favorite pictures and updates with your friends. Today the site has officially moved out of their beta launch and are now accepting members from all social platforms. The better your rankings and following in Twitter, Facebook and Klout, the more likely you are to be accepted and setup with a profile page.

Staree allows users to post photos and videos from their mobile device or desktop, and share them with friends through Facebook and Twitter. Users make money from display advertising targeted to their content and product placement in photos and videos.

What’s exciting about Staree is that it brings the worlds of social networking and celebrities together. Staree is brought to you by Izea, which is the same company that runs SponsoredTweets and is already working with mega A list celebrities, and bringing them over to Staree won’t be an issue at all.

In their official press release, Staree talks about the many celebrities who are already using their site and how it will continue to rapidly grow over the next several weeks, months and years.

Starting today, Staree is available to everyone: From Hollywood A-listers to everyday people. The hottest celebrities like Kendall Schmidt and Logan Henderson are already using Staree to take their social media presence to the next level. Kendall got his start on hit shows like “Frasier” and “ER” and is currently starring on “Big Time Rush.” His co-star Logan found his passion for acting after appearing on “Friday Night Lights.”

You can see a screenshot of Franke Muniz’s profile page on Staree below. As you can see, Staree makes it easy for you to ask celebrities and members questions, follow them through Twitter and Facebook, and also makes it easy for you to leave comments on all of their latest updates.

As a user of Staree you will also have all of these same benefits. Once setup, you can download the mobile app and start sending updates, photos and videos right to your profile page from your phone. You will also earn money in the process, as Staree is rewarding their users with ad placement compensation. Another great feature is that you can copyright all of your original photos that you are publishing to your page. is just kicking off, but it’s definitely worth taking a look into and joining today.