I observed a common question on Quora a few moments ago. Someone wanted to know the top 10 tips for SEO to rank your blog on Google. If you have no idea how to rank your blog, you should start with 1 sound, foundational tip for building a solid SEO campaign. Why run before you can even crawl? Why look for 10 tips? What happens most of the time? You do a poor job trying to follow 10 tips, versus doing an awesome job following 1 tip, then, gradually moving on to the 2nd tip, doing an awesome job…..then, with this attention to minute details and quality focus, you will rank on Google, down the road.

Imagine this scenario; I offer you 10 rock solid tips for SEO, delivering goods that will help you rank on Google. Awesome. But because your mind races and hurries from fear, you pick and choose tips to follow. Or like most bloggers, you do a poor job following tip #1 for ranking on Google; you do a terrible job writing and publishing quality, valuable content that solves some pressing problem in your niche. Guess what? Even if you score a 10 out of 10 after completing tips 2-9, if you do a poor job creating quality content and do not score at least a 7 or 8 following tip #1, you will never, ever rank for any keywords on Google. Yet most bloggers take this exact tact. Most bloggers hurriedly try to complete and fulfill all 10 SEO tips and do a poor job with creating quality content. I do not care if you become an SEO master at following every single detail save creating content. Every alt tag? Completed with the proper keyword. Meta description? You have it down cold. But unless you write a quality, thorough blog post, Google will never rank you on page 1, 2 or 3 because Google needs to know results impress readers with thorough, valuable, helpful content.

So you trip over yourself trying to follow TEN tips and fail for years, versus following ONE tip, creating smash-up, awesome content, then you move on to mastering the next SEO tip for driving traffic on Google. Marketing crap never works because people will not read crap, buy crap or follow crap. Never skip any step by focusing on only one step at a time. Doing so requires mindfulness. Everything sweet begins with mindfulness and all blogging problems begin with a mindless, hurried, panicked approach to blogging. Be present. Relax. Prosper.

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Notice how I pay strict attention to detail with each and every step for writing and shipping a successful eBook. I am not concerned with rushing through the steps to force the process. You gotta LEARN how to do this stuff properly then you gotta DO this stuff properly. Makes sense, eh? But you would be surprised at how fast logic and good old common sense exits the mind the split second fear calls the shots. Nobody succeeds online by rushing through the process because you need to master one step in order to follow and succeed with the following steps, to bring you a successful outcome.

Relax. Slow down. Calm down. Become a successful blogger by starting with and mastering one step at a time. Move on. Develop a successful blogging mindset to become a successful blogger.