Starting A Music Blog

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Starting A Music Blog

Finding a subject that inspires you is the best possible way to get started with a new blog. After all, wouldn’t life be so much richer and more rewarding if you could write about something that you love?
Yet, with so many different options to choose from it is easy to feel overwhelmed. You might like traveling, eating good food, and staying fit, but could you write about any of these subjects day after day for years to come?
It seems safe to say that many blogs that fail do so because the owner didn’t choose their niche wisely at the beginning. If you pick a subject that not enough people are interested in or that doesn’t motivate you then the chances are it will end badly.
On the other hand, what if you manage to find something that gets you excited and that you are sure others will be thrilled by too? If you can do this then you will get your blog off to a strong start with a bright future in front of it.
Could it be that your passion for music gives you the subject matter that inspires you to produce a fantastic blog? Even if you are already excited about the idea of creating a new music blog, you still need to know how to go about it.
There are many reasons for wanting to start a music blog. Yet, everyone who wants to start one needs to know a few simple facts before they begin.

Why Choose to Run a Music Blog?

Becoming a music blogger might seem like an obvious choice but it is important to understand why you are making this decision even if you are completely sure that it is right for you. Do you have something unique to write about or easy access to musicians that you can interview? Can you add something new and fresh to the online music scene?
Music bloggers can discuss a wide range of subjects on their sites. Some of them encourage readers to send in their demo tapes for review. Others review the latest songs or classics, write about the lives of the stars or include some of the latest music news.
Are you just very keen to discuss news bands and song meanings? Perhaps you have always enjoyed analyzing songs and would now like to share your insights with as wide an audience as possible.
Alternatively, you might already spend a lot of time reading music news and reviews. Maybe you would enjoy covering the same topics but writing about them in your own words for the benefit of others.
There are many angles that you could use to approach blogging in a way that you are happy with, so take some time to think about it before you go any further.
If you find an angle that interests you then this can be a terrific type of blog to write. Writing about the music that you most love is a fantastic hobby as well as offering the opportunity for earning money.
No matter what kind of music you most enjoy, there is a lot to be said for writing about your passion and sharing your comments with the world. This is the kind of blog that can be a pleasure to write for even when you write about new types of music you aren’t so familiar with.
It should also be noted that this can be a highly profitable kind of blog to run. Millions of people all around the planet love listening to music and are keen to read more about the subject. The most influential music bloggers are highly respected and also make a good living from it.
Many music fans are constantly on the lookout for exciting new sites where they can find out more about their favorite songs and artists. If you give them a fun place to read then they will keep coming back for more time after time.
Starting A Music Blog

What Subjects Will You Write About?

Having decided to write a blog about music, your next step is to work out what exactly you will write about on a daily basis. If you manage to get this clear in your head from the very beginning then you will find it is a lot easier to carry on writing long into the future.
A good idea is to think about a few different subjects that you could cover. Alternating between these areas each day can be a good way of keeping the content fresh and interesting, rather than covering the same things day after day.
For example, you could publish song reviews on Mondays, write about new bands on Tuesdays, cover the latest news on Wednesday, and so on for the rest of the week. Alternatively, you could mix and match the subjects so that your readers never know what is coming next.
This will also ensure that you don’t get bored of writing the same things every single day. No matter how much you enjoy reviewing the latest pop songs or writing about your favorite star, it is highly likely that you get bored over time if you lack variety.
Also, it would be a great benefit to your blog if you have access to some sort of exclusive material. Some music bloggers do this by inviting new groups to send in their demos to be reviewed and publicized.
Perhaps you could also interview local stars or try to find out what happened to musicians that are no longer as famous as they once were. Don’t limit yourself to just writing about one thing all the time.
You could start off by creating a number of different categories and then gradually start filling them up.
This approach should also help to broaden your appeal and bring in more readers. However, you need to be careful to not include conflicting subjects that put visitors off from hanging around. Ideally, all of the different categories will work together perfectly or individually.

Find the Perfect Design and Layout

The importance of your blog’s layout and design means that this is an issue you need to pay a good deal of attention to. If you want to attract readers then you need to give them a site that looks enticing.
In general, music fans tend to expect a cool, modern look to the blogs they read. If your site is about the hottest new songs then a style that helps to show the buzz and thrill of these new songs would be ideal.
Of course, the style of music you plan to concentrate on will have a big impact on what you consider to be the perfect style for the site. What would a fan of this type of music expect to see? Can you tell this from looking at other blogs out there?
If you are using WordPress then it is a good idea to look through the different themes very carefully. Can you find one that works well for a blog about music like yours? It is going to make your site a lot more attractive to music fans if you do.
As mentioned earlier, one thing you should definitely do is divide the content on the site into categories. This will make it far easier to organize your blog and let your readers find exactly what they are after more easily.

Find Your Writing Style

Do you already know how you are going to approach the task of writing articles? The question of how to start a music blog becomes a lot more difficult if you don’t have a clear writing style in mind or experience in this industry.
The way that you write will largely come down to the type of content that you write. It is clear that you wouldn’t use the same voice to write about the latest hip hop releases as you would for discussing one-hit wonders from the 1960s or 70s.
Even if you cover a range of subjects, you will want to find a consistent, unique voice that sets your blog apart from the competition. You can make a good start by looking at how some of the most popular music bloggers write.
Remember to concentrate on those who write about genres and subjects that you are going to cover. What do you like about their style and what do you think that you could improve upon?
You might also want to look at the comments sections to see the sort of language used. Is it the type of writing that you would be comfortable doing on your own site?

Write Your First Blog Posts

Write Your First Blog Posts-Starting A Music Blog

The moment when you first start writing your posts is sure to be exciting and intimidating in equal measure. This is when the planning you have done should help out immensely, as you can get started quickly if you know exactly what you plan to do and why.
That doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy though. Expect to have to rewrite your early drafts a number of times before you are finally satisfied with what you have produced.
It is important to maintain a high standard from the start but these sites are generally fairly informal, so you don’t have to write perfectly or in a polished, professional way.
Don’t forget that music blogs are a lot more exciting when they contain multimedia to liven them up. Photos, videos and music archives can all be used to add greatly to the appeal of your site.
It is very easy to add these files to your posts if you use a blogging platform such as WordPress. Of course, you need to always be sure that you only ever use files that you can freely share without any legal worries.
If you aren’t convinced by the quality of these first posts that you produce then try writing some more before posting. With a bit of luck you will soon get into the swing of things and find your style.
As with any other niche, it is a good idea to have a supply of ideas and pre-written posts. This means that you aren’t under pressure to generate ideas and write new content every day.
It can also be useful to have another writer or two ready to write additional posts now and then. This ensures that you don’t burn yourself out by having to write all of your posts without any break.
You can also get a couple of different voices and styles on the blog in this way. Maybe you could find a writer to cover the type of article you like least, or to write about styles of music that you aren’t so interested in.

Start Networking and Promoting Your Site

If you go about this process in the right way then before long you should have a growing collection of content that people will enjoy reading.
How will they find it, though? There are lots of music blogs out there and a new one can go completely unnoticed no matter how well-written and informative it is.
For many new bloggers, the first step is to look at carrying out some SEO work. This is what allows your site to appear higher up on the search engine results when people search for terms related to music blogs.
Naturally, the most popular, generic terms are highly competitive. If you want to rank highly for phrases such as “music blog” or “music news” then you are going to have to put a lot of time and money into it.
Your task will be a lot easier if you focus on more specific terms. Use the Google Keyword tool to see how competitive phrases relevant to certain types of music or local bands are.
This is where the planning that you did earlier on can come in especially handy. If you are clear on the areas that you are going to write about then it is going to be easier to decide which keywords and phrases you need to concentrate on.
At this stage, you can also start building up your social media presence. Remember to stick to the same voice and interests in your social media posts as on your blog.
Try reaching out to industry influencers, other bloggers and musicians on social media. If you can start to create a buzz around your posts then this can help to lead a lot of new readers to your blog.
You can also start to add comments to other music sites to give the impression that you are a knowledgeable, influential figure in the music scene. If you are able to get your opinions quoted on local radio or in newspapers then this can go a long to getting your name more widely known.

Create Opportunities to Monetize Your Music Blog

Are you looking to discover how to start a music blog in order to make money from it? Maybe this is the driving force that got you started in the first place.
Plenty of people decide to do this, so there is no need to feel embarrassed about having profit-making reasons for owning a blog.
Or maybe you simply want to share your love for and knowledge of music. This is a fantastic starting point for creating a music blog too.
How great would it be if you could turn this passion into something that makes you money as well as giving you pleasure? This could be a dream come true for you if you manage to achieve it.
It is typically fairly difficult for new bloggers to start bringing in money. Once you have a good reputation and a lot of readers then monetizing the site is going to become a lot easier.
You can start off by putting ads on the site or looking for affiliate marketing opportunities that suit your niche. Once the site takes off then you can expect to get offered the likes of free concert tickets and CDs.
You might also find that allowing paid blog posts on your site turns out to be very profitable for you. This can mean writing positive reviews of music equipment in order to receive free goods or money.
You can also get paid for linking out from a post on your blog to another site. This can turn out to be incredibly profitable but you need to be careful to not overdo it. Your fans might lose faith in you if your blog turns into a long series of shameless plugs for others.

How to Start a Music Blog: Summary

It is clear that starting up a music blog can turn out to be a great career and lifestyle move. As well as giving you a chance to earn money, it can also be a gratifying hobby that lets you write about what you most enjoy listening to.
Authenticity and integrity are even more important in this niche than in other types of blog. If you can gain a reputation as an honest blogger worth listening to then you can achieve a level of success that will make all the hard work worthwhile.

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