Every year an enormous amount of bandwidth surges through the many routers that make-up our Internet.  A significant amount of that traffic can be claimed by people simply watching YouTube videos. YouTube has created success for many people. Everyone has ideas but only those who put it into action and use the tools available (YouTube) have succeeded. People all over the world enthusiastic about anything have taken to YouTube in-order to share their passion and love for what they do. Not to mention, make some serious money.

You might be considering starting a YouTube channel of your very own. The concept is simple and the plan seems easy but far too many lose track of their goals and fall short of what they initially set out to do. This article will walk you through how to go about starting a channel and how to keep it on the rails to success.

What’s your channel going to be about?

Ideas are a dime a dozen and one can bet that you already have one in-mind for your new YouTube channel. The problem is, there is almost certainly someone else with the same idea probably miles ahead of you. The trick is to find something unique to provide to your viewers, something no other channel is offering. This could be the way you film, on-location, introduce more people or do collaborations often, anything that will set you apart.

Take some time to decide what software (video editor) you’ll be using, how you’ll be filming, etc. Don’t get ahead of yourself only to find that you’re limited by the software/hardware you own. If your camera isn’t up to snuff, it might be time to buy a better one.  Decide how often you’ll be putting out videos. Be honest with yourself and set realistic goals that are achievable.

What will the name of your channel be?

It’s time to pick a name for your channel. This may be the longest part when it comes to setting up your channel. It’s a good idea to talk with friends, family or online buddies. This will help you bounce ideas and spark new ones. The YouTube homepage is filled with catchy, witty and memorable usernames.  Many highly successful YouTubers have catchy and short usernames that easily stick in viewer’s heads.

A legitimate concern that must always be addressed is what your channel will be about and what direction it may grow into in the following years. We cannot see the future so it’s only reasonable to at least keep in-mind that the direction of your videos may change. Choosing a name too specific may hurt you later down the road, at least from a marketing perspective.

What’s your channel going to look like?

First impressions are what are going to win over subscribers so you want to impress them. This means that every video you upload has got to be 100%. You may want to have a video intro and outro made. Think about the visual style your videos will have as well. Some users like checking out channels so a professional and unique looking YouTube background is a must. The background should be eye-candy, enticing users to click on your videos and see what you’re all about. Creating your own logo might be another consideration to make. Having a logo could help solidify your channel, it could be featured as your avatar, in your background and within your videos.

It’s time to start marketing!

The videos you upload are the most important aspect of your channel but not far behind is marketing. Having awesome content is great but it doesn’t get you anywhere if nobody knows how to find that content. Video commenting, video responses and collaborative videos with other YouTubers within the same space as you can do wonders to bring attention to your channel. This is an ongoing process though; it must be done regularly to have lasting effects.

Bringing awareness to your channel outside of YouTube is also a viable option. Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook can help you gather fans of your work.  Setup a Twitter account and a Facebook fan page. Certainly post your newest videos there but also offer some additional content, don’t just automate it. Giveaways and contests are a great way to boost activity. Many people use a simple giveaway to quickly build subscribers. Make sure the prize is related to your content though. Have a large subscriber-base is great but it means next to nothing if they only subscribed to enter a contest and could care less about the content you offer.

Stay on the Rails!

Making videos about something you love or that you’re really enthusiastic about can be easy, effortless and just plain fun. But don’t get too comfortable. Set aside time you know you’ll have, upload video regularly throughout the week. Take a moment to figure out how often you’ll be putting out videos. Remember, those videos have to be 100%. Over time you’ll come to find that subscribers will expect to see videos, regular comments will flow in and the work you put in will begin to show.

Consistency, everything you do must be consistent. If you produce 3 videos a week, make sure those video go live around the same time every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The same rules apply to marketing. Regularly comment on other videos, tweet and post to your Facebook page. Never let any aspect that will lead to your channel’s continued success stop moving. Make goals that are realistic but not so easy that achieving them requires little effort. As you pass one milestone, focus on the next. Stay confident, enthusiastic, and persistent and your channel will be a success in no time.

This post was written by Josiah, who has many years of experience in YouTube marketing as well as YouTube channel design. Check out his site for free and custom YouTube backgrounds, avatars and more.