We all know the power of email marketing in the world of business and advertising, but it isn’t until you start looking at the industry as a whole that you can really appreciate the sheer volume and number of emails being sent on a daily basis. It’s not just a matter of how many emails are being sent, it’s also about the impact on business and how much money is going back and forth as a results of such emails.

This is especially true for businesses, bloggers and brand that are relying on email to grow their audience and reach on a daily basis. Such efforts can be done through paid advertising or even using popup subscribe forms on your site. No matter how you are gaining and reaching new audiences, the most important thing is that you are increasing your subscriber numbers every day.

To learn more about the current state of email marketing, we simply need to refer to the ‘State of Email Marketing in 2017″ infographic below provided by SmartInsights. Through it’s compiled data and research, we can see industry stats, trends and visuals on the latest figures marketing efforts in reference to:

  • The effectiveness of email means continued investment
  • Why optimizing email marketing in 2017 still matters
  • The reason why email marketing is still rated so highly by marketers
  • How much money is being allocated to email marketing in 2017
  • Which email targeting techniques are being used most often today
  • How marketers are measuring success with email
  • Where and how businesses are best managing their email lists
  • And more…

All of this and more can be found through the infographics and it’s industry data report below.

Email Marketing in 2017 and the Years to Come

With email marketing still being one of the most effective ways to connect and engage with an audience, it’s still one of the best ways for a business to generate new leads and customers on a daily basis. Even with mobile marketing and usage on the rise, email is still personal and one of the first things and audience will check when first going online or using their mobile device.

If you aren’t currently using email marketing for growing your blog, brand or business, be sure to run through the email marketing stats above and see how you can start implementing these same efforts into your own business or brand.