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Statistic Blogs: Definition, Types, Income & 25 Examples [2022]

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In the modern world, data drives everything. Where you find data, you’re bound to find statistics.

Stats are an ever-present part of today’s world even though the field’s origins are centuries old.

Statistics are so important that the United States government operates 13 statistical agencies to manage critical data on healthcare, labor, education, and more.

You can find statistics about anything and everything.

There are tons of useful blogging statistics, for example.

There are plenty of blogs that deal with statistics, and statistic blogs are one of the main blog types that make money.

What Is a Statistic Blog?    

Statistic blogs are websites or portions of websites featuring statistic blog posts for either personal or business use.

Blog posts about statistics usually deal with the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of empirical data.

Statistic blogs are powerful tools that allow web runners to actively engage with their audience.

Bloggers can analyze readers’ opinions and tastes, and share their blog posts on social media as a form of network marketing.

What Does a Statistic Blogger Blog About?

A statistic blogger can write about many different subjects, as long as there is data to analyze and an audience interested in that data.

Bloggers can write about summarizing data via graphs and number crunching.

This is known as descriptive statistical analysis, one of the easiest ways to analyze large quantities of data.

It represents and interprets data efficiently instead of processing the data in a raw form.

Inferential statistic analysis is another good subject for stat bloggers.

These statistics extrapolate information and let statisticians test hypotheses using sample data to infer probabilities and generalizations about the whole data picture.

There is also predictive analysis, which uses stats to predict future events based on current facts and facts from the recent past.

Predictive analysis uses machine learning algorithms, behavior, and trends depending on previous data.

Bloggers also use prospective analysis, a type of statistics used in statistic blogs where data is analyzed to find solutions for problems in business and finance.

Causal analysis uses statistics to determine the whys behind raw data. It identifies root causes and failures and helps with quality assurance in many different fields.

What Is Included in a Statistic Blog?

First and foremost, the best statistical blogs should include lots of compelling statistical content.

More specifically, you can find how-to guides and tutorials on learning and analyzing statistics.

There are also blogs about industry news and current statistical events.

You can find expert opinion blogs, listicles, resources, and even frequently asked questions about statistics.

Other Things You Can Find on a Statistic Blog

The content found on statistic blogs will vary from site to site and blogger to blogger, but there are some other commonalities when it comes to successful statistic blogs.

  • Beginner’s Guides: For those users just starting out in the world of statistical analysis, beginner’s guides help newbies get their footing.
  • Guest Bloggers: Guest bloggers and expert opinions are great ways to build trust with an audience.
  • Myth vs Facts: It is always a good idea to dispel misinformation and inform readers about genuine information on statistics.
  • Glossaries: Glossaries explaining terms and verbiage about statistical analysis that readers might need help understanding.

Best Statistic Blogs: 25 Examples

If you want to see what a good statistic blog looks like, the best way to get an accurate picture is by checking out the most popular statistic blogs on the web.

Below we will go over 25 of the best statistic blogs around so you can get a taste of what a successful blog about stats looks like.

How Many Statistic Blogs Are There?

It is probably impossible to find a real answer to this question.

There are millions and millions of blogs on the web and it would take forever to actually calculate how many statistic blogs the internet hosts.

There are five examples of statistic blogs found below from five different categories: random statistics, politics, mathematics, digital marketing, and internet usage.

Statistic Blogs About Random Statistics

The statistics blogs in this category cover many different topics, from sports to finance and everything in between

Beyond the Box Score

screenshot of the beyond the box score homepage

This baseball community blog includes cutting-edge baseball commentary and sabermetric sports analysis that applies stats to baseball records.

These stats are compared and evaluated to determine individual performances by baseball players.

Error Statistics Philosophy

screenshot of the error statistics philosophy homepage

Error Statistics focuses on statistical science issues, including the philosophy of science, indicative reference, probability, and statistical models.

It uses statistics to clarify central philosophical issues and foundational errors in statistical practice.

Readers can learn about behavioristic vs. inferential constructs, validating statistical models and historical attempts to unify frequentist statistics.

Links to stats about law, medicine, and economics are often featured in posts by guest bloggers.


screenshot of the flowing data homepage

If you are interested in how data is analyzed and visualized by the wider public, FlowingData is one of the best statistic blogs for you.

The blog combines work from creator Nathan Yau, a Ph.D. from UCLA, and sources of other renowned statisticians as well.

Yau has more than 10 years of experience making charts and writing books about data.

He focuses on data visualization that is accessible to anyone and everyone.

Numbers Rule Your World

screenshot of the numbers rule your world homepage

NYU professor Kaiser Fung wrote a book called Number Rule Your World about statistics and probability.

He covers the same subject matter in his blog and the product is ab accessible, fascinating look at the modern world of statistics.

Fung shows readers the hidden side of stats that affect every aspect of our lives.

Overcoming Bias

screenshot of the overcoming bias homepage

Economist and polymath Robin Hanson asks readers to examine and overcome their biases via this statistic blog.

His blog is not exclusively based on statistics, but he uses lots of statistics and statistical analysis in his posts.

The blog was created in November 2006.

Statistic Blogs About Politics

Statistics are a vital part of modern politics, and statisticians are constantly generating information to back up political theory and policy development.

Empirical Legal Studies

screenshot of the empirical legal studies homepage

This collaborative blog is written by a group of political science and law professors that focuses on empirically and statistically based legal studies.

Anyone curious about how the law, politics, and statistics intersect will love browning this blog.

Bloggers include some of the foremost authorities on empirical legal analysis and research.

These writers use statistical methodology to inform readers on subjects ranging from victim impact evidence to litigant bias, and everything in between.


screenshot of the five thirty eight homepage

Named after the number of US electors in the electoral college, Nate Silver’s New York Times blog analyzes stats about politics and many other topics as well.

Silver is famed for his highly accurate election forecasts based on his interpretation of statistics.

Evidence and data available to the public are used to investigate academic research and provide a complete, accurate look at the results.

Three-Toed Sloth

screenshot of the three toed sloth homepage

This blog’s creator, Cosma Shalizi, is a statistics professor from Carnegie Mellon. Shalizi’s blog covers politics, books, food, and statistics of all kinds too.

Professor Shalizi also posts his lecture notes and snippets from his Introduction to Statistical Computing class.  

First Past the Poll

screenshot of the first past the poll homepage

This blog focuses on election forecasting, polling analysis, and broad political statistics.

Since 2018 First Past the Poll provides present data-driven posts that are unbiased and simple to understand.

Blog creator Bradley Wascher uses his blog to highlight his extensive political science research and his work as a Contributing Analyst for Inside Elections.

West Coast Stat Views

screenshot of the west east stat views homepagee

The West Coast Stat Views blog presents posts on higher education, foreign policy, applied statistics, politics, and epidemiology.

Blogs are posted frequently and vary in both depth and quality.

They are accessible to wider audiences and provide a fresh perspective on various subjects.

Statistic Blogs About Mathematics

Stats and mathematics go together like the perfect pair.

There are lots of interesting statistic blogs for readers who want to know more about the magic of mathematics.

AnnMaria’s Blog

screenshot of the annmarias blog homepage

Dr. AnnaMaria De Mars is president of The Julia Group, an online statistics education company.

Her frequently updated blog is well-written and consists of interesting reflections on mathematics, statistics, disability issues, and technology.


screenshot of the freakonometris homepage

If you don’t speak French, then you will have to use Google Translate to enjoy Arthur Charpentier’s blog.

Charpentier is a professor of mathematics who provides an accessible blog with enough challenging material to interest savvy statisticians.

The Frenchman uses his humor to write blogs on many subjects including:

  • Financial Mathematics
  • Networks & Algorithms
  • Mathematical Economics
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Actuarial Science & Insurance
  • Statistics & Econometrics
  • Statistics & Machine Learning
  • Climate Modeling
  • Mathematical Research
  • Risk & Insurance

Mathematics & Statistics Blog (Williams College)

screenshot of the mathematics statistics blogs williams college homepage

This student and faculty-run blog from William College features thoughtful and well-written posts about mathematics, statistics, and other education-focused pieces in that content sphere.

Zero Intelligence Agents

screenshot of the zero intelligence agents homepage

NYU political science Ph.D. Drew Conway’s blog seeks to answer a specific question.

Conway wants to provide information that helps decipher social sciences, math, and computer science to see how they combine to affect national security.

He shows how statistics play a singularly vital role in American politics and everyday life using the power of mathematics.


screenshot of the satisfaction homepage

Written by a group of French econ and statistics students, this cleverly named blog covers statistics about mathematics, along with other subjects like sports and art.

Most of the statistic blogs posts found on Statisfaction are witty, funny, and refreshing.

The students hail from Université Paris-Dauphine and CREST-ENSAE. They enjoy sharing their favorite tips and tricks as well as academic journals, seminars, and scholarly articles as well.

Statistic Blogs About Digital Marketing

Blogging is a necessary part of the modern marketing world.

Having a regular blog presence is critical to making an effective digital marketing strategy for any company.

No matter the industry, blogging is a way to connect to readers and help earn their trust.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

screenshot of the lies damned lies and statistics homepage

Dirk Singer’s blog offers readers a data-driven approach to advertising, branding, PR, and more.

Singer is the head of a social media agency called Rabbit.

This self-proclaimed stats geek writes with an engaging, fun style that is usually backed up by infographics to help readers understand the subject matter.

The LoveStats Blog

screenshot of the the lovestatd blog homepage

This unique blog intersects the worlds of market research and statistical analysis of data.

Market research methodologists write enticing blog posts about the real numbers behind product marketing.

It offers a fresh perspective on the age-old subject of market research.

The LoveStats Blog makes digital marketing stats interesting and fun, leaving all the stuffy number-crunching business in the past where it belongs.

Marketing Charts Blog

screenshot of the marketing charts blog homepage

Infographics, data analysis, and market research combine to create this database-publication hybrid blog.

The blog provides tons of resources for marketing professionals who need to keep abreast of marketing trends using data and statistical analysis.

The blog began in 2007 and has provided readers with a peek into the world of digital marketing statistics for 15 years.

LYFE Digital Marketing Blog

screenshot of the LYFE digital marketing blog homepage

This social media management company has produced an impressive blog that deals with statistics on lead generation and sales specifically.

LYFE has tons of client data to back up its research and analysis.

Moreover, LYFE’s marketing blog can help readers learn about social media management, content marketing, and even website design.

CMS Platform Blog

screenshot of the cms platform blog homepage

The CMS Platform Blog has covered digital marketing topics since 2016.

Topics include content management services, marketing agency trends, marketing development, content editing, and much more.

Statistic Blogs About Internet Usage & Companies

Finally, we come to our last category, blogs about internet usage and internet providers.

These blog posts generally cover stats about overall internist use and the companies that provide internet service to the masses.

BroadBandSearch Blog

BroadBandSearch is a site that offers an extensive online database of all the TV and internet providers in the USA.

Their blogs include extensive research on tons of providers and all their various plans and pricing.

You can find info on download and upload speeds, data caps, cybersecurity, bandwidth, and more.

TechJury Blog

This is a blog for those who want their opinions from software experts.

Tech Jury’s blog provides posts about software tests and reviews to help users choose the products that are right for their unique needs.

They provide fair and impartial reviews along with constructive criticism when it is warranted.

BuiltWith Blog

screenshot of the built with blog homepage

BuiltWith® is a website profiler tool that helps you pinpoint what programs websites are built with, hence the name.

Since 2007 BuiltWith has also focused on competitive analysis, lead generation, and business internet analytics.

Internet Advisor Blog

screenshot of the internet advisor blog homepage

Internet Advisor blog posts cover all sorts of helpful information including research on internet providers, infographics, charts, and easy-to-read stats, as well as a huge database.

All of this works together to help readers make informed decisions when choosing internist providers, including certain government information on those providers.

Data Central Blog

screenshot of the data central blog homepage

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) is a part of the Department of Commerce.

The NTIA is responsible for advising the President on information and telecommunication policy issues.

Their blog, the Data Central Blog, covers subjects like Grants, Domain Name systems, Federal Internet Policy, Public Safety, Broadband usage, and internet spectrum management.

Do Statistic Blogs Make Money?

Blogging isn’t some pie-in-the-sky daydream!

If you can attract a decent-sized audience, you are one step closer to making big bucks as a blogger.

You might think that blogging is a pipedream, but people still read blogs and you can earn good money if you do well.

Income earned by these types of blogs, on average, can be as much as  $19 per hour and almost $37,000 a year.

How Do Statistic Blogs Make Money?

There are many ways statistic blogs can earn writers’ income, including eCommerce, keyword analysis, and affiliate marketing.

If you gain enough traction you can garner sponsored posts from brands who want to forge a partnership.

You can also speak at conferences and write guest posts for other statistic blogs.

One of the best ways to make money through blogging is to use affiliate marketing in your blog posts.

The best affiliate programs are recurring affiliate programs because, unlike typical affiliate marketing, you will get paid more than once.

How Much Do Statistic Blogs Make?

There is no definitive answer to this question.

Earning will fluctuate based on different factors like what type of post it is or how many people follow your content.

If you can tie down some sponsorships fast you’ll be making money from your statistics blog in no time.

Products to Promote and Sell on a Statistic Blog

Appropriate product placement for statistic blogs should be highly informative and closely forecast data characterizations.

Things like Ebooks, online courses, podcasts, digital resources, apps, software programs, and branded merchandise are all products and services that could make you money on statistic blogs.

Similar Blog Types to Check Out

If you’re not into statistic blogs but still want to know about blogs that can make you some extra money, check out these blog types instead.

Similar Blog Types to Check Out

  • Productivity Blogs: These blogs help readers meet their goals and stay focused through organization and productivity skills.
  • AWS Blogs: This Amazon Web Service blog presents readers with information on Amazon’s cloud platform and its wide range of services.
  • Crypto Blogs: If you want helpful information on Crypto, including how to purchase and store it, give some worthy crypto blogs a chance to surprise you.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still feel like some unanswered questions are rattling around inside your head, here are a couple of FAQs to provide more insight on statistic blogs.

vector graphic showing an illustration of generic-looking statistic icons - next to which are the words

Do blogs have statistics?

Yes, blogs are often chock-full of statistics.

Content marketers and bloggers know that statistics provide much-needed support to help convince an audience to trust you, which is half the battle anyway.

For most bloggers, statistics should be a part of a comprehensive content checklist.

What type of blogs do people read most?

Different blogs are popular with different types of people – some like sports blogs, others like scientific blogs, and others like pop culture blogs.

The most popular blogs today are health and fitness blogs, food blogs, lifestyle blogs, and fashion blogs.

Wrapping Up

To conclude our journey of discovering the best statistic blogs around, I’ll leave you with a few blogging statistics that might shock you.

There are more than 600 million blogs on the internet.

Millions and millions of readers visit these blogs every day for information, entertainment, academic research, and so much more.

Statistic blogs focus on stats and statistical analysis for the most part and can be just as lucrative as any other blog category if you know what you’re doing.

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