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The 10 Best Streaming Software for Content Creators

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If you’re a content creator, gamer, professional, or entrepreneur, it’s time to maximize live streaming to reach a wider audience, engage your community, and grow your online following.

To help you choose the right platform, we’ve rounded up the 10 best streaming software and shared our reviews below. So, let’s get started!

1. OBS Studio

obsproject homepage screenshot 1

OBS Studio is free, open-source software that provides high-quality video recording and live streaming.

This broadcasting software offers basic but complete features suitable for beginners and professionals.

We like its user-friendly and modifiable dock layout and intuitive audio mixer with noise gate, reduction, and gain.

It also supports most streaming software, allowing you to broadcast on most social media and streaming platforms.

However, since it’s open source, OBS Studio doesn’t support native plugins, but you can use community members’ plugins to add more features.

Besides this, the platform doesn’t include multiple bitrate streaming and tech support.

Also, it only allows single-platform streaming, but you can use third-party tools to stream on various platforms.

Despite lacking these features, we find OBS Studio a complete package if you’re a beginner or professional who needs free streaming software for your YouTube channel, gaming streams, or webinars.

Key Features

  • Real-time video and audio capturing and mixing
  • Unlimited number of scenes made from multiple sources
  • Intuitive audio mixer
  • Beginner-friendly user interface and controls
  • Basic and advanced configurations
  • Rearrange the layout according to your needs
  • Single-platform streaming
  • Supports most streaming platforms

Why You Should Try

OBS Studio offers all the features you’ll need to create a proper recording or live stream for your content.

The best part is it’s completely free, making it one of the most accessible streaming software available.

2. Streamlabs

streamlabs homepage screenshot 1

Streamlabs is another free live streaming software offering a wide range of features that content creators can use to create professional live streams and recordings.

It built the software on the OBS Studio engine.

So, it has a few similarities with OBS in function and features.

However, Streamlabs improved OBS by adding more streaming tools for interactivity and collaboration, among others.

We like its Collab Cam for inviting guests to your live stream, well-designed overlay themes, flexible desktop layout, and dynamic notifications for new followers.

Also, unlike OB Studio, Streamlabs offers customer support.

Meanwhile, one downside to this broadcasting software is the occasional bugs and lags from the add-ons.

So, we recommend using a high-performance device to avoid lags or crashes.

Key Features

  • Suitable for YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and Mixer
  • Invite guests while streaming or recording via Collab Cam
  • Various overlay themes
  • Customizable desktop layout
  • Dynamic alerts for new followers, subscribers, and more
  • Interactive games, polls, trackers, goals, and more
  • Chatbot for engagement and moderation
  • Easy edit for live stream highlights
  • Available support team

Why You Should Try

Streamlabs is the best streaming software if you want an upgraded OBS Studio.

Professional streamers can do more with its features, allowing you to deliver better streams and engage more with viewers.

3. Wirecast

wirecast homepage screenshot 1

If you need a platform to create professional and high-quality streams for live events, Wirecast offers live video streaming and production software suitable for large-scale broadcasting.

You don’t need to worry about technical difficulties as it’s compatible with most streaming platforms like YouTube and Facebook Live videos.

Also, the software supports different technologies, such as multiple video capture and live inputs, multi-channel audio ingest, built-in audio effects, and GPU-accelerated encoding.

Regarding price, it offers two paid plans: Studio and Pro.

The Studio plan includes basic streaming features and up to two remote guests.

Meanwhile, Pro has advanced tools like PTZ camera control and up to seven guests.

Regardless of which plan you get, we highly recommend Wirecast for content creators or productions that need to stream content for an event or to a large number of viewers.

Key Features

  • Multiple live camera inputs and additional outputs
  • Multi-track audio
  • Stream on multiple platforms simultaneously
  • Captures slides, screen sharing, web feeds, and live guests
  • Layer-based compositing
  • Automation tools, like hotkeys and playlists
  • Available overlays, animated graphics, and green screen

Why You Should Try

Wirecast is best for massive streaming events, such as live sports, virtual corporate events, online conferences, live media broadcasting, and even worship services.

4. XSplit Broadcaster

xsplit broadcaster homepage screenshot 1

If you’re into gaming or esports, XSplit Broadcaster provides this niche with comprehensive streaming and recording tools.

The live streaming platform allows you to use different media sources for your streams and manage multiple displays.

Streaming games on YouTube, Facebook Live, and other platforms is easy, thanks to its native plugins and custom RTMP (real-time messaging protocol).

However, you’ll need a Premium License to stream simultaneously on these platforms.

Besides this, we like that the platform often adds new plugins and extensions.

Our favorite add-ons include the gamepad visualizer, replay source, audio mixer, and DSP effects.

In contrast, some downsides we noticed are watching ads to access gated features and only being available on Windows.

XSplit Broadcaster offers three premium bundles for a one-month, 12-month, or lifetime duration.

The subscription fee depends on your preferred package and the license duration.

Key Features

  • Various streaming layouts and transitions
  • Multistreaming feature
  • Stream and record multiple outputs
  • Drag and drop different media sources
  • Custom animations and broadcast effects
  • Noise reduction
  • Chroma key sensitivity 
  • Plugins and extensions for customized live streams
  • Compatible with most platforms and devices
  • Available user support

Why You Should Try

XSplit Broadcaster is the best streaming software if you need a complete tool for streaming gameplay or esports games.

The platform provides add-ons to improve your streaming experience.

5. vMix

vmix homepage screenshot 1

vMix provides advanced video mixing and live streaming software perfect for content creators and professional productions who need an inexpensive alternative to a video switcher.

Some features we like include its live switching, up to 4K live streaming, different sources like raw video files and PowerPoint, and real-time functions like color correcting, sharpening, and cropping.

Also, one thing you don’t often see in streaming features is a slow-motion instant replay.

vMix is one of the few streaming software that allows you to create and show replays immediately.

We think this suits content creators or productions that produce live sporting events.

However, note that you can only install it on Windows.

If you’re using a Mac, you need to install it via Boot Camp.

If you’re unsure about vMix, try its 60-day free trial first.

After that, you can choose between its lifetime or subscription plans.

Key Features

  • Live mixing, switching, streaming, and recording
  • Built-in audio mixing
  • Real-time video effects, like color correct
  • Up to 4K live streaming video quality
  • Multiple media sources
  • Efficient and light live production software
  • Over 100 built-in scoreboards, tickers, and titles
  • HD virtual sets with real-time chroma key
  • Up to eight remote guests during a live stream
  • Instant replay

Why You Should Try

vMix offers advanced features you don’t see in most streaming software, like real-time switching, mixing, and instant replays.

We highly recommend this for big productions and live content like sporting events.

6. Restream

a screenshot of the restream homepage

If your goal is to reach a broad audience and engage with them, try Restream, a video streaming software used by content creators, businesses, gamers, and the media to engage their community.

Its main features allow you to stream live on different platforms simultaneously, invite guests for your show, customize your streams according to your branding, and add a call-to-action on the screen.

One of our favorite features for engagement is the ability to invite a viewer to participate during your live video stream.

It’s like asking an audience member to come up on stage and engage with you while everyone else is watching.

Restream also provides convenient features like having all your messages from multiple platforms on one screen, text-to-speech alerts, and performance insights.

Meanwhile, some of its limitations depend on the type of plan you’ll avail.

The free version only allows up to two platforms for simultaneous streaming, and it doesn’t include Facebook and a custom RTMP.

We recommend getting its Professional plan to gain access to most features and maximize the software’s capabilities.

Key Features

  • Simultaneous multistreaming on 30+ platforms
  • Allows pre-recorded streaming
  • Professional logos, backgrounds, and overlays
  • Available on-screen call-to-action
  • Stream back-up
  • FPS, bitrate, and frame drop tracking
  • Invite viewers to your show or live stream
  • Read messages from multiple platforms on one screen
  • Chatbot for engagement and moderation

Why You Should Try

Restream offers well-rounded software ideal for engaging your audience.

It’s best for streaming announcements, live online talk shows, video interviews, and online classes and workshops.

7. Lightstream

lightstream homepage screenshot 1

Unlike other streaming software, Lightstream is one of the few browser-based streaming platforms available.

It allows you to create multiple projects, stream on major platforms, invite guests, and use a chroma key, among many others.

However, if you’re into mobile gaming, you can use the Lightstream MobileCast streaming app to broadcast your content to Twitch via an Xbox, PlayStation, or mobile device.

Note that you don’t need a capture card or PC to stream.

Meanwhile, remember that it doesn’t include 4K streaming, audio mixing, and chroma keying.

So, if your content leans toward raw gaming and commentary, Lightstream is a convenient cloud-based software.

Regarding price, it offers two plans, Gamer and Creator.

The costs vary depending on the maximum resolution and frame rate you need.

Key Features

  • Cloud-based streaming
  • Group streaming
  • Built-in automated layouts and design elements
  • Stream games from consoles like a PlayStation, Xbox, and mobile device
  • Personalized stream overlays and alerts
  • Reliable global servers
  • Available support staff

Why You Should Try

Lightstream is perfect for gamers or content creators who are always on the go.

As long as you have an internet connection, you can produce live content whenever and wherever.

8. Streamyard

streamyard homepage screenshot 1

Streamyard is one of the most popular streaming software options for social broadcasting.

There’s no need to download the software; you’ll only need to create an account and connect your social media to start streaming.

It enables you to stream on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc., invite up to 10 people on screen, and personalize your live stream using your brand logo, banners, scrolling tickers, and more.

Our favorite feature is its giveaway tool, which allows you to host a hassle-free live giveaway contest.

Viewers only need to comment on your stream to enter the draw, increasing your comments, viewers, and overall engagement.

However, since it’s a simple platform, keep in mind that it doesn’t include advanced technologies like virtual sets, custom transitions, chroma-keying, custom motion graphics, etc.

Regarding pricing, it offers a free, basic, or professional plan.

The free version provides core features and high-quality streaming, which is enough for content creators that don’t stream often.

With this plan, you’re limited to six on-screen participants and up to two hours of recording video per month.

If you want more, you can upgrade to the other plans.

Key Features

  • Custom branding during streams
  • Web-based live streaming
  • Up to 10 people on the screen
  • Real-time comments on the screen
  • Giveaway tool
  • Available green screen feature

Why You Should Try

Streamyard offers basic web-based streaming software anyone can use.

The platform also includes unique features like its giveaway tool to make your live content more engaging.

9. Switchboard Live

switchboard homepage screenshot 1

Switchboard Live allows you to share your streams to your website, social channels, and unlimited destinations if you want to reach the right audience and go viral quicker.

Specifically, its StreamShare feature enables viewers to carry your live streams to their platform in a few clicks.

As a result, you can tap into your viewers’ audience and widen your reach.

Meanwhile, one inconvenience you’ll encounter when setting up this live-streaming software is the need for manual configurations that other platforms usually automate.

For pricing, Switchboard Live offers three plans that depend on the number of streaming minutes you need per month.

Key Features

  • Cloud-based
  • Simulcasting
  • Embed live stream on your website
  • Unlimited inputs, destinations, and team members
  • Viewers can carry your live stream on social media platforms
  • Easy user interface
  • Dedicated support team

Why You Should Try

Switchboard Live is the best streaming software for tapping into a wider audience and growing your viewership, thanks to its StreamShare feature.

Use this platform to grow your channel or business via live streaming.

10. Livestorm

If you’re a professional or an entrepreneur that usually conducts webinars, online conferences, or virtual meetings, Livestorm is an ideal software to help you manage and stream events.

Aside from the essential tools most streaming services offer, you’ll gain access to integrated tools for managing live video events, such as email sequences and delivery tracking, custom registration pages, social sharing, and more.

We particularly like its data integration, which allows you to collaborate with your team, track attendance and participation, connect with Salesforce, and analyze your stream’s overall performance.

Regarding its pricing, Livestorm offers a free plan and three premium packages that vary based on your active contacts.

We don’t recommend getting the free version as it’s very limited regarding the number of active contacts, live attendees, and minutes per session.

Only get the free software if you want to try its features and see if it suits your needs.

Key Features

  • Integrated tools for custom registration pages, social sharing, email delivery tracking, and more
  • Engaging streaming tools like polls, questions, file sharing, and more
  • Data-driven and insightful dashboard
  • Unlimited team members
  • Simple and easy-to-use platform

Why You Should Try

Livestorm is ideal for your company’s virtual events, product demos, webinars, and employee onboarding and training.

Its analytics feature allows you to monitor your performance and use data to improve your future streams.

What to Look For in a Live Streaming Software

It’s important to consider the following factors before making your final purchase decision.

1. Compatibility

Is the software compatible with your OS, hardware, and preferred platform?

Most live streaming software works with most devices, systems, and streaming websites, but make sure it meets your streaming requirements to avoid issues.

2. Platform

Do you want a desktop program like OBS Studio or a web-based platform like Streamyard?

Both have their pros and cons depending on your needs. We recommend browser-based streaming for creators with an average device and on-the-go lifestyle.

3. Customer Support

If you’re frequently streaming or doing massive live productions, having support will help you troubleshoot issues easily and quickly.

Note that open-source platforms don’t have dedicated tech support.

Use the Best Live Streaming Software for Your Audience and Content

When choosing the right streaming software, consider your audience’s needs and your video content.

Most streaming technologies provide the basics for streaming a quality live video.

So, try choosing one that offers higher streaming quality, better mixing features, and more engagement tools to maximize the software.

We hope you found a great streaming tool among our top picks.

Let us know which one you like, and share your experience using it.

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