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Style Blogs: Definition, Types, Income and 25 Examples [2022]

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Style blogs are a fantastic way to connect with audiences by sharing fashion advice, hair and makeup tips, and interior style.

These popular types of blogs are an excellent way for writers to earn money recommending beauty and fashion products to their audiences.

If you’re looking for motivations for starting a blog, look no further.

Continue reading to learn more about how much style bloggers earn and for step-by-step instructions on creating a style blog.

The Best Style Blogs (Examples)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

What Is a Style Blog?

A style blog is a website that helps readers become more stylish by keeping up with fashion trends and following a stylist’s fashion advice.

Style blogs feature fashion tips, makeup advice, accessorizing tips, inspirational interior design, and lifestyle advice.

What Does a Style Blogger Blog About?

Style bloggers share blog articles and photos about their styles or styles that inspire them.

A style blogger will often post their outfits, hair, and makeup to show they walk the talk.

Readers will also find plenty of tips and advice around the topic of makeup, fitness, skincare, accessories, and clothing.

What Is Included on a Style Blog?

Above, we discussed some of the topics found on a style blog.

Below, we’ll go into more detail about the essential features included in style blogs.

1. Awesome Style Advice

Style bloggers give fashion advice to their readers by having great styles themselves.

Successful style bloggers give awesome style advice that’s practical for their target audience to follow.

Style advice includes beauty tips, fashion advice, hair styling tips, and interior style.

2. Captivating Photos

Style blogs use high-quality and captivating photos to show off inspirational looks in their blog posts.

Many style bloggers receive products from companies in exchange for photographing themselves using the products or writing about their experience with them.  

3. Storefront Feature

One of the main streams of income from style blogs is from a storefront feature.

With this feature, bloggers can sell styling services, courses, ebooks, and products.

If the style blog doesn’t have a storefront feature, visitors will likely see affiliate links to recommended products throughout blog posts and social media captions.

4. About Me Page

An About Me page is an essential page for a style blog because visitors want to get to know a little about the person offering style advice.

On this page, bloggers can share some personal insights about their interest in style and fashion and share the purpose of the blog with their readers.

5. Social Media Pages

Style blogs use social media for marketing the blog and engaging their following on all platforms.

Through social media, bloggers can post shorter content than blog posts, like daily outfits, makeup tutorials, and style stories.

Other Things That You Can Find on a Style Blog

Like the unique styles they write about, style blogs have unique features depending on the niche and blog direction.

Below are a few other features commonly seen on style blogs.

  • Search Bar: A search bar allows visitors with a specific interest to easily find articles on their chosen topic.
  • Logo: Logos are used by all enterprises to help audiences recognize the brand. Style blogs use stylish logos to brand their content.
  • Contact Info: Providing contact info helps style bloggers find paying customers for styling services. Plus, including contact info on a style blog ensures companies know how to contact the blogger with free swag and promotional deals.  
  • Email Subscription: An email subscription feature allows bloggers to communicate better with their readers and recommend products to readers who enjoyed their content.

Types of Style Blogs

Below are some different types of blogs that make money discussing style tips, trends, and recommended products.

  • Style Blogs for Kids: Kids can be stylish just like their parents, with help from style bloggers focused on children’s fashion. Typically, style blogs for kids also include parent-friendly content.
  • Style Blogs for People in their 20s: This type of blog caters specifically to style trends and lifestyle tips for 20-somethings.  
  • Style Blogs for People in their 30s: Style blogs for 30-year-olds have slightly more mature style tips than blogs catered to younger audiences.
  • Style Blogs for People in their 40s: These blogs focus their content on style advice for people over 40, like interior style, fashion trends, color palettes, and more.
  • Style Blogs for Vintage Fashion: Vintage style blogs take inspiration from old styles and emulate them with modern fashion or handmade sewing patterns.

Do Style Blogs Make Money?

Yes. Style bloggers can make good money writing about their style, fashion trends, and style hacks.

Not only do style blogs earn money, blogs with a significant enough following often receive free products from companies so that the blogger can use them and post about their experience.

How Do Style Blogs Make Money?

Style blogs make money through affiliate links.

With affiliate links, the blogger earns a small commission when viewers buy from the link.

More well-known style bloggers form paid partnerships with brands for higher commissions.

Style blogs also make money by selling styling services, books, or training videos.

These blogs also earn income by hosting ads.

How Much Do Style Blogs Make?

The exact amount of money a style blogger earns depends on the different revenue streams they pursue and how much traffic their social media and website get.

High-earning style bloggers will earn figures close to $80,000 a month because they earn from affiliate sales, paid partnerships, courses, and ad hosting.

Style bloggers also earn income from various social media apps if they have a large following.

Depending on how many social media platforms you use, income can come from several sources.

Dedicated beginner-style bloggers can expect to earn between $1,000 to around $3,500 when starting.

Products To Promote and Sell on a Style Blog

Style blogs are a fantastic platform for bloggers to earn income by recommending products and services to their visitors.

Some popular products to promote or sell on this type of blog include shoes, kids’ clothes, trending dresses, secondhand clothing, closet organization, skin care products, makeup brands, styling subscription boxes, accessories, shopping tips, and more.

Readers might also find products like closet furniture, organizational tools for clothes, books about fashion, or courses on how to style yourself.

For more ideas of products to promote and sell on a style or fashion blog, check out these fashion blog ideas.

Best Style Blogs: 25 Examples

Style blogs come in all shapes and sizes, just like the clothes they recommend.

Find inspiration for the layout, theme, and content of your style blog with these 25 examples of successful style blogs.

How Many Style Blogs Are There?

There are millions of style blogs to take inspiration from; some focus on a wide net of niches within the topic of style.

Others hone in their content to a specific age group or trend.

Everyone has a unique style and voice, so as long as you continually produce engaging and helpful content with an authentic style, you’re just as likely to make it as a blogger as anyone else.

Style Blogs for Kids

Kids’ style is a popular niche to write about for style bloggers because many parents want to dress their kids for success from a young age.

This type of blog caters its content to both adults and children (since adults are the ones purchasing the clothes).

1. Smudgetikka

screenshot of the smudgetikka homepage

Smudgetikka is a fashion and style blog for children by Linda McLean.

This popular blog discusses designer fashion from global brands.

Readers of the Smudgetikka blog will enjoy content about fashion, shopping, art, photography, and lifestyle topics.

2. Junior Style

screenshot of the junior style homepage

Junior Style is a popular kids-style blog that sees monthly traffic of nearly 20,000 visitors.

This style blog includes entertaining posts about children’s fashion, trends, the fashion industry, and stories of inspiring moms.

Visitors can sign up for a fashion guide or peruse the free blog posts with content like fashion stories of stylish kids, up-and-coming kid models, and behind-the-scenes at kids’ fashion shows.  

3. Poster Child  

screenshot of the poster child homepage

Poster Child is an online kids’ style magazine with engaging blog articles about children’s fashion.

The Poster Child blog features content like the best back-to-school sales at kids’ clothing brands, new clothing lines with children’s options, and interviews with kids’ clothing designers.

4. Stroller In The City

screenshot of the stroller in the city homepage

Stroller In The City is a style blog run by the New York-based blogger Brianna Manz.

This popular blog has separate sections for kids’ fashion and mommy fashion, as well as travel, recipes, and a storefront.

The Stroller In The City blog sees nearly 20,000 monthly visitors.

Readers are drawn to content like Halloween costume ideas for kids, back-to-school fashion essentials, sustainable baby brands, and more.

5. The Little Stylist

screenshot of the little stylist homepage

The Little Stylist is a style blog for children by kids’ fashion stylist Charlotte Kewley.

This style blog for kids features content like trends in kids’ fashion, must-have new baby products, maternity styles, and more.

Visitors to The Little Stylist will also find kids’ book recommendations and an online shop.

Style Blogs for People in Their 20’s

Many style bloggers cater their content to a certain age range to better meet the needs of their target audience.

Style blogs for people in their 20s focus on fashion trends that young people should follow.  

6. The Honest Consumer

screenshot of the honest consumer homepage

The Honest Consumer is a style and lifestyle blog founded in 2016 by Emily Waddell.

This popular blog focuses on ethical brands with shopping guides for sustainable fashion.

Every month nearly 130,000 readers visit The Honest Consumer for blog posts about eco-friendly purses, sustainable spring dresses, ethical jewelry and accessories, and more.

7. Advice From A Twenty-Something

screenshot of the advice from a twenty something homepage

Advice From A Twenty-Something is a popular style blog founded by Amanda Holstein in 2012.

This style blog offers advice in fashion, beauty, home decor, and wellness.

The Advice From A Twenty-Something blog sees web traffic from over 50,000 monthly visitors.

Readers will find blog posts like tips for styling dresses in all seasons, thrifting tips, fashion dupes, and more.

8. Estee Lalonde

screenshot of the estee lalonde homepage

Estee Lalonde is a Canadian fashion and style blogger living in London, England.

This popular style blog for people in their 20s includes posts about loungewear, skincare, and popular styles Estee Lalonde is currently in love with.

Readers will also enjoy her curated shop so they can recreate Estee Lalonde’s looks.

Or, visitors can explore her jewelry line in collaboration with Daisy London.

9. Sea Of Shoes

screenshot of the sea of shoes homepage

Sea Of Shoes is a style blog for people in their 20s with lots of helpful articles about fashion, beauty, and wellness.

This popular style blog even has a subsection about styles and fashion seen in Hollywood cinema and how they influenced the fashion scene as a whole.

The Sea Of Shoes blog was founded in 2007 and continues to produce engaging and well-written articles about celebrity styling, weekend outfit ideas, and current style trends.

10. We Wore What

screenshot of the we wore what homepage

We Wore What is a style blog for people in their 20s by Danielle Bernstein.

This blog brings readers fashion inspiration and styling tips based on Danielle Bernstein’s unique style.

Visitors to the We Wore What blog have access to articles with styling tips, outfit inspiration, current trends, and amazing accessories.  

Style Blogs for People in Their 30’s

Style trends change depending on your age, so style blogs for people in their 30s focus on young professionals and people who are thirty, flirty, and thriving.

These blog types feature content about looks for the office, going out, or stylish trends for 30-somethings.

11. Amber Fillerup

screenshot of the amber fillerup homepage

Amber Fillerup is one of the best style blogs for people in their 30s by style blogger Amber Fillerup Clark.

Readers enjoy the lifestyle, fashion, beauty, travel, and health advice.

The Amber Fillerup blog features posts like summer basics, Amber’s Amazon hauls, and seasonal style advice.

12. Advice From A 30 Something

screenshot of the advice from a 30 something homepage

Advice From A 30 Something has tons of useful articles about styling and fashion.

This well-known blog has a section just for style topics like fashion, hair, makeup, and skincare.

Visitors to the Advice From A 30 Something blog will also enjoy content about interior style, organization, and self-care.

13. The Chriselle Factor

The Chriselle Factor is a well-known style blog for people in their 30s that gets nearly 28,000 monthly visitors.

This style blog focuses on topics like fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Readers consistently enjoy well-written and engaging content like how to style holiday looks, the best summer accessories, worthwhile investment pieces, and more.

14. Live And Earn Canada

screenshot of the live and earn canada homepage

Live And Earn Canada features inspiring content about Canadian fashion and beauty trends, as well as articles about careers and finance.

The Live And Earn Canada blog sees traffic of nearly 25,000 monthly visitors.

This popular style blog includes articles like how to start a makeup collection, beauty hacks, elegant and classy looks for people in their 30s, and more.

15. Penny Pincher Fashion

screenshot of the penny pincher fashion homepage

Penny Pincher Fashion is a style blog by Veronica Koosed.

This popular style blog for people in their 30s features curated content that recommends products to suit a stylish lifestyle throughout the seasons.  

The Penny Pincher Fashion blog includes articles about the best activewear finds, affordable looks, top-rated mom jeans, and more.

Style Blogs for People in Their 40’s

Just like the previous website examples focused on style for people of a certain age, style blogs for people in their 40s are filled with stylish looks for people in their 40s.

Of course, anyone can dress how they choose, no matter their age, so these blogs focus their content on recommended looks that make you feel your best.

16. Fabulous After 40

screenshot of the fabulous after 40 homepage

Fabulous After 40 is a style blog for people in their 40s by Deborah Boland.

On this blog, readers can explore posts about Deborah’s outfit recommendations, figure-flattering fashion, Amazon fashion favorites, and more.

The Fabulous After 40 blog sees nearly 125,000 monthly visitors.

17. Cyndi Spivey

screenshot of the cyndi spivey homepage

Cyndi Spivey is an inspirational style blog aimed at young-at-heart readers who love fashion and beauty.

This blog attracts over 215,000 monthly readers with engaging content about fashion, skincare, and styling tips.

This style blog for people in their 40s regularly posts articles about new clothing collections, the best Amazon fashion finds, skincare tips recommended products, and more.

18. 40 Plus Style

screenshot of the 40 plus style homepage

40 Plus Style is one of the top style blogs for people in and over their 40s.

Take style quizzes and read inspiring content with style, beauty, and lifestyle tips on this well-known blog.

With over 340,000 monthly visitors, this style blog is a community for classy and stylish people.

19. Not Dressed As Lamb

screenshot of the not dressed as lamb homepage

If you think style for 40-somethings is bland, you’ll eat your words at Not Dressed As Lamb.

This rebellious and colorful blog features fashion and style trends for people in their 40s that don’t give a damn.

This popular style blog features articles with outfit inspirations, stylish hair colors, vintage fashion, and more.

20. Dressed For My Day

Dressed For My Day is a style blog for people in their 40s by Kay Harms.

This style blog discusses themes like fitness, travel, fashion, beauty, and style.

Readers will enjoy articles like how to dress to make an impression, stylish home accessories, color trends, and more.

Style Blogs for Vintage Fashion

Vintage fashion takes inspiration from the past for modern style trends.

Vintage style blogs focus content on fashionable looks from earlier decades of the 1900s and how to incorporate those vintage pieces into modern looks.

21. Harlow Darling

screenshot of the harlow darling homepage

Harlow Darling is an amazing style blog for vintage fashion lovers with content focused on fashion trends from the 1920s, 30s, and 40s.

This style blog features well-written posts with captivating pictures for stylish inspiration on every page.

22. Va-Voom Vintage

screenshot of the va-voom vintage homepage

Nearly 25,000 monthly visitors flock to Va-Voom Vintage to read content about vintage style, makeup tips, and vintage sewing kit patterns.

Va-Voom Vintage consistently posts articles with styling tips, free sewing patterns, inspirational images from vintage magazines, and classy ways to style your home.

23. Glamour Daze

screenshot of the glamour daze homepage

Glamour Daze is one of the best style blogs for vintage fashion that outlines the history of fashion for readers to find inspiration from any era. Not only does this vintage blog discuss fashion history, but also makeup history throughout the ages.

The Glamour Daze blog sees over 85,000 monthly visitors who enjoy articles like classic Hollywood styles, vintage lingerie styles, and beautiful vintage photos edited in color.  

24. Madge’s Hatbox

screenshot of the madges hatbox homepage

Madge’s Hatbox is an engaging vintage-style blog. Instead of focusing on all things vintage fashion, this style blog focuses on vintage accessories that complete the overall outfit effect.

Readers will enjoy articles about fashion collections, the best vintage-inspired finds, and images from vintage magazines.

25. Calivintage

screenshot of the calivintage homepage

Calivintage is a style blog for vintage fashion that went live in 2008 by California blogger Erin Perez Hagstrom.

This popular vintage blog focuses on topics like vintage style, lifestyle tips, interior design inspiration, and more.

How To Become a Style Blogger

Now that you’ve looked through some of the most inspiring style blogs around, you’re ready to become a style blogger.

Follow the steps below for start-to-finish instructions on how to start a blog.

1. Determine the Direction of the Blog

The first step to starting a blog is to figure out the direction of the blog and what kind of topics you’ll cover in your content.

Do keyword research to uncover opportunities.

Keywords are common words or phrases used in search engines.

Commonly used keywords give bloggers clues about things people are interested in reading about.

2. Select a Niche

Once you have a general idea of where you see your blog down the line, select a niche to focus on.

Choosing a niche helps target your content to specific readers who are more likely to engage with your content.

You want to choose a niche that narrows down a larger topic.

However, too narrow of a niche will limit the amount of content you can produce.

Check out our detailed article about how to choose the right niche for more tips.

3. Select a Name

Now that you know what you want to write about, you can start coming up with a blog name.

A blog name represents your brand and is how web traffic will recognize you.

Come up with a catchy name, then check a domain registrar to ensure it’s not already taken.

4. Select a Blogging Platform

A blogging platform is where you create the blog and post content.

There are several different blogging platforms available for bloggers to create a blog that fits their style and message.

Choose a blogging platform that best suits your needs.

For example, some blogging platforms are free to use but have limited features, while other platforms require paid subscriptions and include an array of customization options.

5. Register a Domain Name

Earlier, we mentioned choosing a blog name that isn’t yet registered because an important step in starting a blog is registering your blog’s domain name.

Registering your domain name costs money.

Compare prices and features of the best domain registrars to find the right one for your needs.

6. Get Web Hosting

Web hosting is another up-front cost of starting a blog.

A web host publishes your website to the internet so that it’s visible to anyone who types in your domain name or searches for you.

Before getting web hosting, your blog is only visible to you on the blogging platform.

What’s the best web hosting platform?

Check out our article on why we suggest managed WordPress hosting.

7. Build the Blog

Now that you’ve figured out the direction of the blog, registered your domain name, found a blogging platform, and gotten web hosting, you’re ready to build the blog if you haven’t already.


Themes are templates with different types of page layouts.

For example, some themes have tabs along the sides, while others have them near the top.

Once you’ve found a theme that represents your style blog, install a WordPress theme.

You can always adjust the theme later if you find a better option later on.


WordPress plugins are extra features that users can download to their sites.

Plugins are sometimes noticeable features on a website, like the ability to have a storefront or process credit cards.

Other plugins cater to back-end blogging needs like search engine optimization (SEO) tools and safety features.

There are thousands of useful plugins to explore that can make your blog more unique or functional than others in the same niche.

Essential Pages

The essential pages for your blog include a rocking homepage, a personality-showing About Me page, and a storefront or service page if you sell clothes or accessories on the blog.

Without these essential pages, visitors might think the blog is unfinished or lacking authenticity.

8. Produce Content for the Blog

Creating content for your blog is the highlight of the blog-making process because it means you’re nearly ready to show off your style blog to the world.

Produce enough content to ensure you’ll keep a consistent publishing schedule, even if life throws something your way.

We recommend having around 15 ready or near-ready to publish articles in advance.

9. Launch the Blog Publicly

Take a look back at all the hard work you’ve done and congratulate yourself!

Launching a new blog is an exciting step where the web hosting platform publishes your blog from the blogging platform.

Now, your website is live for the world to see.

10. Promote the Blog

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced blogger, utilize all the ways to promote a blog to gather a following and fandom to your style blog.

TikTok and Instagram are popular social media platforms for style content creators to show off their daily style and drive traffic to their blog posts.

Similar Blogging Types to Check Out

Check out similar blogging types to style blogs for more inspiration on what kind of content you prefer to write about.

1. Fashion Blogs

Fashion and style are very similar, except style is personalized while fashion speaks more to the clothes than the person wearing them.

Fashion blogs discuss current fashion trends, ways to style clothes, tidbits about fashion history, details about fabrics, and more.

These blog types sometimes focus less on the blogger’s daily fashion and more on fashion trends and celebrity fashion.

2. Beauty Blogs

Beauty blogs typically touch on several niches, style, fashion, makeup, and fitness.

These types of blogs are similar to style blogs because beauty and style go hand-in-hand.

However, beauty blogs also cover makeup trends and often include healthy recipes and fitness tips.

They may also offer makeup and skincare tutorials.

3. Personal Finance Blogs

Personal finance blogs overlap with style blogs because part of personal finance is budgeting for shopping.

Many personal finance blogs discuss budgeting, ways to save money, cheaper alternatives to expensive items, and ways to become financially independent.

There are several niches in this sector, including blogs specifically geared toward women and college students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about style blogs below.

Do fashion and style bloggers get free clothes?


Fashion and style bloggers sometimes receive free clothes from companies.

These gifts are sent in the hopes that the blogger will feature the clothes in their content.

Don’t expect free products as soon as you start your blog, but if you continue to build your brand and content, some gifts may pop into your mailbox.

How do I write a fashion blog?

To write a fashion blog, you need to be in the know about current fashion trends and be able to inspire audiences to follow them with well-written content.

Find your fashion niche and consistently write about relevant topics with included affiliate links so readers can easily copy the style suggestions.

Wrapping Up

Show off your fashion sense and style to the world with a style blog.

Now that you’ve learned the step-by-step details of starting a blog and found inspiration from the top 25 style blog examples, you have everything you need to make a great first impression.

Style bloggers use their authenticity and style know-how to share beauty tips so that their fans feel and look their best.

Plus, style bloggers can earn great money recommending awesome products to their followers.

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