Subversion Hosting – A Better Way to Track Revisions

By: | Updated: July 22, 2021

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Subversion hosting is a type of hosting used to run the Subversion VCS. A VCS is a version control system often used to make it easier to recover older versions of data and see how the data has changes. It’s a bit like having a time machine for your computer.

Subversion is a free/open source VCS and it can operate across networks. This makes it possible for those on other computers to use it and foster collaboration. Many benefits can come out of using this type of hosting, especially if you need progress to occur faster without a single conduit for modifications.

Benefits of Using Subversion

Using Subversion with the right type of hosting provides many benefits. However, it can be overwhelming as a beginner. Once you get past the learn curve, there are many benefits for those looking for an easier way to track revisions to computer documents.

The major benefit of Subversion is the ability it has to automatically save a history of modifications to your files over time. It will show you when the changes were made, what was changed and who made the changes. You can even merge changes, revert to older files, check the differences and see a detailed log of how the files have evolved as they were developed.

It’s a very powerful tool for the right type of project. Often, this tool is sued by the system administrator for those looking to archive old versions of directory and files with the ability to resurrect them. The most often application for Subversion is found in software development, but it does have other applications.

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Choosing the Right Hosting for Subversion

Without the right hosting, using Subversion is basically useless. Some hosting companies don’t provide the necessary resources to run Subversion. You may also find that the reliability and security are not as good as they need to be for this program.

Whether you are looking for private Subversion hosting or hosting with both Subversion and Git abilities, you need the right hosting company. Without the right hosting company, you may not receive the support you need or the right package to run Subversion.

A cheap or free package may sound great, but could lead to more issues than benefits. Make sure you find a trustworthy hosting company to help you with your Subversion web hosting needs.

What Should a Hosting Company Offer for Subversion?

If you want to use a hosting account to run Subversion, you need to look for a few specific things.

First, the reliability and security must be top-notch. You have to make sure the cost is safe and the hosting company must be able to provide 99.99% uptime. If they cannot do this, you will run into problems.

Second, the hosting company needs to be able to allow you to use unlimited repos and unlimited users. Subversion isn’t nearly as powerful if it has limitations on it.

Finally, you need enough storage and resources for all the revisions Subversion will be storing. For some, 1GB of storage is enough, but for others you will need more. Make sure you get enough storage or the program won’t be as useful.

The right hosting company will offer you a good VPS or dedicated server to run Subversion. This is the best way to ensure you get the reliability, security and the resources to take full advantage of the benefits of Subversion.

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