1 weird lesson emerged from me living through 3 earthquakes.

Granted, the quakes were not too impressive. Just tiny tremors. But in the same vein, each of the earth shaking experiences – kinda – had an impact on me because I learned a successful blogging lesson from this trio of tremors.

I explain the lesson I learned from each of the quakes in this video from Harlem, NYC.

Bonus: at the 1:50 mark, a man screaming like a bird walks through the neighborhood. It is pretty funny. Watch and enjoy:

Did you enjoy the Bird Man? Apparently he’s somewhat of a celebrity in the 5 boroughs as his plumage has been spotted here in Harlem, in the Bronx and on the subway too.

Anyway, after living through tiny tremors in Bali, Costa Rica and Fiji I get how you can insulate yourself from temporary changes – without being shaken out – by building your blog on rock solid, granite-like fundamentals.

Bali Quake Shake

Kelli and I spent 1 month in the rice fields of Bali in 2012.

We rented a gorgeous villa outside of Ubud, enjoying a peaceful scene. Except for the day when the plate glass doors began to shake. Trouble in paradise? A little bit. Because we experienced the beginnings of a very mild but still scary earthquake.

I suggested we leave the house as the rumbling increased slightly. We did.

5 minutes later, no problems. But I did spend the next few hours worrying about aftershocks.

Fiji and Costa Rica Quakes

You want to hear something funny? I had no idea the Fiji or Costa Rica quakes occurred until 3 hours after the actual quakes. Nor did my wife Kelli.

We are mindful folks. Super observant. Yet we had no indicators that a tiny tremor happened in either one of these spots.

Turns out, both earthquakes rattled homes just 1 block away. Especially the Fiji tremor.


We were sitting on 2 huge, massive slabs of granite in both locations. In Savusavu, Fiji we were nestled on a jungle cliff sitting 150 meters over the bay. The hill was composed primarily of rock-solid granite.

Ditto for the Costa Rican apartment, which sat on a healthy slab of granite.

Can you see how sitting on a solid, powerful, sturdy foundation can insulate you from both earthquakes and tremors in the blogging world? You know what I mean; the Google updates, Facebook changes, Twitter algorithm shifts, and all those quakes which shake out most bloggers, all of whom refused to build their blogs on rock solid fundamentals like creating helpful content and connecting with leaders.

These bloggers mimic the experience Kelli and I had in Bali. Weak foundation amid the rice fields, we feel the quake, and get shaken out.

Meanwhile, bloggers who blog mainly to have fun, who practice honing their skills daily, who create helpful content, who connect with blogging leaders by promoting them and endorsing them, and who diligently serve other bloggers in generous fashion insulate themselves from the blogging quakes, being totally unaffected by Google or Facebook and their policies. Just like Kelli and I in Fiji, these fundamentally-sound bloggers have no idea these updates/quakes are even occurring, usually not for hours or maybe days after the change. Even then, they worry not.

Your Task

Build your blog on timeless, granite-like, rock-solid fundamentals.

Blog mainly for the joy of blogging. Have fun! Practice your writing and video presentation skills daily. Create helpful content 1-2 times weekly. Promote blogging leaders in your niche through social media, on your blog and through your guest posts.

Comment on top blogs in your niche. Guest post on those blogs too.

No matter how many blogging earthquakes appear to be happening around you, just like Kelli and I in Fiji and Costa Rica, your rock-solid, super strong blogging foundation keep you undisturbed and unaffected.