One fundamental in my blogging audio course focuses you on the present moment. This is among one of the more important successful blogging tips.

Being in the moment helps you visualize your fun, freeing dream; fundamental #2.

Invest in the course to live your wildest dreams.

I took a nap in a sleepy village a few moments ago.

Thailand is my favorite country on earth.

I spent 2 months here. Off to Malaysia for next month. After the Malaysia trip I return to Thailand for another month.

See my dreams? Feel my dreams? I bring you along for the ride to help you begin with the end in mind.

Successful Blogging Tips

Visualize your dream life now. Paint the picture in vivid detail. See yourself succeeding.

Develop a vision to lead you, to inspire you and to influence you to take calm, confident, efficient, relaxed, chill, effective actions.


After being out late last night watching Avengers End Game I slept in a little bit today.

I woke from a calm, peaceful energy.

Like the featured image for this post, this was from my 3 month trip to Fiji.

successful blogging tips

Ideas flowed to my mind; clean the house, grab some water, take a cool shower, and pet the dogs.

I spent a chunk of my energy relaxing, doing nothing related to blogging.

I thought of doing a live broadcast. Sure; why not?

20 minutes later I finished the broadcast from a chill, peaceful energy.

Easy peasy.

Sweet engagement.

Blogging success.

My morning flowed from a peaceful, chill, detached, relaxed, successful energy because I visualize my success daily. Seeing the end in mind alerts me; I have my success now because the mental picture is real, mine and coming into form.

Sure I live my blogging dreams, my life playing like a movie. But my vision expands daily.

Seeing my vision expand helps me begin with the end in mind.

Begin every day seeing your dreams and focusing on success to:

  • feel calm, confident and relaxed
  • act in calm, chill, detached fashion
  • blog effectively
  • blog intelligently
  • increase blog traffic easily
  • increase blogging profits easily

Use your mind so you do not bust your rear.

Abundance Consciousness

Focus on success to see greater blogging success.

Where your attention and energy goes, grows.

This is from my 2 month trip to Oman.

successful blogging tips

Visualize your dreams to allow your dreams to hurtle toward you.

Where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Develop your abundance consciousness. See your blogging wins now. See success now.

Observe how quickly and easily all comes together awesomely by using your mind power to focus on positive ideas, people and circumstances.

Think positive thoughts. Focus on your dreams.

Begin with the end in mind.

Why this Method Brings Success 100% of the Time

Any idea you visualize clearly in your mind comes true on the physical plane.

As within, so without.

Beginning with the end in mind works 100% of the time with 100% of human beings by getting clear on your ideas.

Blogging Example

A few weeks ago I decided to focus solely on success. I visualized myself seeing greater success, feeling the vision as real as I feel the physical world.

I took more breaks, relaxed, shared my dream lifestyle, circulated more money offline and chilled out. I have success because I see success in mind and in my blogging life.

An idea quickly and easily entered my mind: SEO optimize posts for Google.

This is from during one of my trips to Costa Rica.

successful blogging tips

I executed the idea from a calm, peace-filled, detached, relaxed, serene energy. Imagine the feeling of: I can do SEO, or not do SEO. No big deal.

This relaxed, detached, care free feeling is 100% aligned with a successful, dream-life, positive, clear vision.

Listen to Pros

As hyper successful blogger Alonzo Pichardo says: visualize your dreams and let the idea come into form. Panic is manic. Act from a calm, chill energy and let your content do what it does.

He became super successful by beginning with the end in mind.

Ditto for me.

On visualizing greater success, a few SEO ideas lazed into my mind:

  • write only positive, success focused blog posts with SEO optimized, simple titles
  • hit a ballpark word count around 1000 words
  • get all green checks on Yoast SEO and readability
  • link in and link out naturally and casually

I followed these nudges from a flexible, open space. Within 1 day, my first post since doubling down on the visualized technique ranked on page 1 of Google.

At least 10 of my recent posts and guest posts ranked on page 1 or 2 of Google for solid keywords, since I developed a clearer vision.

SEO is genuinely easy if you begin with the end in mind.

My post on Blogging From Paradise reached page 1 of Google for “new blogger tips”.

successful blogging tips

New Blogger Tips: How to Succeed Quickly by Solving Overwhelm

I focused on success, followed intuitive nudges from a relaxed energy, and saw quick success.

Focus on a Prospering Vision then Follow Practical Tips Peacefully

Blogging is simple.

See your dream.

Only follow advice from the top blogging tips bloggers on earth.

Listen to intuitive ideas that peacefully flow into your mind.

Act on the ideas from a calm, peace-filled, chill, detached, care free energy.

Enjoy creating content. Have fun connecting with top bloggers.


Successful blogging tips require you to begin with the end in mind.